Obama should not be president – Deception of invasion and ignoring potential terrorists

May 10, 2011

While Americans are lying up for jobs at Mc Donald’s the Democrats and other Politicians argue that Illegals take jobs that Americans simply “don’t want.”

This has been proven incorrect.

Sanctuary cities are unconstitutional.   Illegals voting is unconstitutional.  Anchor babies are unconstitutional.

All these things add up to the American inability to maintain our sovereignty.  That is a Seditious act by the president.  It’s a deliberate Dereliction of duty at the least.

Obama should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.  For that and the other suspicious acts committed by him and his administration.

Mexican Border Crime Underreported

Last Updated: Mon, 05/09/2011 – 12:53pm

Bridge that connects Eagle Pass, Texas to Piedras Negras, Mexico. (Source: Time.com)

The Obama Administration is deceiving Americans by underreporting serious crime along the Mexican border, according to the Texas lawmaker who chairs a congressional Homeland Security committee.

Federal, state and local law enforcement officials who deal firsthand with violent Mexican drug cartels will deliver testimony to prove it at a special committee hearing this week titled “On the Border and in the Line of Fire: U.S. Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Drug Cartel Violence.”

Along the border, fears are growing that the escalating drug violence in Mexico will spill into the United States.

Authorities at every level will tell the “real story” of how they are “outmanned, overpowered and in danger of losing control” of communities to “narco-terrorists,” says Michael McCaul, the Texas congressman who chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security. The lawmaker asserts that the Obama Administration “is not giving the American people a complete picture of security on our border with Mexico” and that data on crimes and violence along the southern border is “deceiving and underreported.”

Image: Suspected drug smugglers

Suspected drug smugglers

Among those scheduled to speak at Wednesday’s hearing in Washington D.C. are the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s counter narcotics enforcement office, the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Arizona’s attorney general and the sheriff of Zapata County Texas. Their testimony will contradict Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s claim that security along the Mexican border is “better now than it has ever been,” McCaul says.

The House Homeland Security committee held a similar hearing in late March to address the crisis along the southwest border. A top Homeland Security official delivered gripping information outlining how Mexcian cartel drugs, money and weapons are part of a “complex interconnected system of illicit pathways and transitional criminal organizations that span the globe.”

In a separate but related story on the administration’s handling of border security, Arizonalawmakers are seeking online donations to build fencing along the border with Mexicosince the federal government won’t do it. The plan includes using prison labor and launching a website to help raise money for the project. The state is already using donated funds to defend its immigration control law from the Obama Administration’s legal challenges.


Islam – Investigation – 10 years too late. – Cry baby cry! Ellison cries crocodile tears.

March 10, 2011

This should have been begun even before 9-11.  The twin towers were targeted and almost taken down in 1993

World Trade Center car park after bomb

World Trade Center car park after bomb

1993: World Trade Center bomb terrorises New York

A suspected car bomb has exploded underneath the World Trade Center in New York killing at least five people and injuring scores more.

The bombing has shocked America which had seemed immune from acts of terrorism that have plagued other parts of the world.

An emotional Mario Cuomo, New York’s state governor, told journalists: “We all have that feeling of being violated. No foreign people or force has ever done this to us. Until now we were invulnerable.”



Why not ask why foreign powers, with self serving interests are allowed to “invest” into our schools and prisons and now our POLITICS.  These people and organizations, Ellison, AMA, etc.., are a violation to the JUSTICE that America has yet to see.

If these investigations hold true, then many to be investigated for Treason. If they don’t, then this is a game and just another slight of had, a trick, PROPAGANDA!

Exclusive: Ex-CIA agent warns of danger as Congress investigates radical Islam
March 10th, 2011 2:15 am ET

As Congress begins hearings this week on the influence of radical Islam in America, an ex-Cia agent warns of danger already lurking within the U.S. as a result of the infiltration of the government by Islamists who help steer American foreign policy in the Middle East. U.S. Representative Peter King, R-New York, commenced hearings on the subject in order to discover the extent to which radical elements within Islam exert influence in American mosques, as well as in the U.S. government itself. And, according to an expert on the Middle East who is also an ex-CIA agent, that influence is extensive and even frightening.

Clare Lopez is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and a former agent with the Central Intelligence Agency. In this Conservative Examiner exclusive series of interviews, Lopez describes in stark detail the issues facing the U.S. today as the threat from radical forces within Islam grow stronger.

Anthony Martin: In your 2009 report on the growing influence of radical Islam you state that Iran in particular has managed to gain a foothold in the U.S. government whereby it can help shape U.S. policy toward the Middle East.  How widespread do you believe that influence to be, and how dangerous is such an influence, given the upheaval over the past few weeks in the Islamic world?

Clare Lopez: The Feb 2009 report that was published by the Center for Security Policy (CSP), where I’ve been a Senior Fellow from 2010-present, was entitled “The Iran Lobby.” It was exclusively dedicated to the Tehran regime’s years-long effort to acquire influence among US policymaking circles–an endeavor that has been increasingly successful in the last several years.

In October 2010, CSP published a book entitled “Shariah: The Threat to America” – (available at Amazon) that was dedicated to explaining Islamic law (shariah) and describing the foundation, history, and efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate American society, including government and intelligence community, for the purpose of ensuring our inability to recognize or counter the threat it posed and to work towards its key objective, insinuation of shariah into our country


Ellison breaks down during Islam hearing

Published: March. 10, 2011 at 1:03 PM

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., choked back tears as he spoke during a House hearing on the radicalization of U.S. Muslims. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg)

WASHINGTON, March 10 (UPI) — U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., broke into tears Thursday during congressional testimony on alleged U.S. Muslim radicalization and domestic Islamic terrorism.

Ellison, the first Muslim American congressman, said the House Homeland Security Committee hearing led by Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., was “the very heart of stereotyping and scapegoating.”

“Ascribing evil acts of a few individuals to an entire community is wrong. It is ineffective, and it risks making our country less safe,” he said.

<update – Michigan -lawsuit filed by TMLC against the use of tax payer bail out money used by AIG to establish SHARIAH compliant LAW of Investing was dismissed by Judge Lawrence P. Zatkoff

January 19, 2011>
<Chicago – 4th of July – 47th ISNA Convention on Independence day? Congressmen Keith Ellison of Minnesota, and Andre Carson of Indiana are expected speakers for the crowed of 35,000 Muslims>


And both infiltration efforts have succeeded, from their perspective, extremely well. The Iranians have used classic clandestine tradecraft (that their services learned directly from the KGB – Supreme Leader Khamenei is a graduate of Moscow’s Patrice Lumumba U. aka KGB Tech).
Such tradecraft includes Denial and Deception (D&D) to lead us all astray on their WMD programs (esp. BW and nuclear) – as well as influence operations of both witting and non-witting recruitment targets to ensure implementation of Tehran’s preferred U.S. foreign policy vis-a-vis Iran: endless years of discussions, enticements, negotiations and a go-slow, go-easy approach to sanctions or any other coercive diplomacy – in addition to a hands-off approach to the struggles of the embattled Iranian people, demonstrating by the millions in the street for their freedom, viciously assaulted, beaten, jailed, raped, tortured, and executed in the mullahs’ jails….and of course, never a serious mention of possible regime change or use of military action of any sort (not necessarily “bombs away,” by the way). The very dangerous result is an Iranian nuclear weapons program that advances steadily to the status of a deployable weapon. When this regime conducts its first acknowledged nuclear weapons test (not counting the ones they do in NK), everyone will be shocked, just shocked. But our own national policies have permitted that program to go on for nearly three decades now. If we think the Iranian regime is aggressive now, in its material support to terrorists, in its horrific human rights abuses at home, and in its incessant meddling abroad, watch what happens once it demonstrates its nuclear capability. The Iran Lobby’s job was to buy time for the completion of this weapons program; they have succeeded brilliantly.
For more on this theme, see the new Clarion Fund film, Iranium, in which I have a small role.http://www.iraniumthemovie.com/
As you will see in the book, movie, and paper, the Iranian and Muslim Brotherhood influence has become deeply embedded in our national security infrastructure, having spread widely throughout the intelligence community, within the media, in academia, among think tanks, and at top levels of USG decision-making.
That influence is deeply concerning on multiple levels. Because our nation’s leadership has been rendered effectively blind about the threats from shariah Islam, it is now incapable of defending the country against them; expending our blood and treasure fighting groups like al-Qa’eda and the Taliban (both in operational alliances with Iran/Hizballah to kill Americans) that employ the tactics of violent terrorism merely “bleeds the dragon” (us) and does little to strike at the foundational ideology that motivates such jihadis (yes, across sectarian lines)—shariah Islam.
The influence of shariah law extends to the very vocabulary our president and his advisors use to describe Islam: for instance, words such as Islam, jihad, Caliphate, and Muslim have been totally scrubbed from key national security documents such as the lexicons about terror in official use at the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the National Counterterrorism Center. Even President Obama’s National Security Strategy, published in 2010, is devoid of these words. How did that happen? Advisors to those who wrote the lexicons were Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, that’s how. We know, as Sun Tzu told us thousands of years ago, that to defeat an enemy, it is necessary first to know oneself and then to know that enemy. But having been duped by this enemy of ours that is brilliant, resilient, and sophisticated into an inability to even name the enemy or discuss his threat doctrine (shariah Islam), there is no way the U.S. can even begin to create a strategy capable of defeating these forces.
And so, even as our best and bravest fight and die on faraway battlefields to prop up governments whose constitutions, that we helped write, place their countries under Islamic law, shariah is making steady inroads into American society at home, unnoticed, undeterred, because the Muslim Brotherhood has convinced U.S. leadership that it is “bigoted,” “racist,” or “Islamophobic” to discuss how Islamic doctrine, law, and scriptures command Muslims to conquer and subjugate all non-Muslims on earth to shariah. And so we have increasing numbers of legal cases in the U.S. in which Islamic law is invoked; we have concession after concession made to Muslims on campus and in the workplace—for special facilities, for time off, for gender segregation, for curriculum adjustments—that never would be tolerated from Christians or Jews. We have the U.S. Department of the Treasury actually actively promoting the establishment of Shariah Compliant Financing with firms across the country; the fact that this is in diametric opposition to Article VI of the Constitution (“the Supreme Law of the land shall be the Constitution”) as well as Title 18 of the U.S. criminal code on sedition seems somehow not to have occurred to them. But that’s what willful blindness does.”
<“While our brave fight”…..Fight?  Fight for WHAT?  Has Obama or anyone DEFINED ANY specific mission?  What is the goal?  What is the BENEFIT?  These people continue to resist our “DEMOCRACY.”   We are fighting who?  The afghans don’t want us there – and whole countries collude against us and we do nothing? 

Afghanistan – Weapons cache sent by Iran with LOVE to the TALIBAN were intercepted while en route



In Part 2 of this explosive series of interviews, Lopez discusses the belief among many within radical Islam concerning the ‘appearance of the 12 Imam’ and that fact that some factions within the Muslim community believe that in order to hasten his appearance they must create world-wide unrest and chaos.

Be sure to catch my blog at The Liberty Sphere.

Exclusive: Ex-CIA agent warns of danger as Congress investigates radical Islam – National Conservative | Examiner.com


OBAMA should not be president – Appointed Security Adviser meets with DC Muslims to assuage THEIR fears.

March 9, 2011

Why is this President trying to assuage the fears of the enemy?

Muslims, in the US are not Muslims because they are FORCED to be.  Some older people are just set in their ways and it’s a culture thing, but the rest are NOT.  They CHOOSE ISLAM.

Read the Q’RAN and SEE what they CHOOSE.

It is reprehensible.

You will know them by their deeds.  Look around and see the evidence as it is.  Stop processing with distorted information and go to the source of information.  Don’t believe everything you see on FOX.  It’s 20% owned by the Aristocracy that chooses to control you.  It’s also received funds from Muslim sources.  So, they are not PURE by any means.

This man is a TOOL.  He is a weapon.  Obama’s weapon.

Obama Security Adviser Comforts Muslims With Terrorist Ties

Last Updated: Tue, 03/08/2011 – 5:27pm

To reassure Muslims ahead of this week’s congressional hearings on radicalization, President Obama sent his Deputy National Security Adviser to schmooze an extremist group (Islamic Society of North America or ISNA) that raises money for Hamas.

A few years ago a special Judicial Watch report on Muslim charities exposed ISNA’s terrorist connections and aggressive campaigns to place radical leaders in mosques throughout the U.S. ISNA pushes the Saudi-Wahhabi form of Islam, which teaches that all non-Muslims are enemies and heathens. In 2008 the Justice Department named ISNA an unindicted co-conspirator in a Texas case involving a similar group (Holy Land Foundation) convicted of funneling millions to Hamas.

"....We’re exposing the lie that America and Islam are somehow in conflict. That is why President Obama has stated time and again that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam."

This week the president’s Deputy National Security Advisor, Denis McDonough, assured members and supporters of the group that Muslims have an ally in the U.S.government, and specifically, the Obama Administration. The heartwarming speech was delivered at an ISNA affiliate in the Washington D.C. area, best known by its rather ingenious acronym; the Adams Center, which stands for All Dulles Area Muslim Society.

<He’s part of the OBAMA DELUSION campaign.  This is the propaganda that is directed toward the WEST, by the people that we are supposed to trust.  Where did this stooge get this none sense? >

Not surprisingly, the barrage of mainstream media reports on the Obama Administration’s latest Muslim outreach effort omitted the ties between the AdamsCenter and a renowned group of Islamic extremists that support terrorism. Only a conservative publication made the connection and published a story on its web site shortly after McDonough’s heavily-promoted meeting.

His Adams Center speech is posted in its entirety on the White House web site but here are a few highlights: “The bottom line is this-when it comes to preventing violent extremism and terrorism in the United States, Muslim Americans are not part of the problem, you’re part of the solution.” Predicted applause ensued and McDonough continued. A pair of pompons would have suited him well.

He went on to say: “We have a choice. We can choose to send a message to certain Americans that they are somehow ‘less American’ because of their faith or how they look; that we see their entire community as a potential threat … And if we make that choice, we risk feeding the very feelings of disenchantment that may push some members of that community to violent extremism. Or, we can make another choice. We can send the message that we’re all Americans.”

His mission was to comfort Muslims before a congressional hearing to address “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response.” Scheduled for Thursday before the House Committee on Homeland Security, the hearing has outraged Islamic leaders who assert it’s a modern-day form of McCarthyism designed to spark fear against Muslims.

Read Judicial Watch’s coverage of the Obama Administration’s ongoing Muslim outreach efforts by clicking herehere and here.


Germany – US Airmen murdered in Terrorist attack by devout MUSLIM (ISLAMIST) – OBAMA can’t even say the word Terrorist let alone MUSLIM

March 2, 2011

How sad that even after so many attacks and the obvious is still obfuscated by the PRESIDENT?

OBAMA should be impeached.  He’s constantly sabotaged the truth.  He’s made this happen over and again.  He is aiding the terrorists by placating us to the MURDERS.  He is acting in a SEDITIOUS way.




Vodpod videos no longer available.
US soldiers shot dead in Germany, posted with vodpod



Here is another thing that clouds the issue and the truth; “War on Terrorism.”

What is that?  What are the RULES?  How does one win that?  How does one define what is and what isn’t.  The idea of TERRORISM is not clear.  The LIBERALS have already used this idea, that it’s not clear, and actually USED that to cloud the issue even MORE.  Terrorism is in the EYE of the beholder.  So, who are you?  No one asks that.  They just try to put the question in your head, because if you begin to start questioning, then it doesn’t matter what follows.  The concrete becomes sand.  America should stop and use LOGIC.  WHAT IS and not what is possible.  Because EVERYTHING is possible, but what “IS” is concrete, because it’s right now and fixed and it’s indisputable.  It’s ACTION that is current.  The way to have an idea of where you are to determine what IS, one needs to know where one came from and the HISTORY of EVENTS.  Facts.  Just the events without the flowery descriptions.  KNOW the enemy.  Know the HISTORY of the enemy.  These people don’t WANT to kill you.  They want you to SUBMIT to ISLAM or Die.




3/2/2011 9:34 PM

2 US airmen killed in Frankfurt airport shooting

By DAVID McHUGH and JUERGEN BAETZ Associated Press



Two U.S. airmen were killed and two others were wounded at Frankfurt airport Wednesday when a man opened fire on them at close range with a handgun, the first such attack on American forces in Germany in a quarter century. President Barack Obama called the shooting an “outrageous act.”

The alleged assailant, identified as a 21-year-old Kosovo man, was taken immediately into custody and was being questioned by authorities, said Frankfurt police spokesman Manfred Fuellhardt.

Family members in Kosovo described the suspect as a devout Muslim, who was born and raised in Germany and worked at the airport.

The attacker got into an argument with airmen outside their military bus before opening fire, killing the bus driver and one other serviceman, and wounding two others, one of whom was in life-threatening condition, Fuellhardt said. He said the attacker also briefly entered the bus.

The suspect then fled into the airport terminal, where he was quickly grabbed by two federal police officers and a U.S. airman who had pursued him into the building, authorities said. He was disarmed without incident.

The victims, part of a group of about a dozen members of an Air Force military police and base security unit, had just arrived from England, the Air Force said.

They had landed at Frankfurt airport, one of Europe’s busiest, and were waiting outside Terminal 2 to be driven to nearby Ramstein Air Base, which is often used as a logistical hub for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The two wounded airmen were taken to a hospital.

“I’m saddened and I’m outraged by this attack,” Obama said at the White House. “I want everybody to understand that we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place.”

<Wow.  How “outraged” he is?  He can’t even say Muslim, terrorist, or murdered. This man is aiding and abetting these terror attacks.  As the US President he is COVERING the facts, which means that he is not telling the truth to the American public.  By making LESS of the situation and not allowing for the PEOPLE to know that this was done by a MUSLIM is covering for ISLAM.  This terrorist was the grandson of a “religious” leader at a mosque.  >

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed sympathy for the victims and their families and pledged that Germany would do everything in its power to investigate the crime. “It is a terrible event,” she said.

A tall blue barrier was erected around the bus as forensic experts examined it, and removed two bodies from the vehicle. As the bus was later towed away, a bullet hole was visible through the driver’s side window.

The dead and wounded U.S. airmen were not identified pending notification of their families. A Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Todd Vician, said the airmen were on their way to an overseas deployment to Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere.

Boris Rhein, the top security official in the German state of Hesse, told German media there were no indications of a terrorist attack.

Still, a member of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Patrick Meehan, said in Washington that it looked like a terrorist attack. The chairman of the subcommittee that focuses on terrorism and intelligence added he did not have all the facts.

Kosovo Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi identified the suspect as Arif Uka, a Kosovo citizen from the northern town of Mitrovica.

In Mitrovica, family members identified him as Arid Uka, saying that he was born and educated in Germany where his family moved some 40 years ago. However, German police said he was born in Kosovo.

An uncle, Rexhep Uka, said the suspect’s grandfather was a religious leader at a mosque in a village near Mitrovica.

A cousin, Behxhet Uka, said he spoke to the suspect’s father, Murat Uka, several times by telephone from Frankfurt after the family was contacted by Kosovo police. The father said all he knew was that his son did not come home from his job at the airport on Wednesday.

Behxet Uka said he would be shocked if Arid Uka was behind the shooting, saying that like the vast majority of Kosovo Albanians, the family is pro-American.

The northern town of Mitrovica is best known for the ethnic division between majority ethnic Albanians and minority Serbs. The former mining town has also been the focus of reports that it breeds Islamic extremists.

Western intelligence reports have said the region could be a recruitment ground for Muslims with Western features who could easily blend into European or U.S. cities and carry out terrorist attacks.

The Kosovo government said in a statement that it was “deeply moved” by what it branded as “a monstrous act” committed by a citizen of Kosovo origin.

“This macabre case is an individual act against the civilized values and the traditions of the Kosovo people who will always be thankful to the United States, the American people and the U.S. government for its strong backing of Kosovo,” the statement said.

Kosovo remained part of Serbia amid the collapse of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, but a struggle for independence by ethnic Albanians there eventually led to the Kosovo war in 1998. The bloodshed was halted in 1999 when NATO stepped in and bombed Serbia, followed by the deployment of peacekeepers. The NATO-led Kosovo Force still has 8,700 troops there provided by 32 nations, including the U.S. and Germany.

The last time American forces in Germany came under deadly attack was in the 1986 bombing of a disco frequented by U.S. servicemen. Two soldiers and one civilian were killed and 230 others were injured. A Berlin court later ruled the bombing was organized by Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya.

A leftist terror group, the Red Army Faction, was also responsible for a string of attacks on Americans in the 1970s and 1980s before the group was disbanded in 1998.

More recently, German police thwarted a plot in 2007 to attack U.S. facilities by members of the extremist Islamic Jihad Union. Four men had planned to attack American soldiers and citizens at the Ramstein Air Base and other locations but were caught before they could carry out the plot.

The U.S. has drastically reduced its forces in Germany over the last decade, but still has some 50,000 troops stationed here.

The airmen shot in Frankfurt were stationed at the Lakenheath airfield in England, home to the 48th Fighter Wing, the only F-15 fighter wing in Europe.


Baetz reported from Berlin. Pauline Jelinek and Robert Burns in Washington, Silvia Hui in London, Visar Kryeziu and Sylejman Kllokoqi in Mitrovica, David Rising, Melissa Eddy and Geir Moulson in Berlin, and Nebi Qena in New Haven, Conn., contributed to this report.










Arizona – Scottsdale – Muslim infidel doctor warns about Muslims and Islam

February 26, 2011

This guy better get ready to have to fight off some jihadi’s and have a Fatwa cast against him.

Sad.  These people STILL don’t get it.  Even when the entire Muslim world tells them that they will be “cast out to the sea”,  they will still stand their ground saying – Well, you see, SEA is not taken literally……. blah blah blah




Anxiety on all sides of upcoming House hearing on radicalization of U.S. Muslims


Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, February 26, 2011; 5:31 PM


Zuhdi Jasser leads the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. So far, he is the only non-lawmaker on the witness list for the House hearings.

In some ways, Zuhdi Jasser doesn’t match the profile of the typical Muslim American. He’s an active Republican who has supported U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, advocates for Israel and says his faith harbors “an insidious supremacism.”

Yet the prominent Scottsdale, Ariz., doctor is the face of American Islam for a Capitol Hill moment. Other than members of Congress, Jasser is the only witness New York Rep. Peter T. King has identified so far forhis upcoming hearings on the radicalization of U.S. Muslims.


King, the Long Island Republican who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee, has called the hearings to start March 9. Although he initially spoke out to promote them, his decision in recent weeks to lie low (he declined to comment for this article) and to keep the witness list and precise questions quiet reflects the complexities of debating the problem, experts say.

Should the hearings focus strictly on hard data about American Muslim cooperation with law enforcement? Should they explore whether American foreign policy helps breed radicalism? Can a congressional hearing in a secular nation explore whether Islam needs a reformation?

<Who are these people to REFORM anything?  Who would listen to them?  >


That final point is the core tenet of Jasser, a father of three, Navy veteran and a former doctor to Congress.

Through his nonprofit group, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, he debates other Muslims and appears on mostly conservative media to press Muslim leaders to aggressively oppose a “culture of separatism.” He wants clerics to disavaow scripture that belittles non-Muslims and women and to renounce a role for Islam in government.

<NO one is going to listen to this infidel.  That is what he is going to wind up being called.  If he’s not laughed out, then he’ll be on the JIHAD list or a FATWA proclaimed against him.  >

As the only non-legislator name King has announced he will call, Jasser is drawing a lopsided amount of attention.

~ might one ask where are all the Christians in Arabia ~ we know full well where they are ~ jailed or buried. “]King will have a separate panel of congressional witnesses, and he has said he will call Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.). The Democrats on the committee will call Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, who has disputed King’s contention that Muslims don’t cooperate with law enforcement.

With a mostly top-secret list and the first hearing in a few days, anxiety is building among Muslim Americans and national security experts alike. Although some hope that it will improve dialogue, others fear it could set off more prejudice.

National security people “are holding their breath that it doesn’t explode. I’ve heard that from people on all sides,” said Juan C. Zarate, a senior adviser to the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a former security adviser to President George W. Bush.


Juan Carlos Zarate, left, with Paul Simons of State, is Townsend's deputy and is charged with handling the National Security Council's terrorism portfolio.

Juan Carlos Zarate, left, with Paul Simons of State, is Townsend's deputy and is charged with handling the National Security Council's terrorism portfolio.

<Prior to working at the Treasury Department, he served as a prosecutor in the Department of Justice’s Terrorism and Violent Crime Section, where he worked on terrorism cases, including the USS Coleinvestigation. — http://csis.org/expert/juan-carlos-zarate COLE was never avenged.  This, act of WAR, was never brought to justice.  NOW you know why…… This guy!>

Muslim leaders initially lobbied for King to halt hearings but are now are debating whether to try to get on the witness list. Long-standing critics of Muslim American organizations have blasted King for including “apologists” such as Ellison, one of two Muslims elected to Congress. Some national security experts say King’s plan could exacerbate terrorism overseas by making U.S. Muslims appear persecuted, while others say King’s reputation for criticizing Muslims makes him a problematic moderator. Others say King has needlessly courted controversy.

“The U.S. government should investigate domestic Islamist radicalization,” Daniel Pipes, the Middle East Forum director who has written extensively on the threat posed by radical Islamists, said in an e-mail. “Unfortunately, Rep. Peter King has proven himself unsuited for this important task, as shown by the gratuitous controversy he has generated over the mere selection of witnesses.”

Into the void comes Jasser, who sits on the board of a nonprofit group that made twocontroversial films about the dangers of radical Islam. The Clarion Fund says on its Web site that the growth of the American Muslim population “is raising eyebrows from sea to shining sea. . . . And if you think that a growing Muslim population cannot threaten America, just look at Europe.”

The former head of the American Medical Association’s Arizona chapter, Jasser is the personal physician to prominent Arizonans (including former congressman J.D. Hayworth). Despite his work on conservative causes, Jasser says he has walked out of his mosque when politicians were brought in to speak.

Jasser has always been affiliated with a local mosque, and briefly served as a spokesman for the Islamic Center of North East Valley in Scottsdale, where his children attend classes. He was involved in interfaith work in Phoenix, where some activists say he is an outlier among Muslims.

So what expertise or constituency justifies this medical doctor being the only non-congressman King has named? “A lifetime of practicing my faith,” he said in a telephone interview.

To Heather Hurlburt, executive director of the National Security Network, a progressive foreign policy think tank, Jasser’s resume lacks any community leadership roles, any policy or academic expertise.

“These aren’t people who we normally expect the policy process to produce,” she said.

King faced criticism as soon as he announced in December that he’d hold hearings on the threat of homegrown terrorism from Muslims.

Faith leaders, Muslim American organizations, the ranking Democrat on the committee – Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson – and some law enforcement leaders challenged the idea that Muslims should be the focus.

The subject is fraught with sensitivities on all sides. Some are horrified at Islam being singled out while others want to make sure the religious aspect of terrorism is not ignored. The potential for giving offense has led to some clunky language. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.), who conducted 14 hearings on everything from Internet radicalization to the Fort Hood, Tex., shootings without major controversy, said it was exploring “homegrown terrorism and domestic radicalization inspired by violent Islamist extremism.”

Zarate, who praises Jasser as “fantastic” because he offers an alternative, non-institutional voice, said the hearings could do damage if they create a sense that there is a divide between Muslim organizations and mainstream America.

“It would be a shame if the hearings didn’t move the debate the country is having, both on how to combat violent extremism and also on Islamophobia.”




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