Arizona – Unemployed LEGAL citizens lining up out the door for jobs that the politicians say that “Americans” won’t do

March 17, 2011

So, who are the Americans that these politicians talking about?

The communists that want to advance their agenda will use ANY lie to propel their illegitimate arguments.


2 Kinds of Republicans — Mean-Spirited Utah Keeps Jobs From Unemployed Citizens While Compassionate Ariz. Opens Them Up

By Roy Beck, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 2:13 PM EDT

In Utah, the cheap-labor Chamber of Commerce lobby has taken over the Republican Party and is, in effect, blocking thousands of unemployed citizens and legal immigrants from jobs being held by illegal foreign workers.

Across the border in Arizona, though, the Republican Party has resisted the worst of corporate lobbying and put unemployed citizens and legal immigrants first, constantly trying to stop unscrupulous businesses from filling jobs with illegal aliens.

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2 Kinds of Republicans — Mean-Spirited Utah Ke…
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Channel 10 of Phoenix reported what happened when Sheriff Joe Arpaio raided a bunch ofPei Wei Asian Diners and led most of the workers there out in handcuffs because they were illegal aliens.



First, Pei Wei had to close its doors because it didn’t have enough legal workers left.

Second, Pei Wei immediately started recruiting workers from among legal residents.

Finally, and triumphantly, as this newscast video so well shows, unemployed Americans created long lines to take the jobs.

How many times have you heard politicians, academic sophists and too many journalists facilely say that illegal aliens are just doing jobs Americans won’t do? How many times have you heard that from a friend, co-worker or relative?

And how many times have you heard them specifically say that Americans are not going to lower themselves to wash the dishes in the restaurants you frequent?

Well, this video show all kinds of people willing to wash dishes for $8 an hour.  You’ll see Latino Americans say they are willing to do so.  You’ll see White Americans willing to do so.  Young.  Middle aged. One with a masters degree.

“I’m desperate,” a young woman says.  A middle-aged woman says if she were younger she would look for yard work but happy to wash dishes.  “A job is a job,” says Vince Flores, who refuses to be embarrassed about wanting a job that the elites of America sneer at.

Watch this video and renew your faith in the American people and their will to roll up their sleeves and do a job.

But in Utah, the Republican-led government has just decided that it is better to keep those kinds of Americans unemployed and keep the jobs in the hands of illegal aliens.

Across America, corporate American lobbyists are pushing the “Utah Compact” as the “compassionate” way to deal with immigration.

Yeah, right, compassionate to business owners who want to stiff unemployed Americans by hiring cheap illegal foreign labor.

Indiana and many other states are currently under great pressure by these Utah Compact Republicans to turn away from the compassionate immigration policies of Arizona and adopt Utah’s meanspirited approach to unemployed Americans.

Wouldn’t it be great in your own community to see lines of Americans like those seen in this Phoenix video, filled with hope because businesses aren’t allowed to hire illegal aliens?

By clicking here, you can send a free internet fax to your own state legislators asking them to reject the Utah model and, instead, keep illegal aliens from holding jobs in your state.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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California – Democrat, Bernard C. Parks Committee sent a mailer which listed DEAD people as endorsing Parks’ reelection.

March 7, 2011

The propaganda which listed more than a dozen deceased religious and community leaders as endorsing Councilman Parks’ reelection is not a new tactic by the Democrats.  Across the nation VOTES have been cast by the dead and counted with cartoon characters. So, unfortunately, voter fraud is not something the Democrats seem to take lightly.   It’s very much a tool and a weapon in their ability to win election after election.  It makes one wonder just HOW much is the result of these fraudulent endeavors across the nation.  We know it’s rampant in Chicago, California, New York, and Texas.  But to what extent is the question.  Should the American people have any faith at all?

Dead Can’t Vote: Parks Mailer Named Deceased ‘Supporters’

vote_button.jpgA mailer sent by an independent political action committee on behalf of Bernard C. Parks lists, among other inaccuracies, dead people supporting his reelection.

L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who was also erroneously named as a supporter, backs Parks’ opponent in the City Council race and has slamed the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored campaign mailer calling it one of the “most stunning displays of political manipulation” he’s ever seen, reports the LA Times.

Candidates and campaigns cannot by law coordinate with independent committees that spend on their behalf, however Ridley-Thomas thinks Parks should denounce the piece sent by Los Angeles Jobs PAC, notes the LA Times. Said Parks, “The reason they’re called independent is because we have nothing to do it. It’s unfortunate, and I would hope that whoever paid for it got their money back.”

L.A. Chamber President expressed embarrassment and anger over the mailer that listed more than a dozen deceased religious and community leaders as endorsing Councilman Parks’ reelection. He said the committee’s vendor, Englander, Knabe & Allen, used a “woefully outdated” list of supporters from 2003 City Council race.

Chamber of Commerce – Admits to supporting AMNESTY for Illegal immigration – Chamber CEO is XM Satellite Radio director

January 12, 2011

This is the guy who would sell his grandmother.  Heck, he’s already sold himself. If I have to sit here and explain, to YOU, that this is what used to be called TREASON, then YOU ARE the problem!

This speech is admission of treason.  Since he is a political official, then he is not an ordinary citizen who’s words only mean OPINION.  His words are ACTIONABLE.

This is sedition.  This man should be thoroughly investigated. This is the CEO of the US? Chamber of Commerce?

This guy is the director of XM Satellite Radio director.

He’s a corporate fund board member of the Kennedy Center and director of Union Pacific Corporation.

He’s a corporate fund board member of the Kennedy Center.  The Kennedy Center has members, such as, James D. Wolfensohn who is part of the Spain – Bilderberg 2010 Attendee List.

Ayan Rand was definitely right when it came to the problems with corporations and government, but she and many like her at the time, only forsaw that it would be from the Republican party that this corruption would emerge.  How wrong she was in that.  Yet, the rest is play by play correct.

Chamber of Commerce Says It Supports Path ‘To Legitimacy’ for 12 Million Illegal Aliens

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
By Penny Starr
Tom Donohue

Tom Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011 that illegal aliens should be gain 'legitimacy' in the United States through 'comprehensive immigration reform' law. ( Starr)

( – U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue, noting that 27 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or have given up on finding a job, said his organization supports a “way” “to legitimacy” for the estimated 12 to 14 million illegal aliens who are working in the United States.

“Unemployment had exceeded 9 percent for 20 consecutive months,” Donohue said in his annual State of American Business address at the Chamber’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. “Some 27 million Americans are either unemployed, underemployed or have give up looking for work.”

“In fact,” Donohue said, “we must create 1.2 million jobs a year just to absorb the new entrants into our workforce.”

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Later in his remarks, Donohue said the Chamber would continue its efforts in support of comprehensive immigration reform, which some conservative critics consider to be a form of amnesty.

“Almost all of us are sons, daughters, or descendents of immigrants,” Donohue said. “The Chamber will continue to pursue comprehensive immigration reform.” He also cited the “urgent” need to improve visa processing, oppose attempts to gut temporary worker programs, and increase the number of foreign worker visas.

At a press conference following his speech, Donohue was asked by if comprehensive immigration reform included a so-called pathway to citizenship.

“We think the most important parts of comprehensive immigration reform would be, first of all, a way for the, shall we say 12 million here, to legitimacy so that they can easily participate in society, pay their taxes, drive cars and that sort of thing,” Donohue said. “Second we need a guest worker program,” he said. “People could easily come back and forth for work and some of that would be seasonally, for crops and for recreation organizations and so on.

“And third, we definitely need a way to deal with high-end, talented folks that are needed in this economy. Donohue called it “amazing” that after years of training in America, professionals such as Ph.Ds in chemical engineering are now finding it hard to stay here.

Donohue said citizenship for illegal aliens should not be the top priority. “I don’t think the citizenship thing is necessary right now,” said Donohue, adding that protecting the U.S. border was also important. “I think we ought to pick the four or five things that everybody needs and let’s get it done.”

Donohue also said that the United States should keep the promise it made to Mexico 15 years ago to allow “safe, carefully inspected” Mexican trucks to transport goods into the U.S., as called for in the North American Free Trade Agreement. Labor unions strongly oppose the plan.

Donohue said the U.S. economy is “in better shape than we found ourselves last year,” and he noted “a new tone coming out of the White House.”

One indication of warming relations between the White House and the Chamber, which represents 3 million mostly small businesses, includes a scheduled address by President Barack Obama at the group’s headquarters on Feb. 7.

Among the areas Donohue said the Chamber would concentrate on in 2011:

— restraint and reform of the regulatory process, including stopping the EPA from enacting regulations to limit greenhouse gases – a task that should be left to Congress, he said.

–Expanding American trade, rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and developing U.S. energy resources, and reducing the federal debt and deficit also made the top four on Donohue’s to-do list.

Donohue concluded his remarks with his trademark line-in-the-sand approach while expressing optimism that the Chamber can “work together” with the Obama administration and Congress in the coming year.

“Our approach in Washington will be to call them as we see them,” Donohue said. ‘We’ll continue to have our differences with the White House on some issues but we’ll work together on other issues.”

“We’ll support the new House leadership on many occasions, and we’ll work with Democratic legislators as well, but no one should expect the Chamber to march in lock step with anyone,” Donohue said.

“We have a clear mission and agenda of our own,” he said. “It’s to continue to win important policy victories for our members and the American business community. It’s to support, protect, and advance the free enterprise system that made this country great. And it’s to help create good jobs and promising opportunities for all the people of our country so that they can achieve the American dream.”

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