Texas – San Antonio – World War II and the Holocaust document thief discovered by owner arrested – 20-year-old Mansal Denton – an INTERN

January 13, 2011

Mansal looks Middle Eastern but has a VERY dutch name.  Hmmm.  Can’t judge a book by the cover.

If you ever wonder how HISTORY becomes slowly erased, this is partially how.  You get rid of the tangible evidence.  Then you can skewer the FACTS and alter the TRUTH.

This scum is a party to that a crime of history.  Yes, it’s a crime to steal, but there are things that are valuable but have no meaning.  These things have MEANING.  If he’s just an ordinary thief, then why choose to steal THESE things?  Why not something easier?

This is what happens when our government FAILS in it’s duties and responsibilities to the people.  They butt in everywhere and intrude in our lives, but FAIL in the one thing that IS their responsibility.  “To protect us against our enemies, foreign and domestic. ”


Man Arrested In Holocaust Documents Theft

Police: Mansal Denton Planned To Sell Documents From Hill Country Village Library
Nicole Perez, KSAT 12 Producer


POSTED: Wednesday, January 12, 2011
UPDATED: 7:39 am CST January 13, 2011

Mansal Denton

SAN ANTONIO — A Hill Country Village collector of historical documents told investigators an intern stole books and documents detailing World War II and the Holocaust.


A prosecutor said 20-year-old Mansal Denton planned to leave for Poland on Thursday to sell the items.


“These are original, they’re rare and extremely valuable,” said Adriana Biggs, chief of the White Collar Crime Unit at the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office.


Harry Mazal owns The Mazal Library, a collection of Holocaust-era documents that are available to researchers and academics.


Mazal told authorities Denton was a volunteer at the library. Earlier this month, Mazal noticed thousands of documents were missing. Mazal’s own investigation revealed that many of the documents were being sold online.


“Mr. Mazal believed that (Denton) was in possession of these stolen documents and there was concern that he was going to be leaving the country with the documents with the full intention of selling them,” Biggs said.


Denton had booked a flight for Poland on Thursday, police said. A search of his home turned up some of the documents.


Denton was arrested Wednesday morning. As a condition of his bond, Denton was required to surrender his passport.


If convicted of theft, Denton could face up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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California – Los Angeles – Corruption without restraint.

September 23, 2010

These people are a ring of thieves.

How is it that they were not discovered sooner?

Looks like there are probably others who have been covering up for them and it’s probably more extensive than just this small band of thieves.

Prosecutors detail steps Bell leaders allegedly took to hide high salaries:

Court documents accuse former City Administrator Robert Rizzo of ordering an employee to draft false contracts and other records to conceal how much he and council members made

By Jack Leonard, Los Angeles Times

September 23, 2010

Los Angeles County prosecutors, in records obtained Wednesday by The Times, lay out in the most detail yet the lengths to which they allege former Bell City Administrator Robert Rizzo went to hide extravagant salaries for himself and other city officials.

The court documents accuse Rizzo of directing an employee to draft false contracts and other records in September 2008 that concealed how much he and council members made. Then a few months ago, under growing scrutiny of his salary, the city manager asked a subordinate to obtain Mayor Oscar Hernandez’s signature on some of those 2008 contracts, the court filing says. The subordinate pointed out that another council member had been the mayor in 2008.

“Rizzo directed the subordinate to obtain Oscar Hernandez’s signature anyway because Hernandez would be willing to sign,” the documents say. “The subordinate did so.”

The allegations were made in court documents asking a judge to prevent Rizzo and seven other current and former city leaders charged this week from using money improperly taken from Bell to bail themselves out of jail.

Former and current Bell officials, from left, Robert Rizzo, Angela Spaccia, Victor Bello and Oscar Hernandez appear in Superior Court on Wednesday. Documents outline the steps they allegedly took to conceal high pay. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times / September 22, 2010)

Former and current Bell officials, from left, Robert Rizzo, Angela Spaccia, Victor Bello and Oscar Hernandez appear in Superior Court on Wednesday. Documents outline the steps they allegedly took to conceal high pay. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times / September 22, 2010)

Rizzo’s attorney, James W. Spertus, did not return a call seeking comment on the allegations. But he has repeatedly said that his client is innocent.

The prosecution documents allege that Rizzo used the false 2008 contracts in response to questions about his salary. He allegedly told one citizen who asked whether he was really making $400,000, “If I can make that kind of money, I wouldn’t be working here.”

Prosecutors accused Rizzo of continuing to use the false contracts in recent months amid growing scrutiny of his salary by the district attorney’s office and others.

Sometime after June, one of the false 2008 contracts was given to the city attorney following requests for records of Rizzo’s pay. The contract listed Rizzo’s salary as $221,460. In reality, Rizzo was on course to make more than $1.5 million in salary and benefits this year.

As recently as last week, Rizzo pointed to the contracts in response to questions from the state attorney general’s office and falsely claimed they were genuine and were approved by the City Council, the court documents allege.

“By continuing to maintain the fiction that the documents purporting to be September 2008 contracts are genuine, Mr. Rizzo continues to retain public funds feloniously obtained,” Deputy Dist. Atty. Max Huntsman wrote in one of the court documents.

As The Times reported earlier this month, prosecutors said that the contracts were never approved by the council. In addition, Huntsman alleged that Assistant City Administrator Angela Spaccia’s computer was used in 2005 to generate a contract that gave her large raises without council approval.

“A substantial portion of her compensation from the City of Bell appears to have been obtained feloniously,” Hunstman wrote.

Spaccia was charged this week with misappropriating public funds, but she was not charged in connection with the alleged 2005 contract.

The court documents also say Rizzo directed an employee to draft a memo in 2008 that listed council member pay as about $8,000 a year. In reality, council members were making far more — nearly $100,000 earlier this year.

Rizzo, 56, is charged with 53 felony counts of misappropriation of public funds, falsification of public documents and conflicts of interest. If convicted, he faces up to 58 years in state prison.

The other Bell defendants are charged with misappropriating public funds. All eight are expected to enter pleas Oct. 21.

Wearing brown jail scrubs and shackled to a waist chain, Rizzo appeared in court Wednesday alongside the seven other defendants. He rocked gently back and forth in his chair as his attorney argued that his bail should be reduced.

“He has been here for 30 years,” Spertus said in court. “There is nowhere to run…. Everybody knows his face.”

Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor reduced Rizzo’s bail from $3.2 million to $2 million, but declined to significantly change the bail amounts for the other defendants.

“The charged offenses are, in my opinion, extremely serious,” Pastor said.

Councilwoman Teresa Jacobo was released on $260,000 bail, and Councilman Luis Artiga was released on $120,000 bail. Former Councilman George Cole was expected to be released late Wednesday. Rizzo, Spaccia, Hernandez and Councilman George Mirabal and former Councilman Victor Bello remained behind bars late Wednesday.


 Southern Calfornia city manager who is facing 53 counts related to alleged corruption has a local connection -- he owns a local horse ranch and has raced his thoroughbreds at Emerald Downs.

Southern Calfornia city manager who is facing 53 counts related to alleged corruption has a local connection -- he owns a local horse ranch and has raced his thoroughbreds at Emerald Downs.

Bell, Calif., city manager owns Auburn horse ranch:

AUBURN, Wash.—The Bell, Calif., city manager charged with misappropriating public funds owns a horse ranch at Auburn and raced thoroughbreds at the Emerald Downs track in the Seattle suburb.

The Los Angeles Times reported Robert Rizzo bought the 10-acre ranch in 2004 for nearly $1 million and has owned dozens of race horses.

Auburn neighbors say Rizzo has been a good neighbor, and fellow horse owners and trainers at Emerald Downs were shocked and surprised by the allegations in California.


<via http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2010/sep/corruption-scandal-wipes-out-citys-govt>

Bail for each is:

  • $3.2 million for Rizzo, 56
  • $377,500 for Spaccia, 52
  • $285,000 for Hernandez, 63
  • $260,000 for Jacobo, 52
  • $260,000 for Mirabal, 60
  • $190,000 for Bello, 51
  • $145,000 for Artiga, 49
  • $130,000 for Cole, 60


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