Rashida Tlaib (Muslim) Funded By George Soros (renounced Jew and devout humanist) and didn’t disclose this to the campaign. Why?

January 7, 2019

Maybe deep down in that frosty foul mouth she knows she did something wrong.

Congresswoman Rashida Funded By George the cultures created by show that they have values that are immoral to most which is why the RINO and DINO sects like them – birds of a feather

UK – British Schools are Islamic Madrassa’s and teach the over throw of the WEST – Taqiyya is an acceptable form of Jihad

March 28, 2011

Islam teaches Jihad.

And if you don’t believe that this is still the view point, then here you go:

Jihad – A new message for the MUSLIM world.


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Islamic Hate Books Taught In British Muslim Sch…, posted with vodpod
Lost in translation?  Yet she has no alternatively viable “meaning” to the words.
This is a great example of the takiyya <Taqiyya,>, which is part of the Jihad requirement.

In the Muslim world women are used as good weapons, because the WESTERN man doesn’t see the woman as a threat.  But this is a horrible miscalculation.

Women are used in the Jihad as subversive weapons.



A Muslim Battle Plan Against Free Speech (Jihad Watch)

March 27, 2011

HAT TIP- Bare Naked Islam

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A Muslim Battle Plan Against Free Speech (Jihad…, posted with vodpod

UK – Channel 4 Muslims Schools preaching and teaching HATE, VIOLENCE and INTOLERANCE

February 12, 2011


Should a faith be given protected status if that faith encompasses exclusionary ideals?

Should a faith be given protected status if that faith encompasses Violence toward dis similar individuals, even when they have done nothing to that person?

Is a Religion a religion only by SAYING it’s a RELIGION?

What would be the difference between Islam and Communism?  Both have militaristic arms, political involvement, cultural adherents, and no proof other than the FAITH that ones ideology is better that another?  Is Islam capable of existing without the political and militaristic factions of it self?  Would it be Islam?  Most adherents can’t say that it would be ISLAM.

These schools are training grounds for Jihad.  The children are the tools of war and the schools are weapons in an unconventional war.


Secret filming at Muslim schools in Birmingham and Yorkshire shows pupils being beaten and ‘taught Hindus drink cow p***’

Last updated at 3:47 AM on 13th February 2011

It is an assembly hall of the sort found in any ordinary school. Boys aged 11 and upwards sit cross-legged on the floor in straight rows. They face the front of the room and listen carefully. But this is no ordinary assembly. Holding the children’s attention is a man in Islamic dress wearing a skullcap and stroking his long dark beard as he talks.

‘You’re not like the non-Muslims out there,’ the teacher says, gesturing towards the window. ‘All that evil you see in the streets, people not wearing the hijab properly, people smoking . . . you should hate it, you should hate walking down that street.’
He refers to the ‘non-Muslims’ as the ‘Kuffar’, an often derogatory term that means disbeliever or infidel.

Welcome to one of Britain’s most influential Islamic faith schools, one of at least 2,000 such schools in Britain, some full-time, others part-time. They represent a growing, parallel education system.

Grabbed: Secretly filmed footage from the Markazi Jamia mosque shows a teacher pulling a pupil towards him and striking him on the back

Grabbed: Secretly filmed footage from the Markazi Jamia mosque shows a teacher pulling a pupil towards him and striking him on the back


The school is the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham, an oversubscribed independent secondary school. Darul Ulooms are world-renowned Islamic institutions and their aim is to produce the next generation of Muslim leaders. In fact, these schools have been described as the ‘Etons of Islam’.

This school is required by its inspectors to teach tolerance and respect for other faiths. But the Channel 4 current affairs programme Dispatches filmed secretly inside it – and instead discovered that Muslim children are being taught religious apartheid and social segregation.




We recorded a number of speakers giving deeply disturbing talks about Jews, Christians and atheists.

We found children as young as 11 learning that Hindus have ‘no intellect’ and that they ‘drink cow p***’.

And we came across pupils being told that the ‘disbelievers’ are ‘the worst creatures’ and that Muslims who adopt supposedly non-Muslim ways, such as shaving, dancing, listening to music and – in the case of women – removing their headscarves, would be tortured with a forked iron rod in the afterlife.

In 2009 this school was praised by Government-approved inspection teams for its interfaith teachings. The report said that ‘pupils learn about the beliefs and practices of other faiths and are taught to show respect to other world religions’.

It seems that the inspectors were unaware of the teaching methods revealed by our undercover reporter, Osman. He was taken on as a volunteer at the Darul Uloom school in Birmingham in April 2009 and was allowed to sit in on some lessons – but not their Islamic classes.

So, in July last year, he went into one of the rooms where we’d heard they taught Islamic studies and left a secret camera to record the lessons.

Filming intermittently over a period of four months, the camera recorded children being taught a hardline, intolerant and highly anti-social version of Islam.

During the same period our reporter also attended the Markazi Jamia mosque in Keighley, West Yorkshire, after hearing of serious allegations that children were being hit at its madrassa.

Slapped: A child receives a sharp blow on the back of the head from the same teacher. The impact of the blow can be heard on the film

Slapped: A child receives a sharp blow on the back of the head from the same teacher. The impact of the blow can be heard on the film


Madrassas in the UK are part-time after-school or weekend classes, often held in mosques, where children are taught to read the Koran. In Keighley it is not what they are being taught that is the problem, but how.

Again, Osman went into the mosque and left the camera in the room where classes took place.

The film shows children as young as six sitting on the floor of a large room in the mosque, one of the biggest in the country. The boys are hunched over wooden benches, rocking backwards and forwards as they rote-learn the Koran in Arabic. A man with a long white beard dressed in a traditional shalwar kameez – tunic and trousers – sits at the head of the class.


Periodically he gets up and walks behind the boys. As he passes, the children appear to cower and watch him nervously. It soon becomes clear why.

He unexpectedly raises his hand and slaps a young boy hard on the head. Moments later he strikes another. And then he kicks a third child.

In just two days of filming in December 2010, the camera recorded the teacher hitting children as young as six or seven at least ten times, in less than three hours of lessons.

From what we could see, every ¬single blow was pretty much unprovoked. We soon realised that the beatings were routine. The behaviour of the boys, the way they flinched and backed away when he approached, indicated that they were long-accustomed to being hit and kicked as they studied.

In another incident an older boy, left in charge of a class while a teacher is out at prayer, picks up a bench and threatens to hit a younger boy with it.


Threatened: An older pupil holds down a boy while another pupil - put in charge during the teacher's absence - aims a bench at him


During the making of this Dispatches film I have often counted my blessings. I received my Islamic education at home. My mum would read the Koran with me and most of my knowledge of Islam came from within the family. Others have not been so lucky.

Osman was subjected to beatings at four separate madrassas in the East Midlands as a child. He says that for the nine years he spent going to after-school Koran classes, he was hit regularly, at least a couple of timesa week.

‘It destroyed my confidence,’ he says, ‘and the worst bit was never knowing when it was going to happen. I had a horrible teacher who would use his fists, a stick, a shoe, anything he could find. He’d just get angry and lash out.’

Osman’s young cousins go to the same madrassas he attended and told him the beatings were still continuing. This persuaded Osman to try to reveal the truth behind the private world of faith schools. Over a period of two years he bravely placed cameras in both schools and collected highly sensitive material for us. His experience of madrassas is not uncommon. But persuading people to go on camera about this has been difficult. One family who were willing to talk were too frightened to do so openly.


Salma’ and ‘Ayesha’ are a mother and daughter whose identities we are protecting. Ayesha is now sitting her A-levels but when she was seven she was beaten at her Koran classes. She says: ‘The teacher would sit there, tell me what to read, pronounce it to me – then if I said it wrong he would hit me on the hands with a ruler.’

Her younger brother, only five at the time, would be hit on his feet with a stick. They dreaded going to those classes but did not tell their mother. Salma eventually withdrew her children from attending madrassas for a completely different reason: she learned that they were being taught an intolerant version of Islam. ‘They were using terms like “Kaffir” just because somebody isn’t of the same religion,’ she says, ‘and I’m teaching my children to integrate and not be racist so I pulled my children out.’

Academic and theologian Dr Taj Hargey invited me to visit his part-time Islamic school in Oxford where children are taught in mixed-gender classes.

Here I witnessed a modern and refreshing method of teaching. Pupils were told to respect other faiths, ask questions about their religion and recite from the Koran in English as well as Arabic.

Dr Hargey told me he set up this school because of claims that Muslim parents had made to him about beatings in other madrassas. ‘It’s an outdated, archaic concept,’ he says, ‘and if we inflict this violence we will sow the seeds of violence in them.’


Punished: One of the madrassa students is grabbed by the wrist, pulled towards the teacher in charge of the class and struck on the back

Punished: One of the madrassa students is grabbed by the wrist, pulled towards the teacher in charge of the class and struck on the back



Sir Roger Singleton, former Government chief adviser on the safety of children, and Ann Cryer, former MP for Keighley, want the law to change to ban physical punishment in supplementary classes, as it does in full-time schools. ‘It just isn’t acceptable,’ says Cryer. ‘We wouldn’t allow this to happen to white kids going to Sunday schools.’

We approached the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham with the findings of our film. It claimed that the senior student who gave the speech about Hindus was later reported by other students, and has been expelled, and that no teachers were present ‘during the incident’.

The school said that a speaker who made comments about Jews was ‘visiting’ and his views did not represent school policy. It denied that its religious instruction was hardline or extremist and said it did not tolerate hatred towards any faith group.

In a statement, the school said: ‘Our ethos is for students to be full and active participants of British society.’ It also said that it would study our evidence and take ‘disciplinary measures’ if required.

Regarding the Keighley madrassa, we were told that the Jamia Mosque committee was firm in its resolve to take whatever action was necessary to protect children being taught at the mosque and that it would give its full co-operation to any enquiries resulting from our film.

If the law on physical punishment does change, that would be one way to protect the very young that attend these classes. But these part-time and full-time Muslim schools also need closer scrutiny – the regulatory system needs to be tightened up.

However, we have a Government that, on the one hand, gives grand speeches about tackling the causes of extremism, as David Cameron did last week, while, on the other, encouraging local communities to set up their own schools – including faith schools. It’s time to stop these mixed messages.

And Muslims can no longer sweep this under the carpet – they need to face up to what is happening behind closed doors. Many warn that if we don’t all tackle this toxic mix of hatred and violence head on, we will reap the whirlwind in years to come.
* Dispatches: Lessons In Hatred And Violence is on Channel 4 tomorrow at 8pm.



February 11, 2011


Print some of these out and ask your friends if they can Identify WHERE this is?

Then ask them what they think

~Islam Invades Jamaica Queens!~ Video and Pics! Part I

February 9, 2011
By admin

Passing through the Jamaica section of Queens the other day, I noticed an Islamic presence. So this afternoon, I decided to go back and further investigate the area. What you will see is a perfect example of how Islam slowly takes over a neighborhood within the law.

My first order of business was to stop at a Mosque that I noticed was built in the middle of a residential block.

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Islam invades Jamaica Queens I, posted with vodpod

After shooting the first video, I entered the Mosque and picked up whatever literature they had. At the entrance, off to the left of me, was a separate entry way for “sisters”, and on the right was a rack with literature. I took the printed materials and exited the Mosque.

After shooting the video, I went for a walk to Hillside Avenue to see what else Islam has changed in America.

Prior to taking the pictures of the Mannan supermarket, I strolled inside and quickly noticed that all three cashiers were wrapped in headscarves.

Upon exciting the store, I headed up Hillside Avenue. All of the following photos were taken within an approximately three block range.

Right next door:

Across the street:

Of course, no neighborhood is complete anymore without an Islamic food cart.

In addition to the Mosque in the middle of the residential block the most disappointing part of today was seeing that the local supermarket had changed to suit the tenets of Islam.

Once inside the store, I saw that a large section of the meat department has gone halal.

Signs from the deli counter:

Here was my perspective as I exited the store:

Now, please ask yourself, how many more such neighborhoods across America are becoming Islamicized?! I intend to criss-cross the country to expose the deadly creep of Islam in our midst.

Please help us continue to educate our populace about the dangers of the spread of Sharia! All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Part II tomorrow.


Egypt – Journalist “The US will be … an Islamic Republic” –VIDEO

February 7, 2011

They don’t try to hide this.

They are out in front saying this.   The only deception is from OUR own Journalists and MEDIA.

The dishonesty of our Journalist — TO INCLUDE FOX NEWS – is SEDITION and NOT NEWS

The Journalists here are being used as weapons.

Egyptian Journalist: “The U.S. Will be Transformed Into an Islamic Republic”~ Video

February 7, 2011

By admin

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Muslims After Invading France and the UK and th…, posted with vodpod

This video shows us another example of how Muslims are using our freedoms against us toslowly take over from within. If we continue to treat Islam as we do anything other religion, it is just a matter of time until we lose this war. The rules must change!

Hat tip to the Munz @Munz’s Place.


India – “Black” a movie to portray what Islam is doing to India’s smaller towns and the tears behind the veils of burqa’s imposed on women

January 1, 2011


India seems to be more free to talk about Shariah and how EVIL Islam and Islamists are.  The West has something to learn from this.  The truth in India will be it’s only salvation.  India doesn’t have the resources to fight Islam the way the west does.  The WEST, however, is transfixed with the lure of the JINN of the Muslims.  The Muslims are the people of Islam, but most care nothing for Mohammed.  Most only care to survive.  Some have been given no choice, but to live as Muslims, because it’s life or death, literally.

Islam is NO PEACE

Shariah is a LAW.

There can only be ONE LAW.

I applaud these Indian film makers for the bravery and courage to expose the truth.

The WEST has a LONG Journey before this is the case here.





Actress-Model Shatabdi debuts in BLACK (2011) – First of Seven Bengali Films Raises Questions About Womens Rights and Islam


By cinelover on 31 December 2010


Actress-Model Shatabdi

Actress-Model Shatabdi – Image © Vibgyor Films, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dec 31, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Popular Bangladeshi actress-model Shatabdi will debut in Bengali feature films with a lead role in the forthcoming film BLACK expected to release in Bangladesh and internationally in 2011.

BLACK is directed by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury (interview) who is well-known internationally as a Journalist, Columnist, Author and Peace Activist. As you know, Shoaib is the editor and publisher of Weekly Blitz and is recipient of multiple international honors including the PEN USA Freedom to Write Award 2005, AJC Moral Courage Award 2006, Key to the Englewood City, NJ, USA, 2007 and Monaco Media Award, 2007.

The Bengali film songs in BLACK are performed by some of the best artists of today – Runa Laila, Andrew Kishore, SI Tutul and Fakir Shahbuddin. The music director is the talented Ali Aftab Loni. SI Tutul has also composed a couple of songs for the film.

BLACK – a different kind of film with thought-provoking messages that raises questions and exposes contemporary issues facing Islam and Muslims across the world – will be initially made with dialog in Bangla, and subsequently dubbed in various languages and sub-titled for an international audience in  English, French, Hindi, Urdu etc. in an attempt to reach the entire Muslim world.

BLACK is centered around Shantigram – a remote village in Bangladesh. Thirty-five years ago, there was religious harmony in the area, where people from various religious beliefs were living in peace.

However, for past decades, Islamism and activities of Islamists became gradually prominent in the entire village. Clergies in the mosques and madrassas became increasingly influential in the locality, thus imposing Sharia law, which ultimately turned into a nightmare for the villagers.





Muslim men are encouraged by the clergies to have more than one wife, as Islam allows polygamy. Under such situation, wives of the Muslim men ultimately turn into mere slaves, thus taking part in domestic works as well as helping the husband in agro production. When a wife becomes physically ill, the husband shows unwillingness to send her to a nearby hospital for treatment, as the man considers hospitals evil, as male and female doctors work together there and women without a burqa.

Whipping and other forms of severe physical torture of men and women on various charges gradually become regular in the village. These are applied by local ‘Sharia Committee’ formed by clergies and Islamic fanatics.

In Bangladeshi rural areas, there are male and female Bauls. These are a group of mystic minstrels from Bengal. Bauls constitute both a syncretic religious sect and a musical tradition. Bauls are a very heterogeneous group with many different subsects, but their membership mainly consists of Vaishnava Hindus and Sufi Muslims. They can often be identified by their distinctive clothes and musical instruments. Bauls enjoyed a loving status for centuries, while they are known to be people promoting religious harmony and tolerance. But, with the rise of Islamist groups, Sharia appliers and Muslim fanatics, Bauls were declared infidels in the locality, thus pushing their lives into misery. Bauls, who live on entertaining people through Sufi songs thus receiving donations and charities, are denied any help by the local influential Muslim leaders and clergies. They are given an ultimatum either to become Muslim or to leave the area. This though generates anger and severe reaction in the minds of Bauls, they are unable to speak out fearing harsh actions by the Islamists and Mullahs.

In the meantime, several Islamist NGOs become extremely active in the village, while they mostly target Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and non-Muslim families and get them converted into Islam either by putting them into financial trap or by force. In the name of offering loans of financial help, young boys and girls in those non-Muslim families are regularly abducted for forceful conversion into Islam. Gradually the village sees a systematic elimination of religious minorities.

BLACK is a film that shows the current situation in rural Bangladesh [which actually is very similar to villages in other Muslim nations], where Sharia law is forcefully imposed on people while systematic elimination of religious minorities continues.

Hidden tears of Muslim women under the imposed Islamic veils are clearly shown in this film.

This film is against Sharia, Radical Islamism, religious intolerance, hate speech and repression of women under Sharia law. This film is aimed at creating massive awareness in the people in Muslim nations in standing against Islamism and Sharia, and voicing the need for reform in Islam, Koran and Islamic codes.

BLACK is the first film of the planned series of seven movies. Each of the movies is aimed at ultimately projecting problems inside Islam and Sharia law in a very bold manner.

The initial language of BLACK is Bangla, while it will be dubbed in various languages in future. There are around 300 million Bangla speaking people in Bangladesh and India only. Our initial target group are these 300 million people. Later, with dubbing in other languages as well as using sub-titles in English, French, Hindi, Urdu etc, we shall reach a few hundred millions people in the entire Muslim world.

The initial goal of the planned seven movies under this series, though is to create public awareness against Sharia law, Jihad, Burqa, Stoning, Beheading, Polygamy and Child Marriage, the movies’ ultimate goal is to encourage people to speak out against such social evils.

Vibgyor Films can be reached via e-mail at vibfil@gmail.com. Washington Bangla Radio encourages thoughtful dialog on issues raised by BLACK – please share your thoughts by leaving meaningful comments below.


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