California – Supreme courts irresponsible and dangerous prisoner release precedent

May 31, 2011

California Must Release 37,000 Inmates [FOX: 5-23-2011]

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The below desperate man succumbing to the fallacious arguments that were initially presented by the Communists in Russia and Nazi Germany.  The people were desperate and pushed in to agreeing with whoever came along that had a positive spin.  This man, I believe, is desperate and although well intentioned, doesn’t really understand that legalizing this is only going to put the next drug (“harsh drug”) in to the status the marijuana enjoys today.   The cartels across the border don’t care what they deal in.  They care only about the profit.  Heroine is just as easy and cocaine is ready many forms.  The reality is that the geographies that HAVE legalized it have an increase in crime due to, what amounts to, institutionalized advertising.  The reason that the the government may WANT to make it legal is not to “make money” through taxes, but to make money through promulgation and increase of head count in UN “social” programs.  You see.  The drug and crimes associated with distribution aren’t really milking enough from you the tax payer, so now they have to go another rout. Conversely, the drug dealers aren’t making enough “just” from drugs alone.  They are multi tasking.  People trafficing seems to be where it’s at, along side the drugs.  They go hand in hand.  It’s a 2 for 1 stop.  Get your drug and a girl all at the same place.  No need to go to a few different “distributors.”  It’s a special type of Wal Mart.

CA Releasing 40,000 Prisoners

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This a particularly pointed radio exerpt from Michael Savage on Marijuana:

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A caller to his show – an example of the brain damage associated with long term use.  To all those that say that POT isn’t dangerous, please, listen to this person that called in to the show.  I have talked to people that sound similar with moderate and even “light” usage.  To say that it’s harmless is an illusion.  Those who say that it is, please, try and understand where the core of the assertion is.  If it’s simply that it’s too hard to control, then look at HOW it’s been attempted.

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The drug dealers are crippling those who are their patronage.  Yet, the victims of this brain damage are so addicted that they protect their perpetrators.

Here is another – absolutely true.  But let the “government official” pot heads tell you that the only way is to legalize it.  Why not just give up our sovereignty as a nation, because it’s too hard to keep it.  Think about it.  Isn’t it just because the fed has been  inept at the punishments and deterrents?

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The real reason why LAW enforcement isn’t working on drugs, is because there is no real “punishment.”  It’s more lucrative to continue the idea that the drug trade can’t be fixed, then to create a penal code with punishments and deterrents that MAKE SENSE.    Instead, the politician give politically correct lip service and g-d forbid you stand up and call them liars and inept.


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California ‘High Risk’ Prisoners Wrongly Released Due to Computer Errors

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Published May 26, 2011

SACRAMENTO –  Computer errors resulted in some 450 inmates with “a high risk for violence” being wrongly released from California prisons, the Los Angeles Times reported in its Thursday edition.

On top of the 450, more than 1,000 prisoners, deemed to be at high risk of committing drug and property crimes, were also released into the community.

All the offenders were placed on “non-revocable parole” — a program that does not require them to report to parole officers. The program, which started in January 2010, was intended for inmates considered to be at low risk of reoffending.

Reviewing 200 case files of the 10,134 former inmates on non-revocable parole last July, investigators uncovered that 31 were not eligible for the program, while nine of the 31 were deemed likely to commit a violent crime.

It was estimated, using a 15 percent error rate found in the sample, that more than 450 violent prisoners were let go in the program’s first seven months.

However, the findings were disputed by prison officials who said that some of the computer glitches had since been corrected, making the margin of error eight percent, according to a report by the inspector general.

None of the wrongly-released offenders have since been placed on supervised parole or returned to jail, inspector general spokeswoman Renee Hansen said.

Authorities declined to name the concerned prisoners and would not say what crimes they had committed.

On Monday, a divided Supreme Court ordered California to reduce prison overcrowding, a decision that could force the release of tens of thousands of inmates.

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New York and Pittsburgh – Rostraver and Red Hook – Bomb threats force evacuations

December 18, 2010

Could these two somehow be related? They are on the EAST coast. They are POPULATED. Could these be calculations being made?  And another strange question is by whom are these calculations being made?  Is it the “terrorists” or are the terrorists our own government? That is not a crazy question, specifically in light of current distrust of the government

Wal-Mart evacuated after bomb threat

By Tribune-Review Saturday, December 18, 201 The Wal-Mart at Rostraver Square in Rostraver was evacuated Friday morning after someone telephoned a bomb threat to the store. Rostraver police said the call came in at 9:10 a.m. The caller said he wanted $10,000 because there was a bomb in the store, prompting the store to be evacuated immediately. The Allegheny County Police Explosive Detection Team was called to the scene and a bomb-sniffing dog was used to search the store for any explosive materials, but none was found. Once the area was cleared, the store was reopened. No injuries were reported. Rostraver police are continuing to investigate the call.

Bomb threat closes Red Hook schools

RED HOOK – School officials in Red Hook closed all three schools in the district and sent the children home at mid-morning Friday after a bomb threat note was discovered in the high school. The note indicated that bombs placed in the high school, middle and elementary schools would detonate at 1:30 p.m.  As a result, officials dismissed Red Hook High School, Linden Avenue Middle School and Mill Road Elementary School. Law enforcement officials are investigating.
Mill Road Elementary School

Mill Road Elementary School - Red Hook, NY

Wisconsin – Mount Pleasant – WalMart send home employee for wearing a T-Shirt that supports Marines ON VETERANS DAY

November 12, 2010

Walmart can have a dress code and even a uniform, but allowances should be made at certain times.  Special occasions, such as Veterans day should be one of those times.

This is just so sad.  Where has MY America gone?

The Freedom of Speech amendment should apply here.  If WalMart had a specific dress code this might be different, but I think that since WalMart allows people to dress in whatever, as long as it’s clean and not obscene, then Freedom of EXPRESSION is in play here.

Walmart worker sent home for wearing Marines shirt on Veterans Day

Company claims management only wanted to talk

Updated: Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 11:44 AM CST
Published : Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 6:25 AM CST

  • Reporter: Henry Rosoff, WITI-TV

marine shirt walmart controversy

MOUNT PLEASANT (WITI) – People all over the country are honoring the veterans with patriotic clothing. One Walmart employee says when she tried to honor her son, a Marine who served in Iraq, she was told what she was wearing wasn’t appropriate.

Charyl Effle’s son Sgt. Aaron Nelson was a Marine deployed in Iraq for more than a year. During that time Effle worked where she still does at Walmart in Mount Pleasant, Wis. The employee of 12 years says what happened this Veterans Day inside Walmart is no laughing matter.

“The Assistant Manager came up to me, and said ‘You are not in work apparel. You need to go home,’” said Effle.

Fighting back tears and clasping a picture, Effle said how she was sent home five hours into her shift for wearing a black Marine t-shirt under her blue uniform.

In a statement a Walmart spokesman says the Associate Manager simply approached Effle about a dress code violation.

Another Walmart employee outside the store wouldn’t go on camera, but backed up the spokesman’s version of events.

Effle sticks to her story that she was told to leave and says this isn’t about her it’s about her Marine. She says she probably will not feel comfortable enough to go back into work tomorrow. She says anyway you slice it, as a veteran employee of Walmart she wasn’t treated right.


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