Killing waters – green slime – algae

September 8, 2019


Killer slime that can ‘kill you in seconds’ taking over France’s beaches


France’s beaches have been inundated by lethal slime with what experts say has the potential to kill sunbathers within seconds.

Fears have heightened and six beaches were closed this summer in Brittany as the “killer slime” took over the vacation destination, the Guardian reported.

“It’s a shame this place has come to be associated with death,” said André Ollivro, an environmental activist who warned that large amounts of green algae on the beaches can “kill you in seconds.”

Piles of toxic algae have covered the shore on the northern coast near Saint-Brieuc due to the over-fertilization of nearby fields draining into the ocean, according to the news outlet.

The sludge, which releases poisonous hydrogen sulfide gases that can lead to loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest, has washed up on the shores for decades, but environmentalists say that the problem has worsened this summer due to “exceptional” weather, according to France 24.

“The influx of green algae began very early, there were few storms and June was a relatively wet month, which caused more water to flow from agricultural areas and thus more green algae,” a spokesperson for the Saint-Brieuc town hall told the outlet.

At least two people and dozens of animals have died from inhaling the toxic fumes in the area, though some warn the cases don’t reveal the full scope.



Alert! Don’t go on vacation – properties are being invaded by squatters who are illegal aliens

August 20, 2019

Outrageous.  The ONLY function of government is to protect it’s citizens and civically to use collective resources for the collective good.  Protecting its citizen from foreign and domestic threat is the COMMON role of government.

Amsterdam: Businessman Returns From Vacation to Find His Property Occupied by 40 Asylum Seekers

“Do I have to leave my own building?”

A businessman in Amsterdam returned from vacation to find his property occupied by 40 refused asylum seekers who told him to leave.

According to a report by AT5, entrepreneur Salih Ozcan was “expelled from (his) own premises” by the migrant squatters after returning from holiday.

After recovering his property from a “bad tenant” who used it as a weed factory in January, Ozcan had refurbished the site and planned to use it for his car company.

He was shocked to discover it had been occupied by 40 failed asylum seekers who had completely trashed the place.

Referring to the piles of trash at the entrance, Ozcan said the scene was too “crazy for words,” adding, “Only rats and mice come here.”

A video shows angry African migrants confronting both Ozcan and the camera crew from the TV station. The migrants threatened to call the police if they didn’t leave immediately.


“Do I have to leave my own building?” asked an exasperated Ozcan.

Ozcan decided to leave his own building before the police got involved.

“It’s a very bad feeling. I have no words for it at all,” he said. “I can understand those people somewhat, but they don’t understand me at all. Unbelievable. That this is possible in such a country.”

Police refused to comment specifically on the case and said they wouldn’t be treating the matter as urgent.

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Obama on vacation again, again – Martha’s Vineyard this time

August 19, 2010

Maybe he can go on permanent vacation?  He’ll do less damage that way?

Maybe all these vacations are not really “vacations”

The locations are interesting.

He’s talking to people that are providing his people with the NEXT move.

He doesn’t really care much what people say about him.  He’s celebrating.  He’s done more to advance the progressive / liberal / communist agenda than ANY other president of the past.

Maybe he should be named the TERRORIST in CHIEF?

President Obama begins 10-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard:

BY Kenneth R. Bazinet

Thursday, August 19th 2010, 4:00 AM

President Obama, hard at work Wednesday, is beginning a 10-day vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

President Obama, hard at work Wednesday, is beginning a 10-day vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

WASHINGTON – President Obama on Thursday starts a 10-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, where he can enjoy watching the sun sink below the horizon – instead of his poll numbers.

The summer playground off the Massachusetts coast is brimming with Secret Service agents and extra state police. A Coast Guard cutter will patrol the waters off the property.

“I do think that just like a lot of American people, the President is taking a little time with his family to recharge his batteries,” spokesman Bill Burton said.

Not that the burdens of the presidency may not interrupt him. Obama has a knack for scheduling his break when big events intrude.

Last summer, Sen. Ted Kennedy passed away while the Obamas were on the Vineyard, and Obama went to Boston to speak at his funeral.

During their Christmas holidays in Hawaii, the underwear bomber tried to blow up a plane bound for Detroit, leaving people asking at the time who was in charge when the terrorist nearly struck.

The White House is taking steps to make sure Obama keeps plugged in, even while he’s on one of the island’s members-only golf courses.

“Whenever you talk about a presidential vacation, you ought to put the word ‘vacation’ in quotes because you can bet that there will still be work that he’s doing every day,” Burton said.

“He’ll continue to get his daily intelligence brief from [deputy national security adviser] John Brennan, who will be there. He’ll be getting constant updates on what’s happening in the economy and other issues,” Burton explained.

The First Family is expected to stay “up-island” again at Blue Heron Farm in Chilmark, the remote multimillion-dollar property where they resided during last summer’s Vineyard vacation, according to a law enforcement source.

There are no official plans, but swims in the ocean, some sailing and cookouts are on the Obama’s agenda, a source said.

Like last year, the First Family also is expected to do some bike riding, maybe get in some miniature golf and take a few trips to the island’s boutique ice cream stands.

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Austin, TX – OBAMA visits Austin and bags some loot – 1.6 mil

August 9, 2010

As Bill White runs for the hills Perry goes to meet Obama at the airport and after saying hello, he starts in on the Border issue.  He gets differed to some hag that was right behind OBAMA.  If my reading the lips is correct, Obama told him to talk to the lady behind him and to “give her the questions”.  The body language of Perry looked like he was put off by being, in effect “dismissed.”

Austin is EXTREMELY liberal and there is a LOT of money.

The woman is in Spain and spent about 1/4 of that on her joy trip there.

I guess they need to get money somewhere for these luxury trip.

Obama hauls in checks during short visit to Dallas and Austin:

06:46 PM CDT on Monday, August 9, 2010
By TODD J. GILLMAN / The Dallas Morning

President Barack Obama spent about six hours in Texas today and collected more than $1.6 million for Democratic campaign war chests.

After landing at DallasLove Field just before 4 p.m., the president was the guest of honor at a fund-raiser at the Highland Park home of Russell and Dorothy Budd. Russell Budd is a prominent trial lawyer who made a fortune representing, among other clients, workers exposed to asbestos.

Obama left Love Field in Air Force One just before 6 p.m.

Earlier, he attended a fund-raiser at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin.

In both cities, he told supporters that the only idea Republicanshave to fix the economy is to extend the tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush.

“They know they messed up,” he said in Austin. “And they know that we [Democrats] pulled the country out of the problems we were in. But they figure, ‘He’s been in office long enough. … Maybe they’ll forget that actually, this was the result of our [Republican] economic policies.’ ”

He added: “We have spent the last 20 months governing. They have spent the last 20 months politicking. We can politick for three months. They’ve forgotten I can politick pretty good.”

A spokesman for Bush said the former president had no response to Obama’s statements.

In addition to Bush — whom he never publicly mentioned by name — Obama slapped at ranother well-known Texas Republican, Rep. Joe Barton , R-Arlington, who could chair the House energy committee if Republicans regain control of the House.

Obama said of Bartion, “He apologized to BP. Said I’m sorry. I’m sorry the president shook you down. I think he may have added in there `Chicago’ shakedown. … Apologized to BP, because we decided we needed to hold a company accountable for the environmental devastation and the economic devastation.

“I don’t think he was even thinking about the next election. I don’t know what he was thinking about.”

Obama was referring to a roundly criticized statement that Barton made (and later retracted) in June. The Texas Republican said Obama’s push for BP to establish a $20 billion escrow account for damages related to the Gulf Coast oil spill amounted to a “shakedown” and a “slush fund.” He apologized to the British oil giant for the president’s action.

When he arrived in Dallas it was just under 100 degrees. Obama walked down the stairs of Air Force One, waved, took off his suit coat, and unexpectedly strode to a hangar where several dozen people were waiting with cameras.

“It’s kind of hot out here. I thought I’d say hello,” he said.

With the president wasRon Kirk, the U.S. trade ambassador and former Dallas mayor.

More than 100 people attended the fund-raiser at the Budd home. They made donations of $10,000 to $100,000 to a Democratic election committeee.

Obama spoke for roughly 30 minutes.

“There are a lot of people here in Dallas, a lot of people all across America, who are still struggling,” he said, adding that Republcians are counting on voter “amnesia” about how badly they ran the country when they were in power.

Among the local references he slipped in: He thanked Dallas for training Kirk so well.

He repearted a line he’s used elsewhere, that Republicans have been “sipping Slurpees” while Democrats pulled the nation from a muddy ditch. The line has special meaning in Dallas, hometown of 7-Eleven.

In Austin, Obama addressed more than 200 supporters at the Four Seasons.

Afterward, he spoke at the University of Texas. His subject: The importance of higher education to a strong national economy.

At UT, he reminisced about his visit to Austin in February 2007, two weeks after announcing his candidacy, when 20,000 or so supporters came to see him at Auditorium Shores. He recalled a stadium tour withLonghorns football coach Mack Brown.

And he pitched a vision of economic growth that hinges largely on the competitive edge that higher education provides.

“We are not a country that plays for second place. We are the United States of America, and we play for first,” he said.

Yet, in the last generation, the United States has fallen from first to 12th in college graduation rates.

“That’s unacceptable, but not irreversible,” Obama said. “…We need to retake the lead. If we’re serious about making sure America’s workers, and America itself, succeed in the 21st Century, the single most important step we can take is to offer all our kids – here in Austin, here in Texas, and across this country – the best education the world has to offer.”

obama fans in fw 2.jpg

To loud cheers, he said: “Education is an economic issue. Education is the economic issue of our time.”

To make federal funding for student loans go further, Democrats pushed through legislation that cut out banks and other financial institutions that acted as middlemen, Obama told the UT crowd, saving $60 billion despite the best efforts of “lobbyists and a minority party” – that is, the Republicans – united in their support of an outrageous status quo.”

The UT football team had reserved seating in the balcony of Gregory Gym, where Obama spoke. The players all wore burnt orange shirts. A round of “Texas fight” broke out a few minutes before Obama appeared, half the room yelling, “Texas,” and the other half responding, “Fight.”

Tricia Jackson, a junior majoring in communications, was wearing a shirt with obama’s picture on it.

“He is the most well-known figure right now, and I wouldn’t have passed up this opportunity,” she said. “I feel lucky that I got a ticket.”

The gym seats about 4,000. Student tickets were distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. University vice presidents and deans were given tickets and had some they could distribute.

Reeja Jayan, a grad student at UT, she wished Obama had said more about students pursuing advanced degrees.

“What he said about undergraduate degrees was interesting, but the rate of Americans getting advanced degrees has also fallen,” she said.

Earlier, upon landing in Austin, Obama chatted briefly with Republican Gov. Rick Perry, a vocal critic of the president and his policies.

The president and governor shook hands warmly and stood face to face for 20 or 30 seconds. Obama clasped his right arm.

Then, as the president moved down the line to other greeters – Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, state Sen. Kirk Watson and state Rep. Mark Strama – Perry pulled a letter from his pocket and handed it to White House counselor Valerie Jarrett , who came down the stairs behind the president with Ron Kirk, the U.S. Trade Representative and former Dallas mayor.

The letter from Perry asked the president to recognize the urgent circumstances on the border with Mexico and to send 1,000 additional troops – on top of the 286 promised by the administration – to combat gangs, drugs, and human trafficking.

“The deployment of just 286 National Guard personnel along the 1,200 mile Texas-Mexico border is clearly insufficient,” the letter said.

Perry applauded as Obama stepped from Air Force One.

Texan for Obama in Austin.jpg

“I probably applauded every time a president has rolled in,” he said later. “It’s the gracious thing to do. He’s the president of the United States. This is Texas.”

The governor added that if he had been the only one not applauding, the media would have questioned him about that, too.

Obama was introduced at the Four Seasons by Linda Chavez-Thompson, a national vice chair of the Democratic Party and the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor.

She took a few swipes at Perry and her election opponent, Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

“You’ll hear them say we have a balanced budget in Texas, or we have money in the bank. What the Republican leadership in Texas doesn’t tell you is they balanced that budget with $15 billion in federal stimulus money,” she said.

She added that since Perry and Dewhurst, in keeping with Texas’ “macho side,” refused to thank Obama, she would do it for them: “Thank you, Mr. President”

Obama gave shout-outs to Kirk, lauding the job he’s been doing as trade ambassador. And, he said, “more importantly Ambassador Ron Kirk’s mom is here.”

He also took note of Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, calling him a “wonderful congressman.”

He spoke fondly of returning to Austin.

“I like the people. I like the food. I like the music. I like that there are a bunch of Democrats here. It’s wonderful,” he said.

He blasted Republicans for being, as he portrayed it, devoid of ideas and solutions other than those discredited the last time Republicans were in power.

Before Obama’s arrival in Texas, aides downplayed his plans to chat briefly with Perry about border security. They also dismissed a decision by Perry’s November election opponent, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White, to remain far from Obama during the president’s one-day visit.

“He definitely does not take that as an insult,” White House spokesmanBill Burton insisted aboard Air Force One en route to Austin.

White, the former mayor of Houston, said he was honoring longstanding campaign commitments today to be in Midland, Abilene, and Johnson County while Obama will visit Austin and Dallas.

White said that if the president wanted to talk, he was welcome to pick up a phone.

That’s not going to happen, said Burton. “There are no plans to call him, no.”

The Budd home in Highland Park had a Bill White for Governor sign in the yard.

Perry began clapping when Obama emerged from the doorway of Air Force One.

“I’ve been to probably a hundred of these,” Burton said from 30 feet away. “That’s the first time I’ve seen a governor applaud.”

Perry and Kirk shook hands and then engaged in a bear hug. They, too, chatted beyond the earshot of reporters.

Obama then circled back for one last word and handshake with Perry before striding to his waiting limo. Kirk got in the other side.

Less than two minutes elapsed between Obama’s deplaning and a Secret Service agent’s shutting his limo door.

Perry and other Republicans have argued that more troops and Border Patrol agents are needed as Mexico’s drug war rages.

Burton defended the administration’s response to border concerns.

“For starters, the president has put more assets on the border to secure the border than has ever previously been there. That includes National Guard troops, technology. Things he’s done on enforcement. It’s something he’s working very hard on,” Burton said.

At UT, students were lined up outside Gregory Gym hours before Obama’s speech.

The first in line – at 4:30 a.m. – were Jose Gomez, a senior majoring in petroleum engineering, and Erica Ortiz, a senior in architectural engineering.

Ortiz said it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“This is something that we will never get to experience again. Waiting a few hours is nothing,” she said.

Gomez added: “This is so exciting. He is a huge role model for minority communities.”

Naveen Mehta, a junior in biomedical engineering, said: “Its fantastic that he is coming here. Obama needs to keep reaching out to the young voters, and that’s why he is coming back to UT.” He was sitting with his brother, Nishant Mehta, incoming freshman.

Republicans used the occasion of Obama’s visit to taunt both White and Obama – White for hiding, Obama for being so unpopular that fellow Democrats are scared to be seen with him.

Burton said it’s only natural that some Democrats would keep their distance. He noted that the Democratic nominee for governor ofGeorgia did not meet with Obama during a similar visit a week earlier.

“There’s never been a president in the history of this great country who has been wanted by every single candidate across the country to come and campaign for him,” Burton said. “…I don’t think that it says anything broadly about the president’s coattails. I think it says that Bill White had something else going on today that he would rather do than campaign with the president.”

Republicans say Obama could learn a thing or two during his Texas visit about the benefits of lower taxes and a friendly business climate. But Burton noted that Texas has its flaws – notably, the nation’s highest rate of people who lack health insurance.

“Texas is obviously a great state, one of the greatest states in the country. But like every other state they’ve gone through this economic crisis,” he said. “….Health insurance reform that the president signed into law this year will have a big impact on helping Texans get insured… You can have different competing economic philosophies but the president is doing everything he can to help the Texas economy, just like the United States economy, get back on track.”

Obama will focus on education policy at his UT speech this afternoon, but comes to the state without any Texas-specific announcements. He has yet to fill the state’s four U.S. attorney posts, for instance.

“We’re working with the delegation on the appropriate nominees,” Burton said.

Before Democratic crowds, Obama hasn’t been shy about bashing the policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush, whose Dallas home is just a few miles from the fundraising dinner Obama will attend later today. The UT speech is unlikely to include a swipe but Burton said Obama wouldn’t change his message just because he’s on Bush turf.

Still, there won’t be any detour for a courtesy call or a cup of coffee – say, to review progress on the Haiti recovery effort that Obama asked Bush to lead with Bill Clinton seven months ago.

“The president will obviously see him at some point in the future. I don’t know that there was a request for a meeting,” Burton said.

Staff Writers Erin Mulvaney, Gromer Jeffers Jr. and Christy Hoppe contributed to this report.


OBAMA on Vacation again?

July 17, 2010

Good for you Obama!

Go on a permanent vacation.

This man has more vacation as a President than me.

Must be nice to be the KING. Ooops, I mean TYRANT

Obama thinks that everything is going exactly as planned.  This is EXACTLY what the game plan IS.  They are even AHEAD of schedule, so why not relax a little. There is enough time to create havoc.

Other Presidents have taken vacations, but this makes 3 or more so far.  I’ve lost count.  All I know is that I have been chained to my desk at work.

Seizing on Good Week, Obama Takes Another Vacation Despite GOP Criticisms:

President Barack Obama, left, daughter Sasha Obama and first lady Michelle Obama arrive at the Bar Harbor Club as they continue their weekend vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine, Saturday, July 17, 2010. (AP)

President Barack Obama, left, daughter Sasha Obama and first lady Michelle Obama arrive at the Bar Harbor Club as they continue their weekend vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine, Saturday, July 17, 2010. (AP)

President Obama should have no problem relaxing on his family vacation in Maine as he basks in the glow of his victory on financial overhaul and the good news from the Gulf of Mexico.

As the first family turned its attention Saturday to Acadia National Park, a 47,000-acre gem, word came from the Gulf Coast that BP was confident near the end of a two-day trial run of a massive cap on its busted oil well – there were no signs of new leaks and oil was being kept out of the water.

The first family’s Saturday began with a workout at the Bar Harbor Club, a short drive from their hotel.

After the Obamas’ arrival Friday, it was off for a bicycle ride beside a pristine lake and an exhilarating boat ride through a wind-whipped bay.

The biking was along a secluded park bike trail next to Witch Hole Pond, followed by a motorcade up a switchback road to the summit of Cadillac Mountain — elevation 1,530 feet (466 meters) — to take in a breathtaking, sun-drenched view of Frenchman Bay.

After a stop for ice cream in Bar Harbor, the Obamas boarded a National Park Service boat for a tour of the bay — only to have it cut short when clouds and fog rolled in, and rain threatened.

But that just made the first family a little early for dinner at a harborside restaurant. A small crowd gathered along the seafront to watch the Obamas’ boat chug up to the dock — the president seated in the stern, one arm around Malia, the other waving at well-wishers snapping pictures on shore.

Every president needs to escape what former President Harry Truman called the “great white jail” and what former President Andrew Jackson referred to as “dignified slavery.” But for Obama and his recent predecessors, getting out of the White House has come at a cost.

Obama’s recent vacations — two long weekend trips to Asheville, N.C., and back to his Chicago home for Memorial Day — have come under fire in the wake of the Gulf crisis and the sluggish economy.

Nonetheless, even before the oil well was capped off Thursday, plans were being made for the first family to enjoy another mini-vacation in the coastal Maine town of Bar Harbor. The decision to head north is a choice not been lost on some, especially when the president and first lady have encouraged Americans to travel south to Florida and other tourist-starved areas along the Gulf of Mexico.

Scott Stanzel, former deputy press secretary for President George W. Bush, told Fox News, “at a time he could be setting an example…he has chosen not to do that.”

Republicans have also hit the president particularly hard for the number of golf outings he’s taken since the beginning of the BP oil spill crisis, especially one round during the first initial days of the spill when the president and first lady escaped for a weekend getaway to Asheville, N.C.

Obama’s penchant for golfing — nearly 10 times in the 12 weeks since the April 20th explosion that killed eleven men – has led Republicans to chronicle each time he picks up his clubs. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accused the president of being out of touch.

The Kentucky Republican told a group of young Republicans during a leadership conference, “scheduling more tee times than Phil Mickelson during the greatest environmental disaster in our nation’s history is out of touch.”

Bush was also hit hard by another environmental disaster – Hurricane Katrina – even forcing Bush to cut short a summer vacation at his Crawford, Texas ranch to travel back to Washington and deal with the crisis. And the image of Bush looking out over the flooded coast, far above from Air Force One, did nothing for his presidential image as critics complained Bush was too far away to offer help or feel the victims’ pain.

Bush was often criticized for the length of time downtime he spent at his ranch, but as Stanzel points out, presidents aren’t really afforded vacation time.

“We had an infrastructure in Crawford where the president continued to perform the duties much the way he might when he was at the White House,” Stanzel told Fox News.

In the early 1990’s, Democrats criticized then-President George H.W. Bush, for the image of the 41st president in a golf cart, charging he was out of touch with the recession at the time, and couldn’t relate to Americans pain.

But presidential historian Doug Wead says every president is on the clock, even during a vacation, and that time is not really personal. “There’s nothing really private. So where a president takes his vacation and what scenes are shown to the public, all of that is thoroughly thought through,” Wead said in an interview.

While a vacation may help Obama relax, it probably won’t help his poll numbers. A Fox News poll released Thursday finds that 43 percent of voters approve of the job Obama’s doing, matching a previous low in early April. That number has dropped from just two weeks ago when those questioned gave Obama a 47 percent approval rating.

Fox News’ Wendell Goler and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

MEXICO- Spring Break vacation spot WARNING to vacationers and parents

February 16, 2010

Where there is the legalization of illegal drugs, that area has a influx of tourists and then it quickly becomes a war zone.

Mexico: A New Temptation In Paradise

By Robert Arnold

POSTED: Monday, February 15, 2010
UPDATED: 4:36 pm CST February 16, 2010
HOUSTON — Local 2 investigates a change in Mexico that may affect you and your family’s next vacation. Last year, Mexico quietly changed its drug possession laws. Anyone caught with small amounts of drugs will no longer face criminal charges.
Since Spring Break is right around the corner, Local 2 wanted to know what you or your kids will be facing when heading south of the border.
Hypnotically blue water laps against pure white sand — a haven for snorkelers and sunbathers alike. Cancun, Mexico, is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. Once the sun sets, the streets explode with a mix of music, liquor and crowds. An array of smiling faces, dancers and whimsical characters entice tourists to join the party.
Local 2 Investigates took its hidden cameras to Cancun’s hotel zone, mingling with the crowds and testing whether Mexico’s new drug laws would have any affect on tourists.
As we walked along the main drag, we were quickly approached by a cab driver named Martin.
“Tell me, I could get everything,” said Martin.
Without hesitating, he not only offered us prostitutes, he followed up by trying to sell us drugs that would be illegal to possess in the United States.
“If you want to make your party, you could get everything. You know, say everything is a weed or blow,” said Martin.
Martin wasn’t concerned at all about offering to sell us marijuana and cocaine, even though we were on the street with police officers and crowds of tourists walking by.
“We’re not going to get in any trouble with the weed or the blow?” Local 2 investigative reporter Robert Arnold asked.
“No, this is discreet,” said Martin. “I’m going to get for you.”
Martin even told us if we had the women and drugs delivered to our hotel room, we’d get a discount. We thanked him for his offer and walked away.
On another night in Cancun’s hotel zone, we walked the same street and saw the same crowds eager to fill the night clubs. This time, a man approached us and said for a real party we needed to follow him a club a few blocks away. Inside the club, we were quickly approached by three women who told us we could get marijuana in a private room.
Once inside the room, a woman, without saying a word, pulled out of bag of marijuana and started rolling a joint. She lit it and then offered it to everyone. She was very aware of Mexico’s new drug laws.
“See you take it, it’s no problem. You sell it, it’s problem,” said the woman.
Again, we didn’t buy, use or ask for any drugs, but those in that private room took the drugs with little worry. The waiter serving us drinks also made sure we knew he could get any kind of drug we wanted. Again, we didn’t even have to ask.
“Marijuana, cocaine,” said the waiter.
“You have marijuana, cocaine?” Arnold asked.
“Sure my friend, I like too,” said the waiter. “Don’t worry my friend, trust me.”
“You’re setting us up, aren’t you”” Arnold asked.
“(Look), I promise. Don’t worry, be happy,” said another woman.
Granted, it is not a big surprise to find drugs in Mexico — the same goes for any city in the United States. The difference now is that since Mexico relaxed its drug possession laws, it’s more accessible. Local 2 didn’t look for drugs or ask for drugs. The offers came to us on the street and in the clubs. The casual open approaches by dealers signals there is a good chance your kids will get the same offers we did.
“As we were walking down the street, people were coming up to us asking if we wanted weed,” said Tabitha Morar, a tourist from Chicago. “It didn’t happen when we were here two years ago, but it happened this time. It didn’t just happen once, it happened a couple of times. Obviously it’s bad, we were disturbed.”
Local 2 heard the same stories from tourist after tourist.
“He said, ‘You want something for the party?'” said Michelle, a tourist from St. Louis who didn’t want to give her last name.
“It kind of brings it on a different level coming to Mexico,” said Michelle’s friend, Cindy.
“We’ve been offered cocaine. We’ve been offered ecstasy. We’ve offered Valium, pot, everything,” said Aleesha Heffernan, a tourist from Canada.
Local 2 heard similar stories from other vacation spots in Mexico.
“It really catches you off-guard,” said Local 2 employee Chad Simpson, who recently took a six-day vacation in Acapulco. “These guys were pimping it like it was candy.”
Simpson said he never strayed from the busy tourist zone. Simpson said walking down the main street to the beach from the bed and breakfast where he stayed, he was offered everything from marijuana to cocaine to harder, potent drugs like heroin and meth.
“We had more people selling drugs approach us then we had people selling tacos on the main street,” said Simpson.
So with dealers now openly approaching tourists, there is a concern about the thousands of college and even high school students who will flock to Mexico for Spring Break and May graduation.
In 2005, Local 2 Investigates showed you the dangers of teenage binge drinking in these vacation hot spots. Now, along with the liquor, your kids may run into Martin and hundreds like him. It will all start with a well rehearsed line
“Tell me, I could get everything.”
Officials with the Mexican Consulate in Houston declined Local 2’s request for an on-camera interview to discuss this new law and its potential impact on tourist spots. However, Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon, stated the change in law came because he wants police focusing their efforts on dealers and cartel operations, not junkies.
Mexico’s New Possession Law
Anyone caught with what is considered “personal use” amounts of drugs will no longer face criminal charges. Instead, those caught will be urged to seek treatment and given the address of the nearest rehabilitation clinic. It is still a crime in Mexico to sell drugs or possess drugs over “personal use” amounts.

  • Marijuana: 5 grams (about four “joints”)
  • Cocaine: Half-gram (about four “lines”)
  • Heroin: 50 milligrams (one to two “hits” or a “bag”)
  • Methamphetamine: 40 milligrams (one or two “hits” depending on potency)
  • LSD: 0.015 milligrams (one “hit”)

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