Breaking – Ship on fire – near Georgia

September 8, 2019

Why are all these boats catching fire and sinking? Couldn’t be to cover up some drug running.

Massive cargo ship capsizes and catches fire near Georgia, Coast Guard search for crew

Four crew members of the Golden Ray, on its side in St. Simon Sound off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia, were still unaccounted for.
By Kalhan Rosenblatt

The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for four missing crew members of a cargo ship that capsized and caught fire early Sunday morning near Brunswick, Georgia.

Image: A cargo ship overturned near Brunswick, Ga., on Sept. 8, 2019.
A cargo ship overturned near Brunswick, Ga., on Sept. 8, 2019.U.S. Coast Guard

At approximately 2 a.m. ET, Coast Guard Sector Charleston was alerted that motor vessel Golden Ray had capsized in St. Simons Sound, a bay in Brunswick, according to a press release from the Coast Guard.

Multiple Coast Guard resources were deployed to the scene, and 20 people were safely removed, the press release stated. Four remained missing as of 11 a.m. ET.



Evacuations of the Golden Ray’s crew continue. All vessel traffic in the Port of Brunswick is currently suspended unless approved by the @USCG Captain of the Port.

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The ship, which the Coast Guard described as “on fire” and could be seen in photos generating smoke, has a crew of 24 people — 23 crew members and one pilot. The Golden Ray is 656-feet-long and 106-feet-wide.

During a press conference Sunday afternoon, officials said rescue efforts underway, but it was determined going inside the ship to rescue the remaining four people was too risky. Authorities said they would resume their attempts to enter the ship and search for the four missing people once the vessel was stabilized.

Several local agencies were assisting the Coast Guard in its search for the missing crew members, including the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Moran Towing, SeaTow, Brunswick Bar Pilots Association, and the Glynn County Fire Department.


“We greatly appreciate the immediate response of the US Coast Guard, who are leading the search and rescue,” Griffith V. Lynch, executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority, said.

The ship had just departed Colonels Island Terminal when it capsized.

Image: A cargo ship overturned near Brunswick, Ga., on Sept. 8, 2019.
A cargo ship overturned near Brunswick, Ga., on Sept. 8, 2019.WTLV


Globalists want the UN to take control over borders – meaning NO Borders, NO countries at ALL- sound familiar?

June 27, 2019

Communists DO NOT believe in borders.  This is a COMMUNIST movement and if successful the Georgia Guidestones will be PROPHECY into evil


Rogers Reveals Democrat Plot To Turn Border Processing Centers Over To The UN



Republican congressman Mike Rogers revealed the Democrat plan to hand the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing centers at the border over to the United Nations. Rogers pointed out a barely-noticed provision in a recent Democrat bill that makes it abundantly clear how the Democrats plan to globalize our country once and for all. (READ: NXIVM Sex Trafficking Conviction Tells Horrible Story of the Mexico To U.S. Slave Trade).

“Another provision they have in their bill offers a two-year pilot program to let the UN take over our CBP processing centers instead of us doing it,” Rep. Mike Rogers stated.


Republican congressman Mike Rogers revealed the Democrat plan to hand the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing centers at the border over to the United Nations. Rogers pointed out a barely-noticed provision in a recent Democrat bill that makes it abundantly clear how the Democrats plan to globalize our country once and for all. (READ: NXIVM Sex Trafficking Conviction Tells Horrible Story of the Mexico To U.S. Slave Trade).

“Another provision they have in their bill offers a two-year pilot program to let the UN take over our CBP processing centers instead of us doing it,” Rep. Mike Rogers stated.

Embedded video

The “Dirty” Truth ™@AKA_RealDirty

Mr. Rogers Republican leader says the Democrats is trying to turn over our CBP processing centers to the UN. Wake up America Democrats want to destroy our country!

Alabama stands up to the murder of preborn

May 15, 2019


Babies in UTERO are alive.  They are independent life.  Scientifically they are independent



Alabama votes to BAN nearly all abortions including in cases of rape and incest with doctors facing up to 99 years in jail for performing them

The US state’s governor will make the final call on bringing the law into force

ALABAMA lawmakers last night passed a near-total ban on abortions – including in cases of rape and incest – while threatening to jail doctors who carry them out for LIFE.

State governor Kay Ivey, a Republican, will make the final decision on whether to enact the controversial law after local senators voted in favour by 25 to six.

 Pro and anti-abortion campaigners gathered in Montgomery, Alabama, where local lawmakers voted on the historic bill that would ban nearly all abortions

Pro and anti-abortion campaigners gathered in Montgomery, Alabama, where local lawmakers voted on the historic bill that would ban nearly all abortions

If it’s signed off, the new law will make it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion at any stage of pregnancy – punishable by up to 99 years in jail.

The only exception would be when the woman’s health is at serious risk.

The historic legislation is designed to go against the US Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalised abortion nationally.

This means it will likely be challenged in the courts – but if backed by the current conservative-led US Supreme court, could see abortions banned across America.


Senators in the Republican-led chamber rejected an attempt to add an exception for rape and incest – even of underage children – at the vote in Montgomery, Alabama, on Tuesday.

Democratic Sen. Bobby Singleton said after the amendment was rejected: “You don’t care anything about babies having babies in this state, being raped and incest.

“You just aborted the state of Alabama with your rhetoric with this bill.”


The bill’s sponsor, Republican Terri Collins, said she expects Gov Ivey to sign the ban into law.

Ivey has not publicly commented on what she’ll do – but the large margin in favour of the bill means any veto she might bring in to block it could be easily overturned.

Republican Sen. Clyde Chambliss said in a statement after the bill’s passage: “Roe v. Wade has ended the lives of millions of children.

“While we cannot undo the damage that decades of legal precedence under Roe have caused, this bill has the opportunity to save the lives of millions of unborn children.”

Abortion opponents in several states are currently seeking to challenge access to the procedure.

Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio and Georgia have approved bans on abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected – which can occur in about the sixth week of pregnancy.

The Alabama bill goes further by seeking to outlaw abortion entirely.

 The US states which are now 'hostile' towards abortion rights according to researchers at the Guttmacher Institute

The US states which are now ‘hostile’ towards abortion rights according to researchers at the Guttmacher Institute

Unlike measures in other states, Alabama would punish only the abortion provider – not the woman receiving the abortion.

In a statement, Staci Fox of pro-choice group Planned Parenthood Southeast said: “Today is a dark day for women in Alabama and across this country.”

She added: “Alabama politicians will forever live in infamy for this vote and we will make sure that every woman knows who to hold accountable.”

Outside the Statehouse, about 50 people rallied and chanted: “Whose choice? Our choice.”

If the bill becomes law it would take effect in six months.

Critics have promised a swift lawsuit and the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama is drafting a legal complaint.

Democrat Bobby Singleton proposed an amendment yesterday that would have reinstated protections in cases of rape and incest.

He brought three rape victims into the chamber and pointed out that a doctor who performs an abortion could be jailed for longer than the rapist, reports Politico.

Singleton said: “Something is wrong with that.”

His amendment was defeated 21-11 with only four Republicans voting with the chamber’s seven Democrats.

 Pro-choice supporters gathered outside during the historic vote on Tuesday

Pro-choice supporters gathered outside during the historic vote on Tuesday
Alabama bill aims to criminalise all abortions – including in cases of rape and incest

ABRAMS will be subpoenaed for campaign / voter fraud

April 15, 2019


New Georgia ethics chief says he will subpoena Abrams campaign records


AJC Politics


The new director of the state ethics commission plans to subpoena bank records from the campaign of 2018 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams and groups that raised money to help her in last year’s nationally watched race.


Former Douglas County prosecutor David Emadi, who started his new job Monday, also said his office will soon decide whether to prosecute the campaigns of Atlanta mayoral candidates.

Emadi’s predecessor, Stefan Ritter, was accused of stalling investigations after the commission audited campaign reports from the organizations last year.

Ritter, who was also accused of watching porn at work, resigned earlier this year.

Abrams is expected to announce soon whether she will run for the U.S. Senate or president next year, or run for governor in 2022.


Lauren Groh-Wargo, Abrams’ former campaign manager, said, “The Abrams campaign worked diligently to ensure compliance throughout the election and, had we been notified of any irregularities, would have immediately taken action to rectify them.

“The new ethics chief — a Kemp donor and former Republican Party leader — is using his power to threaten and lob baseless partisan accusations at the former Abrams campaign when they should be focused on real problems like the unethical ties between the governor’s office and voting machine lobbyists instead.”

While not getting into specifics of the commission’s investigation, Emadi made general remarks about the cases after being introduced to reporters by ethics commission Chairman Jake Evans on Thursday.

“Those investigations are all moving forward,” Emadi said. “What I can say about the investigation into the Abrams campaign is, in the relatively near future, I expect we will be issuing subpoenas for bank and finance records of both Miss Abrams and various PACs and special-interest groups that were affiliated with her campaign.”

More than a dozen “independent groups,” mostly funded by out-of-state donors, were created in Georgia last year to help support Abrams’ effort. Emadi said he expects the documents the commission will review will be “voluminous,” likely meaning the investigation will take time.

He also said all the filings from the mayoral candidates “are under investigation.”

“In the relatively near future, I expect we will make the decision (whether) to go forward with prosecution on a case-by-case basis,” Emadi said.

The agency, formally known as the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, is charged with collecting campaign finance, vendor gift and lobbying expenditure reports; registering lobbyists; issuing advisory opinions; and dispensing penalties for violations.

Emadi was accused of partisanship in his plans to investigate Abrams and the mayoral candidates. The candidates he mentioned being under investigation are Democrats, and he is a former officer in the Douglas County Republican Party who once worked briefly for GOP House Speaker David Ralston. He also donated $600 last year to Republican Brian Kemp’s successful campaign for governor. Kemp narrowly beat Abrams in last year’s election.

The commission also audited the campaign filings of Republican gubernatorial candidates, but staffers say they found no violations. The commission is still investigating separate ethics complaints that partisans filed last year against the Kemp and Abrams campaigns.

Emadi vowed to prosecute wrongdoers, no matter the party affiliation, and he said he won’t even vote while serving in the job.

“I fundamentally believe that to be a neutral arbiter, to be an impartial umpire calling balls and strikes, you can’t affiliate with any of that,” Emadi said. “This is an inherently political position, but as a former prosecutor, I am comfortable and I have been comfortable making decisions that people may not like. I may not be everyone’s best friend, but I am OK with that.”

The investigations into the Abrams and mayoral campaigns came out of audits of contribution and expenditure reports candidates and political groups have to file when they raise and spend money on campaigns. The audits were part of an effort by Ritter to be more proactive in reviewing reports after years during which most complaints were filed following investigations by the media or opposing campaigns.

Top commission staffers filed complaints against Ritter in December, saying that potential violations that those audits found were sat on by the agency. Ritter denied wrongdoing when asked about the complaints filed against him.

The officials did not detail what the potential campaign finance violations were, and neither did Emadi.

However, in her complaint, one of the commission’s top deputies, Bethany Whetzel, said she and another staffer “met with Mr. Ritter and informed him that we had found evidence of several violations by the Abrams campaign.”

“Mr. Ritter was visibly disappointed with the violations uncovered related to the Abrams campaign and directed us not to proceed with any subpoenas until we could meet with the candidate to discuss her filings,” Whetzel said. “Mr. Ritter never met with the candidate.”

The Abrams campaign raised a record $27.6 million for her run for governor. Her fundraising prowess was particularly impressive considering tens of thousands of donations came from across the country, many in small amounts, such as $5 or $10.

“Independent groups,” which are not legally allowed to coordinate with candidates, spent millions more, with most of the money coming from out-of-state donors, such as San Francisco Democratic megadonor Susan Sandler, who put $5.6 million into an organization called Power PAC that supported the Abrams campaign.

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THE LATEST: New Georgia ethics chief says he will subpoena Abrams campaign records–regional-govt–politics/new-georgia-ethics-chief-says-will-subpoena-abrams-campaign-records/MNo5bjAdixTbI4Xmpr6wfI/

Georgia – Riots over section 8 housing APPLICATIONS

August 12, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Georgia city taking measures to avoid housing s…, posted with vodpod

Why are all these people BLACK?  I didn’t see any other race.  Were these people told to go there?  I don’t get it.  I’m sure that there are MANY other people that are hurting also.  Look at the video’s.  This is SCARY.  Is this a test of some sort?  And who’s conducting it?

Georgia city taking measures to avoid housing sign-up chaos:

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) — The small city of East Point, Georgia, took steps to prevent chaos from breaking out Thursday, a day after more than 30,000 people unexpectedly turned out to pick up public housing applications.

East Point, a suburb south of Atlanta, had expected only 10,000 people to show up Wednesday. But officials said crowd control became an issue after many families brought more than one member — children, other relatives and even dogs in some cases, according to Kimberly Lemish, executive director of the East Point Housing Authority.

Thursday, people returned the filled-out applications for housing assistance. And officials used a different procedure in the hope of keeping order. Housing authority officials and police were accepting forms as applicants drove by. Those not in cars could walk up to tables where officials accepted the forms.

A steady stream of cars and some foot traffic was evident, but not the craziness of Wednesday, when the applications were distributed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“As soon as the doors were opened panic ensued,” the East Point Fire Department said in a news release.

Maj. Donald Chase of the East Point Police Department said the event was organized with several distribution centers, but people Wednesday tried to circumvent the lines and come around the sides to gain access.

“As you can imagine, this large of a crowd did have some instances of ‘being out of control,'” East Point City Councilman Lance Rhodes said in an e-mail to residents. “However, the Police and Fire were in control. This is evidenced by the fact that no arrests were made.”

Lemish said that, with the cooperation of East Point and nearby police departments, the housing authority did everything it could. “It was a success,” she said. “We were able to do what we were set out to do. All of the people who wanted applications got them.”

However, officials said so many people picked up applications that it could be 10 years before all the applicants are helped. Meanwhile, their names will be on a waiting list.

“There’s no way to anticipate when we can assist families,” Lemish said. “When we have assistance available, we will select someone from the waiting list.”

As many as 62 people required medical attention Wednesday, including 20 who were hospitalized as a result of the crowds, the hot weather and the failure of some to take their usual medications, the fire department said.

More than 30 officers were deployed to the site to gain control of the surging crowds. People from all over the country were in the lines, hoping to get the applications.

And people had waited for hours, even days, in line for the applications. Candice Dixon — who has three children and is 37 weeks pregnant — said she had been in line since Monday.

“It was horrifying, just chaotic, to be someone who waited patiently in line, and then all those people coming; I was scared for my life,” she said. “I didn’t leave; I slept out there in a lawn chair with a pillow. Then I washed up at Kroger, and went back and camped out some more.”

Dixon said she has gotten a job and hopes the program will help her get a home she can afford.

Sherrod – Secretary Tom Vilsack offers a consolation job to Shirley Sherrod

July 22, 2010

I don’t blame her for turning it down.  It’s like a slap in the face.

This government fires a woman because they feel the heat coming from the Right.

They wanted to show that they don’t stand for racism from anywhere, so they jumped the gun.  It didn’t matter if it was right or wrong.

But it didn’t take more than a few days for them to come crawling up to the black lady who had been wronged.

The administration seems ever more incompetent and ridiculous.

A grown up toddler.

OR is there more that they are really after?

Is the administration confused in there own lies or do they have a more sinister plot brewing?

Brietbart posted the video NOT to show Ms. Sherrod in a bad light, but to show the NAACP in a bad light.  The focus was shifted away from his point.  The NAACP members were cheering when she was referring to her own racism toward a white farmer, yet she had not got to the point where she admits that that was wrong.  The point at which exclamations were made was BEFORE she revealed that it WAS wrong for her to do that.  The point was to show the NAACP as racist and not her.

Why was she talking about RACISM to begin with

Was she addressing people that she believed were potentially doing the same thing?

What was the reason FOR her telling that story?

There is more that needs to be looked at here.  And the WHITE HOUSE is in the middle.

Could this be the beginning of the case building for “HATE SPEECH” legislation?  Is that what this comes down to?  They are trying to create cases for passing the silencing of America’s First Amendment?  The Communist forces are hard at work, so could this be Ammo?  Is this going to be part of the propaganda machine?  Will this be another foot in the door for more policy and legislation coming from this unconstitutional government agenda?

Sherrod Says She’s Inclined to Turn Down Outreach Job at USDA:

Published July 22, 2010


Shown here are Shirley Sherrod, left, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. (AP Photos)

Shown here are Shirley Sherrod, left, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. (AP Photos)

Ousted Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod said Thursday that she’s inclined not to accept the job she was offered by Secretary Tom Vilsack after the administration scrambled to apologize for jumping to conclusions about comments she made in a video clip.

Sherrod, who spoke during several interviews Thursday morning, revealed that she was offered an outreach position that would deal with discrimination matters. But she said she’s not so keen on being the go-to person for those issues.

“I would not want to be that individual that the department and everyone is looking to to solve the issue of racism at USDA. It takes a lot more to get that job done,” she said. “I haven’t seen the offer. … Before I say no totally, I would like to look at that.”

Sherrod also said she’s not certain that President Obama “fully” supports her but would like the opportunity to teach him some life lessons, describing him as “not someone who has experienced some of the things I’ve experienced in life.”

The ex-official spoke following a whirlwind 48-hour period in which the Obama administration completely reversed its position toward Sherrod. The former Georgia director of rural development was compelled to resign Monday after a brief video surfaced showing her telling a story to an NAACP audience about how she once withheld support to a white farmer. Vilsack said he, not the White House, urged her to resign. The NAACP also initially condemned her.

What the clip did not show was the rest of the story, in which Sherrod said she eventually grew close to the white farmer and helped him and his wife save their farm. She explained that the story, set 24 years ago, was meant to show how she learned to look beyond the issue of race.

The NAACP later rescinded its earlier statement and on Wednesday both Vilsack and the White House apologized, calling the incident a “teachable moment.”

Sherrod said Thursday there’s no need for Obama to personally apologize to her, though she would like to speak with him.

But she criticized blogger Andrew Breitbart, who posted the video clip Monday. He argued that he posted the clip to show that racism exists at the NAACP, since members in the audience laughed as she told the story.

“He was willing to destroy me … in order to try to destroy the NAACP,” Sherrod said Thursday of Breitbart, saying she still hasn’t heard an apology from him.

<Sherrod has too much focus on herself here.  I think that he was not even attempting to focus on her at all.  She is just not seeing the forest for the trees.  One can’t really blame her.  She is the one who is in the center of her own pain right now.  Thats natural.  >

Obama said nothing publicly about the developments while administration officials tried to both show his concern and to distance him from the original ouster.

Sherrod said of Obama: “I’d like to help him see some of the things that he could do in the future.”

“I really regret what they did. But as I said before, he’s my president,” Sherrod said. “When you get it down to where the rubber meets the road, I think you need to understand a little more what life is like. I’d love to talk to him, though, or people in his administration … to help them understand.”

“I can’t say that the president is fully behind me. I would hope that he is,” she added. “I would love to talk to him.”

In offering a public apology Wednesday, Vilsack told reporters: “This is a good woman. She’s been through hell. … I could have done and should have done a better job.” He addressed the media after speaking to her by phone.

Sherrod accepted Vilsack’s apology.

Arizona’s affirmation of the Federal Law needed to occur due to the legislations enacted to disregard them. An El Paso (El Pasoan) Jaime O. Perez, a Republican candidate for County Judge is pushing for a similar bill in Texas.

April 29, 2010

Read the Preamble to the Constitution:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The legislators that allowed for the laws to be overlooked and disregarded have put this country in jeopardy.

Who gave the authority to these legislators to be able to negate the Constitution?

Arizona acted because the feds refused to

By the Daily News
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 11:06 AM CDT

Many people in this country are criticizing Arizona for passing a law that deals with illegal immigrants in that state, but perhaps those same people should redirect their anger at the federal government, which for years has turned a blind eye to the problem of illegal immigration.

On Friday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill to give police the authority to question whether an individual is in the United States legally and would make it a crime for people to be in the state unlawfully. She said she was forced to act because Washington has failed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico.

Brewer is dead on in this instance. The issue of border security hasn’t been adequately addressed by the federal government under the Obama or Bush administrations and quite frankly by previous administrations.

It is the duty of the federal government under the Constitution to provide for the common defense and clearly the federal government has ignored that mandate by not securing the border.

Of course, those arguing against the law, including Obama, who called it “misguided,” are calling for a court challenge to test the legality of the law. Attorney General Eric Holder said there is a possibility of a court challenge.

Opponents are calling it racial profiling and protesters have used refried beans to smear swastikas on the state Capitol and have demanded a boycott of the state.

These actions are misguided and attempt to shift the focus from the fact that those who slip into this country without permission are in violation of our laws.

Proponents of the bill say it is constitutional. Brewer has ordered state officials to develop a training course for officers to learn what constitutes reasonable suspicion that someone is in the U.S. illegally.

Arizona is home to an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants and is the nation’s busiest gateway for people slipping into the country. Over a million pounds of marijuana were intercepted on the border at Tucson just in the last year.

Impetus for the new law undoubtedly gained traction from the huge financial burden illegal immigrants put on schools, hospitals and welfare systems, a particularly heavy burden on border states such as California, Texas and Arizona.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-M.D., agrees that the federal government hasn’t secured the border with Mexico.

“I think they’re right,” Hoyer said. “The feds haven’t done their job.”

It is a very sad reality that administration after administration has chosen to ignore this epidemic on our southern border, but they cry foul when a state attempts to do a job that should have been done by them in the first place.

This new law will likely end up in the court system and time will tell about its legality, but Arizona does deserve credit for bringing the issue to the forefront.

Its action along with the efforts of the Minutemen militia several years ago spotlight our federal government’s failure to secure our border and protect our citizens.

TX Politician Proposing Immigration Law Similar to AZ:

Jaime O. Perez, Republican candidate for County Judge, is pushing for a similar bill in Texas.

EL PASO, TX – It’s controversial, but one high profile El Pasoan isn’t shy about showing his support for Arizona’s new immigration law. Jaime O. Perez, Republican candidate for County Judge, is pushing for a similar bill in Texas.

The Arizona law requires officers to ID anyone they think may be in the country illegally, in border areas that may mean hispanic-looking people. That’s why protestors hit the streets this weekend. Civil Rights groups say it will open the door for racial profiling by police, but Perez says that’s a concern that’s being blown out proportion.

“I think that’s an exaggerated claim. I don’t believe that. I think that’s a claim being put out by people who want amnesty, because what they’re trying to do is draw a line in the sand that will force the Federal Government to do comprehensive immigration reform,” he said.

Perez says he is proposing a similar bill in Texas that will also call for police to ID people who look like they may be here illegally.

“How can you say it’s not going to open up flood gates for racial profiling,” New Channel Reporter Anthony Garcia asked. “Well, I mean, there are a lot of immigrants from all over the world and my proposal is for all immigrants whether they’re form Greece, England, or whoever came on a student visa and stayed for example,” Perez answered.

Perez admits along the Mexico border it will be Hispanic-looking people who are ID’ed, but he say’s if those people are here legally they should have nothing to hide.

“I don’t think that’s offensive, and why would you be afraid to be asked for your identification,” he said.

Perez said the bill is not meant to turn police into immigration officials, but rather to put pressure on the Federal Government to fix a broken system.

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