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June 7, 2011

Hi everyone.

I have been trying to post, but it’s been increasingly difficult.

I don’t believe in writing when it’s forced.

It’s painful, because I have multiple family issues that require extreme and utmost attention.

I don’t short change my family.

I’m a WIFE,  a Mother, and a Daughter.  I work full time – this is not my job. I don’t make any money here.  I must leave for a while to attend to two very seriously life altering situations in my life and that of my family.  I can only ask for your prayers.  My mother has grown seriously ill and potentially fatally.  I am also going to have a baby.  I am not a young woman, so it’s been difficult.  But I can’t short change my writing either.  So, I am putting the blog down for a while.

I plan to return.  I LOVE writing, politics, history and science and I’m a female, which means I have an OPINION.  But MY FAMILY COMES FIRST.

I appreciate everyone’s comments.  The good, the bad and even the ugly.





Florida – Judge orders Sharia Law instead of Constitutional Law

March 20, 2011


Sharia Law & Punishment

Sharia Law & Punishment




Florida Judge orders Muslims to follow sharia law!



By Brigitte Gabriel (Colony Rabble) on March 18th, 2011



In Tampa, Florida, a dispute arose over who controls the funds a mosque received in 2008 from an eminent domain proceeding.

Former trustees of the mosque are claiming in court they have the right to the funds. Current mosque leaders are disputing that claim.

The current mosque leaders want the case decided according to secular, Florida civil law, and their attorney has been vigorously arguing the case accordingly.

The former trustees of the mosque want the case decided according to sharia law.

Here’s the kicker.

The judge recently ruled “This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic law,” (sharia law), “pursuant to the Qur’an.”

You can read the judge’s ruling here.

Now it’s not unusual for a dispute to arise within a religious institution and for a court to order a mediation or arbitration, in order to resolve this without the court having to render its own judgment.

But what makes this case unusual, and highly troubling, is that a group of Muslim leaders—the CURRENT mosque leaders—who do NOT want to be subject to sharia law, are being compelled to do so by an American judge!

This is reminiscent of the 2009 New Jersey case, where a Muslim woman sought a restraining order, in civil court, against her Muslim husband, who was raping her several times a day. The judge denied the restraining order because, in his opinion, the husband did not commit a crime because he was following his Islamic beliefs.

In the New Jersey case, and now in this recent case in Tampa, Muslims found themselves being subjected to sharia law against their will.

Last October, ACT! for America aired a radio ad across Oklahoma in support of the referendum preventing Oklahoma judges from using sharia law in their decisions. The referendum won with 70% support.

The point we made then, which now bears repeating, is that such legislation protects non-Muslims AND Muslims alike from being subjected to sharia law.

When someone claims that opposition to sharia law in America is “anti-Muslim,” make sure you tell them about the New Jersey woman and the mosque leaders in Tampa.



demotivational poster SHARIA LAW

demotivational poster SHARIA LAW


Florida – Miami – Schools closed – Cops shot while trying to nab a high profile criminal

January 20, 2011


Officer killed, another wounded in Miami shooting

The Associated Press
Thursday, January 20, 2011; 12:34 PM


MIAMI — Authorities say a Miami-Dade police officer was killed and another was wounded in a shooting.

Miami-Dade Police Cmdr. Nancy Perez says the second officer was in surgery after Thursday’s shooting.

Perez also says at least one suspect was shot.

Barry Golden, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service in South Florida, says the two officers were working with a Marshals fugitive task force. The task force works to arrest people wanted for crimes from all over the country. He didn’t immediately have details on the operation in Miami.

Miami-Dade Public Schools says two schools have been placed on lockdown as a result of the shooting. Those schools are: Thena Crowder Elementary School and Jesse McCrary Elementary School.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.


MIAMI (AP) – Authorities say a Miami-Dade police officer was killed and another was wounded in a shooting.

Miami-Dade Police Cmdr. Nancy Perez says the second officer was in surgery after Thursday’s shooting.

Perez also says at least one suspect was shot.

Miami-Dade Public Schools says two schools have been placed on lockdown as a result of the shooting. Those schools are: Thena Crowder Elementary School and Jesse McCrary Elementary School.





Florida – School Board Shooting Panama City

December 15, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

School Board Shooting Panama City Florida, posted with vodpod

This comment from j says it all:

there you go….1 see what happends when you have gun free zones.

the responsable citizen is disarmed by the GUN FREE ZONE but the bad guys do not play by the same rules, actually they do not follow the rules.

this guy already had a record, already had been in jail due to a violent crime, and still had a gun.

when guns are outlawed, only the outlaws have guns.

NO MORE GUN FREE ZONES IN OUR SCHOOLS…! or any where else in theUSA.

Here’s a slightly closer angle

Vodpod videos no longer available.
The news story
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Muslim Imam – A “holy” person used the US marriage laws to circumvent the system to obtain citizenship illegally.

October 19, 2010

Muslims have been using our system to gain access to our country.

This is an IMAM.  What kind of RELIGION is this?

When they say MODERATES, what are those?

What moral do these people follow?

These people continue to use us to WAR against us.

Muslim imam, wife allegedly faked marriage:

Published: Oct. 19, 2010 at 5:50 PM

ARLINGTON, Texas, Oct. 19 (UPI) — A Muslim religious leader and his wife have been charged with engaging in fraudulent marriages to others to gain U.S. citizenship.

Investigators say Ibrahim Abdelrahman Dremali and Safaa Rashad Eissa of Arlington, Texas, were married in Egypt before either came to the United States. He arrived in 1989 and she in 1991.

Both married U.S. citizens in Florida and divorced within a few years, the report said. They were married again to each other in Florida shortly after Eissa’s 1997 divorce, officials said.

The couple have since lived in Iowa and Texas. A federal grand jury in Des Moines, Iowa, handed down the marriage fraud charges.

“They’re a very nice family,” said Guy Snodgrass, the couple’s landlord and mayor pro tem of Dalworthington Gardens. “Having to go through all this, it has to be hard for his wife and two young


Conservative bloggers have charged that Dremali holds extremist views and has ties to terrorist organizations based on statements he made at a pro-Palestinian rally in Florida in 2000 and contributions to Islamic charities. In recent years, he has condemned violence.


Black Panthers – Burning the KORAN (Quran or Q’RAN) is a HUMAN RIGHTS violation and incitement to WAR

September 9, 2010
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Black Panthers Warning:Terror Attacks in Florid…, posted with vodpod

The Black Panthers are calling this a HUMAN RIGHTS violation?  Is Obama looking to take this to the UN?  Just like he did to Arizona?

“There are already immigrant Muslims that say they want to go to WAR and blow up places and things. ”

Other man chimes in, “Absolutely”

back to the first guy ” is that what we want…?”

No.  It’s not what we want.  If this guy knows people who are saying that this is what they are going to do, then he should let someone know, so that they can be deported.  If something does happen and it gets known that this man KNEW, then doesn’t that make him an accomplice to terrorism?  Why are they taking this SEDITIOUS position.  They are giving aid and comfort to the ENEMY of AMERICA:  TERRORISTS.

“I came here today as a warning to Pastor Jones” — So now he is WARNING pastor JONES?  He says that “You all will be a TARGET.”

This guy is lying when he says that Muslims would never burn the BIBLE : watch this video

Muslims burn the Koran all the time -

Muslims burn the Koran all the time -

Why do they care if this pastor in Florida burns the Koran.  They do it themselves.

This President is not AMERICA’S president.

Florida – burn the Q’RAN (KORAN) Day – Is the RIGHT THING TO DO

September 7, 2010

Islam is a Religion.

Islam is a Legal system through Shariah

Islam is a Culture.

It is not an ethnicity and it is not ONLY a religion.

They say that our soldiers are going to be put in harms way, if the burning goes forth.  Seriously?  That argument is about as logical as a one from a second grader.  The Taliban are going to be EVEN more enraged?  Give me a break.  They HATE us and that is not going to change.  The Taliban soldier is not going to put down the rifle, because the burning of the Koran DIDN’T happen.  They are not going to be less vicious.  As a matter of fact, I would argue the opposite.

Islam is a Testosterone dominated form of Government that encompasses Religion which give way to cultural norms.  However, it’s FIRST function is that of Structure and a layout for government is that structure.

This is the only way that Muslims will wake to the fact that America is not all WOMAN.  They see American males through the eyes of Hollywood.  Those males are concerned with only how they FEEEEEEEEEEL.  Feelings are mostly a female concept in the Muslim world.  Stand up to a bully and the bully becomes incredulous.  The bully of Islam is to be taken seriously.  The Muslims WILL KILL you.  Don’t mistake their ability to fool you and use your liberal laws to REPLACE your laws with their own government.

Where are all the bleeding heart progressives who keep screaming the it’s their RIGHT to burn a bible? Where are all the people who consider themselves tolerant?  They are not showing much tolerance for dissent.

Where is Nancy Pelosi who defends the street parties that show women in leather and captivity or the dominatrix that is the mistress and my 6 year old sees a whip and asks why is she so mean?

Where is the outrage and offense when the Crucifix is drowning in urine and someone calls that ART? Freedom of speech

Burning the Q’RAN is protected and if it is not, then this Government has chosen to ESTABLISH a THEOCRACY and ISLAM is the new STATE RELIGION.

As to Daivd Petraeus saying that burning the KORAN would CAUSE more deaths, thats like the MURDERER saying that the fault of the death was the VICTIM’s.  He is weak and HE will be the cause of WESTERNERS dying in the east.  Due to the fact that HE is showing weakness and is representative of the US population.  The fool is going to kill us all.

Burning Koran ‘Will Put US Troops At Risk’:

3:15am UK, Wednesday September 08, 2010

Greg Milam, US correspondent

An evangelical pastor’s plans to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of September 11 will put soldiers’ lives at risk, the US has warned.

Indonesian demonstrators threaten jihad if the Koran is burnt in the US

Indonesian demonstrators threaten jihad if the Koran is burnt in the US

Terry Jones, pastor of the Dove World Outreach Centre in Gainesville in Florida, says the event will “remember those who were brutally murdered” and send a warning “to the radical element of Islam”.

But US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the idea a “disrespectful, disgraceful act”.

Others in the Obama administration weighed in against the proposed burning, including Attorney General Eric Holder, who called it idiotic and dangerous.

Clinton: Welcomed condemnation from leaders of all faiths

Clinton: Welcomed condemnation from leaders of all faiths

Mrs Clinton said: “”I am heartened by the clear, unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has come from American religious leaders of all faiths.”

The Christian minister organising the Quran burning said on Tuesday he would go ahead in spite of the government’s concerns.

Pastor Terry Jones admitted he had received more than 100 death threats and had taken to wearing a pistol on his hip.

The White House has echoed calls from General David Petraeus, the top US and Nato commander in Afghanistan, for the event to be cancelled.

Pastor Terry Jones: 'A warning to radical Islam'

Pastor Terry Jones: 'A warning to radical Islam'

Spokesman Robert Gibbs said: “Any type of activity like that that puts our troops in harm’s way would be a concern to this administration.”

General Petraeus says the image of the burning could have a similar impact to photos of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib jail, making targets of Americans around the world.

He said it could “endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort” in Afghanistan.

Pastor Jones said he took General Petraeus’s words seriously but decided to push ahead with the burning.

He said: “Instead of us being blamed for what other people will do or might do, why don’t we send a warning to them?

A defaced sign at the church in Florida

A defaced sign at the church in Florida

“Why don’t we send a warning to radical Islam and say, don’t do it. If you attack us, if you attack us, we will attack you.”

There have already been protests against the burning in the Afghan capital Kabul and in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.

Iran has warned it could unleash an uncontrolled Muslim response.

Local authorities in Florida have so far refused Pastor Jones a ‘burn permit’ but they admit they may be unable to prevent the event going ahead.

The Attorney General has met religious leaders from different faiths to discuss how to stem a wave of Islamophobia which has risen since plans were unveiled to build an Islamic cultural centre close to Ground Zero in New York.

“Having spoken to many families across the country over the last few weeks, I have heard many Muslim Americans say they have never felt this anxious or this insecure in America since directly after September 11,” said Ingrid Mattson, head of theIslamic Society of North America.

Pictures taken of prisoners being abused at Abu Ghraib inflamed anti US feelings

Pictures taken of prisoners being abused at Abu Ghraib inflamed anti US feelings


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