Silence – Raw Video: Taps Close Out 9/11 Remembrance

September 11, 2010

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HW Celebrates 9/11 (video), posted with vodpod

DC – Lincoln Memorial rally – Dr. Martin Luther King’s Niece tell the Conservatives that her uncle’s message was in line with the Tea Party’s

August 29, 2010

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Dr. Alveda King – Restoring Honor Rally Video, posted with vodpod

She restores REAL HONOR to her uncle.  She is that true voice for MLK.

Those who said that they speak for him like Sharpton and Jackson, have hijacked his image and his message.  They defame his legacy.  She is a jewel that will shine bright for him.  His legacy, through her eyes, will be known and those that have stolen that message will be brought out to the front and shown for the thieves of history that they are.

Memorial Day – LET FREEDOM RING!

May 31, 2010

What is the sound of Freedom?

What does freedom look like?

The second amendment is the only thing that stands between you and freedom.

When your neighbors and you hold your government accountable to “WE THE PEOPLE”

The sounds of freedom are not the sounds of countries fighting countries, but of the people within the countries HOLDING THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS UP TO THEIR PROMISES OF PROTECTION FROM ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

I don’t think that the dead would necessarily want us to remember THEM AND PAY HOMAGE to them.  THE DEAD DIED for the LIVING.  The people who died, died for the WAY OF LIFE.

We should remember them everyday.  Pay homage by guarding your freedoms with you life.  Celebrate the LIFE that they have given for the LIFE that you LEAD.

Memorial Day is a remembrance of the fallen. - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

The fallen would rather that you CONTINUE TO FIGHT!

Fight! Fight! Flight!

The sounds of fighting are created by:




Lastly, a deterrent:



Freedom is a personal responsibility that some have CHOSEN to risk everything for.

Whats YOUR Choice?

Because sooner or later you or YOURS will CHOOSE!


There are many ways to fight but there is only one type of surrender

THANK YOU – To all who CHOSE TO FIGHT!  Thanks to the angels who paid the ultimate price of that CHOICE!





Obama attends a Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan (Jew Hater), barbecue instead of attending DC memorial day services. Surprise! They are next door NEIGHBORS!!!

May 30, 2010
He’s doing this as a STATEMENT. He’s making a statement to the ME. He is saying that the MILITARY of the PAST is not what he is commanding. The ideologies of the WWII generation are not HIS. This is a clear position. He is using the military for a NEW ideology. The statement is to the Middle East that America is not the SAME.  The people are soft and ready for the next step in process.

This president has more ties to ISLAM than he ever had to any other religion.

The political forces of ISLAM are well inside the political structure as is evidenced by this series of events.

Chicago Sun-Times
CHICAGO–An interesting “stand-off” of sorts developed outside a barbecue President Obama was attending at a friend’s house Saturday night between followers of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on one side and members of the press and the U.S. Secret Service guarding the president on the other.

Instead of being here for memorial day:

Our president is meeting with

Obama’s house is in walking distance of Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan house.  And there’s NO relationship there?

Nesbitt and Obama on the beach

from Atlas – “The official line is that it was the home of Marty Nesbitt (treasurer of OFA — Organizing for America), but the house is “is tax exempt for being a religious institution.”The press pool van was parked nearby. UPDATE: It appears to have been Nesbitt’s home.”

Reporters with Obama surrounded by Nation of Islam security agents:

Dispatches from the small group of reporters that always travel with the president – referred to as “pool reports” – are usually pretty mundane affairs: Air Force One landed at such and such a time, POTUS (president of the United States) motorcaded to such and such spot, POTUS did this, POTUS did that.

But Saturday evening in Chicago, as the pool of roughly seven or eight reporters waited for President Obama while he and his family attended a backyard barbecue at a friend’s house, they were surrounded by nearly two-dozen members of the Nation of Islam’s security services.

Here’s how it went down, based on pool reports from the New York Times’ Jackie Calmes. Pool reports are sent out to the entire White House press corps, as well as other reporters who ask to receive them.

At 4:10 p.m., the reporters in the pool were positioned at the corner of Greenwood Avenue and East 50th Street and watched as the president, first lady Michelle Obama, their daughters Malia and Sasha, and the first lady’s mother and brother and his wife walked up the street to the home of Marty Nesbitt.

The pool was then moved, in vans as part of a motorcade, to Woodlawn and 49th, where they waited for several hours. It turns out, they were right in front of the home of Louis Farrakhan, the current leader of the Nation of Islam.

As the handful of reporters stood on the sidewalk outside the vans passing time, a man came out of Farrakhan’s mansion and asked them to keep their feet off the grass, though as Calmes’ report notes, the only grass their feet had touched was city curbside property.

The man went back inside the mansion’s black iron fence and paced back and forth while talking on a cell phone. He then picked up a two-way radio. Calmes noted that he could be heard uttering the words “CIA.”

The man, never identified in the pool report, then came back to the reporters in the pool and talked to the Secret Service agent with them. The agent could be heard asking the man, “How is this a security breach?”

Calmes wrote: “The man said something else and at that point the agent stuck out his hand to shake hands and introduced himself as a Secret Service agent. He added, ‘Sir, I can assure you that we will do nothing to interfere with whatever is going on in there.’”

By 8 p.m., the man had been joined by three others, one of whom began “staring daggers” at Calmes and her fellow reporters.

Calmes asked the man twice if they were standing next to Farrakhan’s house, prompting the man to say, “I don’t have no comment.”

By 8:45 p.m., about a dozen men had arrived, and Calmes referred to them as Fruit of Islam members, which is the NOI’s paramilitary wing. Two walked by the reporters chanting, “Islam.” Several of the men photographed the reporters, the government van carrying them and its license plates.

“As each casually dressed man arrives, he exchanges elaborate handshake/hug/double air-kisses with others,” Calmes wrote. “One came and stood close to a couple poolers and OUR agent. He asked if he could help. No answer. He asked again. The man said no. The agent said, ‘Secret Service — Please move away from this group of people.’”

As it was growing dark, the Secret Service agent asked the reporters to move into their van.

By 9:20 p.m., there were 22 men surrounding or nearby the reporters in the van. But three other Secret Service agents showed up. One talked to one of the NOI members, and then the three agents left.

At 10:15 p.m., the standoff ended with the help of a local clergyman.

Calmes wrote: “Your pooler got a call at about 10:15 local time from a pool report reader who identified himself as the Rev. Gary Hunter, a Baptist minister in Motown … He said he had called Minister Farrakhan and his son and asked them to have the Fruit stand down.”

“’I told him you were good people,’ Rev. Hunter said. ‘He said he didn’t know you all were just waiting for the president.’”

At 10:33 p.m., the van rejoined the motorcade for the short drive back to the Obama’s home.

Read more:

Holocaust memorial comes and goes with nothing more than a UN ceremony

January 28, 2010

The communists in the US and the UK want to conveniently forget what happened.  That’s because if you don’t mention it, then sooner or later no one will remember it. 

How many of your children were taught about the holocaust?  Did you ask yourself why they may never have heard of it?  The liberal talk about education.  The only education they want to teach is that which is in their own agenda.

Ask if anyone knows about the holocaust that is younger than 12.  I bet they only know that it was about the jews and maybe they don’t even know that much.  The communists and socialists in the education system are purposely excluding this history.  This is not a omission by accident.  Ask Einstein about accidents.  He was a Jew. 

There is censorship in the media with this regard as well.  The abuses that went on are going on now.  They would rather that you do not see the similarities. 

Here is a link to a tribute from Glenn Beck.  It’s a start.

In Music and in Words: The Legacy of Holocaust Survivors

With the help of stirring music from a German-Israeli chorus and solemn speeches, the United Nations tonight paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and spotlighted the legacy of the survivors of the Nazi death camps in World War II.

Hundreds of people attended a memorial ceremony and concert at the General Assembly Hall at UN Headquarters in New York, held as part of a series of worldwide events marking the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.

The Nürnberg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Bayreuth Zamir Choir and the Jerusalem Oratorio Chamber Choir, under the baton of Maestro Isaak Tavior, performed a range of works, including pieces by Beethoven and Brahms.

Nechama Tec, a Holocaust survivor and Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of Connecticut in the United States, and Andrzej Mirga, Senior Adviser on Roma and Sinti Issues for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR), also gave speeches reflecting this year’s theme for the Day – “The Legacy of Survival.”

Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information Kiyo Akasaka told the ceremony that it was vital that the world never forgets the stories of the men, women and children who endured the Holocaust.

“We have much to learn from their experiences and the painful and inspiring legacy they leave to future generations,” he said. “And as the number of survivors become smaller and smaller, their testimony becomes more and more precious.

“It is crucial to share their legacy, to ensure that people everywhere understand the universal lessons of the Holocaust, and to instil respect for diversity and human rights in generations to come.”

Estimates vary but about 6 million Jews are thought to have been killed in the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis, as well as countless numbers of Roma, Slavs, homosexuals, disabled people, Jehovah’s witnesses, Communists and political dissidents.

The UN has observed 27 January as the Day for remembering the victims since the General Assembly made the designation in 2005. Today marks the 65th anniversary to the day of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest and most notorious of all of the camps.

Tonight’s ceremony was attended by Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro and by Byrganym Aitimova, the Vice-President of the General Assembly, as well as by dignitaries from many countries.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, en route to London for an international conference on Afghanistan, recorded a video message for the ceremony in which he spoke as well of the legacy of the survivors.

“All of them carry a crucial message for all of us,” he said. “A message about the triumph of the human spirit. A living testament that tyranny, though it may rise, will surely not prevail.”

Earlier today, the UN’s Chef de Cabinet, Vijay Nambiar, participated in an event at the Italian Consulate in New York in which the names of about 8,000 Italian Jews deported during World War II were read out.

Mr. Nambiar was joined by representatives of Italy, Israel and Germany at the event, which was co-organized by the consulate, the Centro Primo Levi, a number of Italian-American authorities and New York City authorities.

Holocaust remembrance events are also being held this week by the UN at its offices in Geneva and Vienna and across its global network of information centres, including in Bucharest and Bogotá. For the first time, observances were held in Myanmar and Namibia.

Source: United Nations

A few images that the ME wants to say NEVER HAPPENED.

Holocaust corpses

how many jews were killed in the holocaust



But wait that’s not all!

This is not the only memorial that has been contorted



Also, if you go to the parks website and contact us.  Then send an email.  You can send an email in opposition as well

Here is one of the new construction drawings:

Instead of facing a titch north of Mecca, the giant crescent now faces a titch south of Mecca (2.7° south ± 0.1°).


When architect Paul Murdoch’s winning Crescent of Embrace design was announced in September 2005, it appeared to show a bare naked Islamic crescent and star-flag planted atop the crash site:

Burned by the resulting firestorm of protest, the Park Service to agreed to get rid of the Islamic symbol shapes, but they never did. They added an extra arc of trees, and they call it a broken circle now, but the unbroken part of the circle, what symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11, is still a giant Islamic shaped crescent.


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