California – Supreme courts irresponsible and dangerous prisoner release precedent

May 31, 2011

California Must Release 37,000 Inmates [FOX: 5-23-2011]

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The below desperate man succumbing to the fallacious arguments that were initially presented by the Communists in Russia and Nazi Germany.  The people were desperate and pushed in to agreeing with whoever came along that had a positive spin.  This man, I believe, is desperate and although well intentioned, doesn’t really understand that legalizing this is only going to put the next drug (“harsh drug”) in to the status the marijuana enjoys today.   The cartels across the border don’t care what they deal in.  They care only about the profit.  Heroine is just as easy and cocaine is ready many forms.  The reality is that the geographies that HAVE legalized it have an increase in crime due to, what amounts to, institutionalized advertising.  The reason that the the government may WANT to make it legal is not to “make money” through taxes, but to make money through promulgation and increase of head count in UN “social” programs.  You see.  The drug and crimes associated with distribution aren’t really milking enough from you the tax payer, so now they have to go another rout. Conversely, the drug dealers aren’t making enough “just” from drugs alone.  They are multi tasking.  People trafficing seems to be where it’s at, along side the drugs.  They go hand in hand.  It’s a 2 for 1 stop.  Get your drug and a girl all at the same place.  No need to go to a few different “distributors.”  It’s a special type of Wal Mart.

CA Releasing 40,000 Prisoners

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This a particularly pointed radio exerpt from Michael Savage on Marijuana:

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A caller to his show – an example of the brain damage associated with long term use.  To all those that say that POT isn’t dangerous, please, listen to this person that called in to the show.  I have talked to people that sound similar with moderate and even “light” usage.  To say that it’s harmless is an illusion.  Those who say that it is, please, try and understand where the core of the assertion is.  If it’s simply that it’s too hard to control, then look at HOW it’s been attempted.

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The drug dealers are crippling those who are their patronage.  Yet, the victims of this brain damage are so addicted that they protect their perpetrators.

Here is another – absolutely true.  But let the “government official” pot heads tell you that the only way is to legalize it.  Why not just give up our sovereignty as a nation, because it’s too hard to keep it.  Think about it.  Isn’t it just because the fed has been  inept at the punishments and deterrents?

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The real reason why LAW enforcement isn’t working on drugs, is because there is no real “punishment.”  It’s more lucrative to continue the idea that the drug trade can’t be fixed, then to create a penal code with punishments and deterrents that MAKE SENSE.    Instead, the politician give politically correct lip service and g-d forbid you stand up and call them liars and inept.


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California ‘High Risk’ Prisoners Wrongly Released Due to Computer Errors

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Published May 26, 2011

SACRAMENTO –  Computer errors resulted in some 450 inmates with “a high risk for violence” being wrongly released from California prisons, the Los Angeles Times reported in its Thursday edition.

On top of the 450, more than 1,000 prisoners, deemed to be at high risk of committing drug and property crimes, were also released into the community.

All the offenders were placed on “non-revocable parole” — a program that does not require them to report to parole officers. The program, which started in January 2010, was intended for inmates considered to be at low risk of reoffending.

Reviewing 200 case files of the 10,134 former inmates on non-revocable parole last July, investigators uncovered that 31 were not eligible for the program, while nine of the 31 were deemed likely to commit a violent crime.

It was estimated, using a 15 percent error rate found in the sample, that more than 450 violent prisoners were let go in the program’s first seven months.

However, the findings were disputed by prison officials who said that some of the computer glitches had since been corrected, making the margin of error eight percent, according to a report by the inspector general.

None of the wrongly-released offenders have since been placed on supervised parole or returned to jail, inspector general spokeswoman Renee Hansen said.

Authorities declined to name the concerned prisoners and would not say what crimes they had committed.

On Monday, a divided Supreme Court ordered California to reduce prison overcrowding, a decision that could force the release of tens of thousands of inmates.

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Islam is irreconcilable to the WEST – ‘National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable,… We can do without Christianity.” said Martin Bormann.

October 21, 2010

The Inevitability of Struggle:

By GARY DEMAR | Published: OCTOBER 21, 2010

Adolf Hitler’s agenda-establishing Magnum Opus is Mien Kampf. In English, it translates into “My Struggle.” Hitler fashioned his struggle into a maniacal worldview built on destruction of all opposing ideologies and the implementation of his own millennial aspirations, the perpetuation of a thousand-year reich, based on the Nazi mythology of blood and soil. The transformation of society would come by way of force to eliminate all competing worldviews. “Hitler was obsessed with an eternal struggle between two hostile forces, the ‘Aryan’ and the ‘Jew’, the stakes of which were the survival of mankind and the planet.”[1] The struggle goes much deeper.

Nazism has been described as a “political religion” that demands “of its adherents total submission of their consciences and surrender of their souls. . . . It was unconditional in its claims, inspired fanaticism and practiced extreme intolerance of those who thought otherwise. A ‘Church-state’ had emerged, with cults, dogmas and rites, whose beliefs consisted of a form of millenarianism. . . .”[2] According to the late William L. Shirer, under the leadership of Alfred Rosenberg, Martin Bormann, and Heinrich Himmler, “who were backed by Hitler, the Nazi regime intended eventually to destroy Christianity in Germany . . . and substitute the old paganism of the early tribal Germanic gods and the new paganism of the Nazi extremists.”[3] Bormann, “one of the men closest to Hitler, said publicly in 1941, ‘National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable.’”[4] For Bormann, the Nazi worldview was the final truth. “For this reason,” Bormann wrote, “we can do without Christianity.”

<This statement is familiar to today.  Insert Islam instead of National Socialism and the familiarity becomes a very scary and euphoric moment.  Scary, because of the EVIL we are looking at and Euphoric in that it is now easily understood.  Yet, this will not be enough.  Remember that during the holocaust, most Jews knew what was happening to them when they were being hauled off, but by then, it was too late.  By then, all was lost and only the very determined and brave or young enough survived. The goal and the focus must be UNDERSTOOD to survive.  Understand that G-d wants you to be ALIVE and create life.  Chaim-החיים>

The Christian Churches build upon the ignorance of men and strive to keep large portions of the people in ignorance because only in this way can the Christian Churches maintain their power. On the other hand, National Socialism [Nazism] is based on scientific foundations. Christianity’s immutable principles, which were laid down almost two thousand years ago, have increasingly stiffened into life-alien dogmas. National Socialism [Nazism], however, if it wants to fulfill its task further, must always guide itself according to the newest data of scientific searches.[5]

<When one buys a house, one signs a contract.  One’s contract is a mortgage.  This contract is a binding agreement to the ownership of that dwelling.  What if, that contract changed every year or so based on the new data that the mortgage company acquired and then made the appropriate changes to benefit them?  Man has not CHANGED so much that the RULES of LIFE are so different.  G-d doesn’t change the contract, and MAN CAN NOT.  The illusion of control is quickly erased when events occur that control is not possible.  To be in total control is an illusion.  To have freewill is to have control, yet the laws of consequences remain.  The laws of the physical are governed by nature.  The laws of LIFE (living life as human beings together) is the laws that G-d provides >

William Shirer would later write: “We know now what Hitler envisioned for the German Christians: the utter suppression of their religion.”[6] With Christianity out of the way, all was possible.

The Struggle Revisited

Islam has followed a similar pattern. Everything non-Muslim must either embrace all things Muslim or be destroyed. The history of Islam is the history of perpetual warfare and bloodshed in the name of an uncompromising ideology, an ideology that is religious. Islam is known by the practice of jihad. While modern-day Muslims, especially those in the Christian West, want to put a kind face on jihad by defining it as a “spiritual struggle against sin,” in reality, jihad is best understood as a militaristic struggle against infidelity. The kinder, gentler definition of jihadprevails in mainline historical sources seeking not to offend. One of the best examples of this is Karen Armstrong’s “The True, Peaceful Face of Islam.”[7] Jacques Ellul, writing in the Foreword to The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam, does a masterful job in unraveling the many definitions and interpretations of jihad:

At times, the main emphasis is placed on the spiritual nature of this “struggle.” Indeed, it would merely indicate a “figure of speech” to illustrate the struggle that the believer has to wage against his own evil inclinations and his tendency to disbelief, and so on. Each man is engaged in a struggle within himself (which we Christians know well and thus find ourselves again on common ground!); and I am well aware that this interpretation was in fact maintained in some Islamic schools of thought. But, even if this interpretation is correct, it in no way covers the whole scope of jihad. At other times, one prefers to veil the facts and put them in parentheses. In a major encyclopedia, one reads phrases such as: “Islam expanded in the eighth and ninth centuries. . .”; “This or that country passed into Muslim hands. . . .” But care is taken not to say how Islam expanded, how countries “passed into [Muslim] hands”. . . . Indeed, it would seem as if events happened by themselves, through a miraculous or amicable operation . . . Regarding this expansion, little is said about jihad. And yet it all happened through war! . . . [J]ihad is not a “spiritual war” but a real military war of conquest.[8]

Talk about jihad is minimalized similar to the way the transmigration of souls is obscured for eastern religious enthusiasts in the West. Few Americans would adopt a religion that taught that they might come back as a lowly cow. The emphasis is placed on reincarnation where one might have been a prince or princess in a past life and might move up the cosmic totem to a movie star ala Shirely MacLaine.[9]

The majority of people born into the Islamic faith have never read the Koran and know little of its violent origin and precepts. They are taught the practical side of Islam. A Muslim believes that Islam is the only true religion, therefore all of life must conform to its precepts. While there’s a great deal of talk about an Islamic paradise, for the most part, Islam is a this-world religion. It is this aspect of Islam that appeals to so many people who have become disenchanted with an abstracted and non-practical Christianity:

[Islam] is considered a this-worldly religion in contrast to Christianity, which is perceived as abstract in the extreme. Muhammad left his followers a political, social, moral, and economic, and economic program founded on religious precepts. Jesus, however, is said to have advocated no such program; it is claimed that the New Testament is so preoccupied with his imminent return that it is impractical for modern life.[10]

The Black Book of Communism

Of course, every worldview is just as unrelenting, comprehensive, and religious as Islam even though a personal, transcendent god is not at its center. Communism viewed the state in religious terms—God walking on earth—and had no problem eliminating tens of millions of non-compliant citizens to advance its worldview in the name of its god.

A large percentage of the generation that knew Joseph Stalin died as a result of his directives. These were purely political killings, “exterminations,” “liquidations” of “the enemy class” and “undesirable elements.” How many were involved? Solzhenitsyn’s estimates reach as high as sixty million. Robert Conquest, author of The Great Terror, fixed the number at well into the millions. It is doubtful if we well ever know the true total—God alone knows.[11]

In The Black Book of Communism, the total number killed by Communist regimes around the world approaches 100 million.[12] Former Communists have described Communism as “the god that failed.”[13] Even though millions were offered on the altar of atheism, Communism still had its apologists.[14]

The Struggle Continues

Libertines make the individual their god. Abortion, in the name of “personal freedom” and “individual choice,” is its promethean statement of personal sovereignty and god-like decision making. The majority of homosexual journalists abhor ideological competition. In a panel featuring top news executives in 2000, Michael Bradbury, managing editor of the Seattle Gay News, asks, “We have a tendency to always seek an opposing point of view for gay and lesbian civil rights issues. . . . how does the mainstream press justify that?” Moderator and CBS correspondent Jeffrey Kofman added: “The argument [is]: Why do we constantly see in coverage of gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues the homophobes and the fag-haters quoted in stories when, of course, we don’t do that with Jews, blacks, et cetera?” These “journalists” want an ideological jihad on contrary opinion concerning their “sacred” lifestyle choice. Anyone one who disagrees will be shouted down, forced out of long-held journalistic and educational positions, or run out of town.[15] Many college campuses are filled with professors and procedures that denounce contrary opinions as an affront to all that’s liberally holy.

The True Struggle

One can even say that Christianity operates within the context of an “eternal struggle.” But while Christianity advances its worldview through internal change, by a real and discernable transformation of the heart, all competing worldviews must use external force. When critics of religion in general, unless it’s of a purely personal variety, point out that Islam and Christianity share similar goals, they fail to recognize that all worldviews are involved in an “eternal struggle” with competing worldviews. How should Christianity and Islam be distinguished? Jesus denounced the advancement of His kingdom through force. While He could have called on His servants to fight that He might not be delivered into the hands of a bloodthirsty mob (John 18:36), He refused. He rebuked Peter for using his sword (John 18:10–11). Paul tells us that we do not war against flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12). We do go to war, however. “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses” (2 Cor. 10:3–4).


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OHIO – GOP and Tea Party favorite is a NAZI

October 9, 2010

This is why you should not trust any endorsements from anywhere.  Do your RESEARCH as best you can.

This guy likes the “HISTORY” of the NAZI’s!  And we are supposed to buy the fact that it’s of HISTORICAL value?  This is WRONG!  This guy is a NAZI.  Just like the men who like to dress up in women’s clothing.  They LIKE to pretend to be women.  This guy admires the Nazi’s.  He’s obviously enamored.  He’s a NAZI.  Anyone will tell you that the greatest form of flattery is imitation.  Sorry.  I don’t buy it.

The Tea Party endorsed Perry down here in TX.  They have since also endorsed Glass and Medina.  They got it wrong on this guy.  IOTT’s endorsement is probably among some of the tea parties.  I can’t imagine that it would be among ALL of them.  If it is, then the Tea Party in OHIO is just a mouth piece for the GOP.  The GOP is the SAME as the Democrats.  They are all big GOVERNMENT.  People who have made their careers in and for government don’t want to eliminate their jobs.  They want to KEEP their jobs and keep them for a long long time.  They even want to create more of them.

Judge the candidate you vote for based on their HISTORY and not their talk

Why is This GOP House Candidate Dressed as a Nazi?

OCT 8 2010, 10:00 PM ET 535

An election year already notable for its menagerie of extreme and unusual candidates can add another one: Rich Iott, the Republican nominee for Congress from Ohio’s 9th District, and a Tea Party favorite, who for years donned a German Waffen SS uniform and participated in Nazi re-enactments.


Rich Iott, second from right, in a Nazi SS Waffen uniform.

Iott, whose district lies in Northwest Ohio, was involved with a group that calls itself Wiking, whose members are devoted to re-enacting the exploits of an actual Nazi division, the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, which fought mainly on the Eastern Front during World War II. Iott’s participation in the Wiking group is not mentioned on his campaign’s website, and his name and photographs were removed from the Wiking website.

When contacted by The Atlantic, Iott confirmed his involvement with the group over a number of years, but said his interest in Nazi Germany was historical and he does not subscribe to the tenets of Nazism. “No, absolutely not,” he said. “In fact, there’s a disclaimer on the [Wiking] website. And you’ll find that on almost any reenactment website. It’s purely historical interest in World War II.”


Rich Iott and his wife, as shown on his campaign website.

Iott, a member of the Ohio Military Reserve, added, “I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that here was a relatively small country that from a strictly military point of view accomplished incredible things. I mean, they took over most of Europe and Russia, and it really took the combined effort of the free world to defeat them. From a purely historical military point of view, that’s incredible.”

Iott says the group chose the Wiking division in part because it fought on the Eastern Front, mainly against the Russian Army, and not U.S. or British soldiers. The group’s website includes a lengthy history of the Wiking unit, a recruitment video, and footage of goose-stepping German soldiers marching in the Warsaw victory parade after Poland fell in 1939. The website makes scant mention of the atrocities committed by the Waffen SS, and includes only a glancing reference to the “twisted” nature of Nazism. Instead, it emphasizes how the Wiking unit fought Bolshevist Communism:

Nazi Germany had no problem in recruiting the multitudes of volunteers willing to lay down their lives to ensure a “New and Free Europe”, free of the threat of Communism. National Socialism was seen by many in Holland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and other eastern European and Balkan countries as the protector of personal freedom and their very way of life, despite the true underlying totalitarian (and quite twisted, in most cases) nature of the movement. Regardless, thousands upon thousands of valiant men died defending their respective countries in the name of a better tomorrow. We salute these idealists; no matter how unsavory the Nazi government was, the front-line soldiers of the Waffen-SS (in particular the foreign volunteers) gave their lives for their loved ones and a basic desire to be free.

Historians of Nazi Germany vehemently dispute this characterization. “These guys don’t know their history,” said Charles W. Sydnor, Jr., a retired history professor and author of “Soldiers of Destruction: The SS Death’s Head Division, 1933-45,” which chronicles an SS division. “They have a sanitized, romanticized view of what occurred.” Sydnor added that re-enactments like the Wiking group’s are illegal in Germany and Austria. “If you were to put on an SS uniform in Germany today, you’d be arrested.”

Christopher Browning, a professor of history at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, said, “It is so unhistorical and so apologetic that you don’t know to what degree they’ve simply caught up innocent war memorabilia enthusiasts who love putting on uniforms.”

Iott says he does not recall exactly when he joined the Wiking group (his name appears on a unit roster as far back as 2003), but did so with his son “as a father-son bonding thing.” He says his name and pictures were removed from the Wiking website not out of concern that they would harm his political career, but because he quit the group three years ago, after his son lost interest.

Iott participated in the group under his own name, and also under the alias “Reinhard Pferdmann,” which has also been removed, and which Iott described as being his German alter ego. “Part of the reenactor’s [experience],” Iott said, “is the living-history part, of really trying to get into the persona of the time period. In many, not just in our unit, but in many units what individuals do is create this person largely based on a Germanized version of their name, and a history kind of based around your own real experiences. ‘Reinhard’ of course is ‘Richard’ in German. And ‘Pferdmann,’ ‘pferd’ is a horse. So it’s literally ‘horse man.'”

Asked whether his participation in a Nazi re-enactor’s group might not upset voters, particularly Jewish voters, Iott said he hoped it would not: “They have to take it in context. There’s reenactors out there who do everything. You couldn’t do Civil War re-enacting if somebody didn’t play the role of the Confederates. [This] is something that’s definitely way in the past. … [I hope voters] take it in context and see it for what it is, an interest in World War II history. And that’s strictly all.”


Iott at Nazi re-enactment.

Rabbi Moshe Saks, of the Congregation B’nai Israel in Sylvania, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo that sits in the 9th district, disagreed. “Any kind of reenactment or glorification of Nazi Germany, to us, would be something unacceptable and certainly in poor taste, if not offensive,” he said. “I think the reaction here will be very negative. And not just among the Jewish community, but the broader community.”

In a follow-up email today, Iott seemed at pains to address concerns that his conduct may have alienated veterans groups but made no specific mention of possible offense to Jews or human rights groups: “Never, in any of my reenacting of military history, have I meant any disrespect to anyone who served in our military or anyone who has been affected by the tragedy of war. In fact, I have immense respect for veterans who served our country valiantly, and my respect of the military and our veterans is one of the reasons I have actively studied military history throughout my life.” He added that he has participated in re-enactments as a Civil War Union infantryman, a World War I dough boy and World War II American infantryman and paratrooper.

The actual Wiking unit has a history as grisly as that of other Nazi divisions. In her book “The Death Marches of Hungarian Jews Through Austria in the Spring of 1945,” Eleonore Lappin, the noted Austrian historian, writes that soldiers from the Wiking division were involved in the killing of Hungarian Jews in March and April 1945, before surrendering to American forces in Austria.

“What you often hear is that the [Wiking] division was never formally accused of anything, but that’s kind of a dodge,” says Prof. Rob Citino, of the Military History Center at the University of North Texas, who examined the Wiking website. “The entire German war effort in the East was a racial crusade to rid the world of ‘subhumans,’ Slavs were going to be enslaved in numbers of tens of millions. And of course the multimillion Jewish population of Eastern Europe was going to be exterminated altogether. That’s what all these folks were doing in the East. It sends a shiver up my spine to think that people want to dress up and play SS on the weekend.”

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