Abortion – ripping beating hearts of babies out of them- is murder of the most horrific kind. EVIL among us

September 14, 2019

The horrors described below are worse than anything that most people have ever heard of.  One wonders if all the slasher movies and horror flicks were created so that somehow the below would not be as shocking as it truly is.

Kermit Barron Gosnell was just the start of us learning about the horrors being committed on a daily basis anywhere USA

Daleiden reveals to court his horror of finding that ‘live beating’ hearts of aborted babies were for sale

SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 13, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — In his first-ever time in the witness stand, pro-life advocate David Daleiden testified to the disturbing details in the fetal organ harvesting industry that led him to embark on an undercover investigation of the gruesome practice.

Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are charged with 15 felony counts of illegal recording of confidential communications in connection with undercover videos the Center for Medical Progress released in 2015 that provide evidence of Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking in baby body parts.

The 30-year-old graduate of Claremont McKenna College testified he worked in investigative research with Lila Rose of Live Action, part-time in 2008 and full-time in 2010, before founding CMP in 2013.

He became interested in investigating the aborted baby parts harvesting industry in 2012, when he saw a 20/20 documentary made in 2000 about the harvesting of aborted baby organs at a Planned Parenthood in Kansas.

The whistleblower in that case, Dean Alberty, worked inside the Planned Parenthood abortion center as a fetal tissue procurer for a company called Opening Lines. Alberty spoke on 20/20 of receiving aborted babies intact and of “cutting open the chest and seeing the heart was still beating.”

Alberty subsequently testified in a congressional hearing that at one point, the abortion doctor brought him 24-week-old twins born alive after a failed abortion in Kansas City, Daleiden said. When Alberty said he did not want to harvest organs from living children, the abortionist then “drowned them in a pan,” Daleiden told the court.

Daleiden said he read Alberty’s congressional testimony in 2010, and after that read a book by Suzane Rini called Beyond Abortion, a Chronicle of Fetal experimentation, “a very in-depth literature review of all fetal experimentation” and that he “tried to follow up on the more significant, more disturbing studies she cited.”

That included a 1967 study titled “The artificial placenta,” in which a live baby is submerged in a “perfusion apparatus” intended to simulate a womb, to see “how long the fetus can stay alive.”





Daleiden said he believed the researchers obtained the live babies for this study from abortion, and that he found the experimentation “extremely disturbing.”

“I had nightmares about it for about a week afterward,” he told the court.

He testified that while the congressional hearings based on Alberty’s revelations took place in 2000, by 2010, no major journalist, no major advocacy associations “had done anything further.”

Daleiden said he believed this was something that should be brought to the attention of “the American people and to American law enforcement.”

He then started investigating the fetal tissue harvesting industry on the internet, finding the company Advanced Bioscience Research, (ABR) which had been operating since 1989, “as long as I’d been alive,” and which had “escaped any scrutiny” during the 2000 congressional hearings, other than “a tiny bit of reporting.”

ABR had “early on partnered with Planned Parenthood Mar Monte,” the “biggest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the country,” Daleiden said.

He later met with Linda Tracy, the CEO of ABR, and Perrin Larton, its chief procurement officer, he told the court.

Daleiden also discovered fetal tissue procurement company StemExpress when a friend sent him a link in 2011 to a Craigslist job posting by the company for a “procurement technician” to “harvest gestational tissue, fetal tissue.”

StemExpress “identified Planned Parenthood clinics in Northern California as where they wanted their technician to work in,” Daleiden said.

The StemExpress website in 2011 contained a drop-down menu of the “human fetal body parts you wanted to order,” which included “all different kinds of organs and tissues,” such as brain, heart, heart with veins and arteries attached, liver, sinus.

The StemExpress website also had a drop-down menu for “the gestational age of fetal body parts you wanted to order,” which went up to 20 weeks,Daleiden said.

Screenshots he took of the menus were in the court’s exhibits.


Image result for The StemExpress website

Related image

Image result for StemExpress as supplying fetal hearts.


Daleiden said that at this point he was actively monitoring the fetal harvesting business on the web and noticed a Stanford University study published in “Circulation” in 2012 that cited StemExpress as supplying fetal hearts.

Image result for StemExpress as supplying fetal hearts.

The study used the Langendorff perfusion technique and in its “methods” section described the process as: “In brief, human fetal hearts were perfused using a Langendorff apparatus.”


Image result for Langendorff apparatus..


The CEO of StemExpress, Doe 12, testified last week that she required researchers to credit her company. Daleiden pointed out that StemExpress was “cited in parenthesis” in the methods and practices section of the study.

Daleiden said he researched the Langendorff apparatus and found that it was “designed to keep fluid pumping through a heart that has been cut out of a body.”

“So the Langendorff apparatus could not resuscitate a dead heart?” asked Daleiden’s lawyer, Brentford Ferreira.

“My understanding is that it required a live beating heart,” Daleiden said.

He consulted experts, including Dr. Stephen McCurdy and Dr. Theresa Deisher, he said.

Dr. Stephen McCurdy specializes in internal medicine and is the director of UC Davis Master of Public Health Program in Sacramento, California. Dr. Theresa Deisher is a research scientist who has a doctorate in molecular and cellular physiology from Stanford University and is the founder of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute and the CEO of AVM Biotechnology.

“Dr. Deisher told me the fetus would have to be alive at the time the organs were harvested” for use in the Langendorff apparatus, Daleiden told the court.

The CEO of StemExpress essentially admitted in court last week that her biotech company supplied beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers.

Daleiden’s lawyer told the court that StemExpress was mentioned in connection with a Stanford University study where Langendorff perfusion was used, a technique that “requires a beating heart.”

“Does StemExpress supply fetal hearts to Stanford?” lawyer Peter Breen asked Doe 12 during the Sept. 6 hearing.

She hesitated to answer because, she said, “there’s so much targeting of researchers.”

However, Judge Christopher Hite told her the question was relevant.

“Yes, we have provided heart tissue to Stanford,” Doe 12 said.

Daleiden said in court today that when he started CMP in 2013 to embark on his project to investigate fetal body part harvesting, he was hoping to raise $125,000 to fund his work.

The undercover investigation took over 30 months from January 2013 until the first video was released in July 2015 on a “shoestring budget” of $100,000 and in a more “piecemeal” way than he’d hoped, Daleiden said.


Prior to going undercover, Daleiden said he consulted with several law experts regarding whether he could record conversations under California Penal Code 632 and 633.5. Experts agreed he could.

Daleiden’s testimony continues.


To President Trump,

A medal of honor for exposing this to us.  Now if only something can be done to end the horror.


ME -TXLady7061 originally TXLady706


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Austin TX city council using tax payer money to support GENOCIDE by FIAT

September 11, 2019

There was no vote regarding using tax payer money to support abortion by providing the logistical avenues to killing the unborn child they carry.

There was NO legislation to promote adoption or support for KEEPING the child alive.  There is NO money that the city is designating for reproductive rights of those who WANT to keep the child, but have no logistical means of affording her this choice.

The only LOGISTICS provided are for genocide, the execution of poor babies.  Race, color, creed don’t matter as long as they are POOR.




by Anita Carey  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 21, 2019

Move is a rebuttal to recent pro-life legislation

AUSTIN, Texas (ChurchMilitant.com) – A Texas city is taking a direct aim at a pro-life initiative to fill the state with abortion-free “sanctuary cities.”

In a move directly opposing Texas’ new law, SB 22, that prohibits government funding for abortions, the Austin, Texas, city council announced a budget amendment on Monday to provide grants to organizations that help women gain access to abortion services.

Church Militant spoke with Kimberlyn Schwartz, director of media and communication for Texas Right to Life (TRTL), who said, “For years, the Austin City Council has made a point of mocking pro-life Texans; this is yet another example.”

Greg Casar, Austin city councilmember and co-sponsor of the budget amendment,



Undocumented, Unafraid: Balancing fear and power in the wake of ICE arrests - News - The Austin ...


said, “The state has passed laws trying to make it more difficult for people to access abortion and more difficult for the city to support. In some ways, this is the city fighting back.”

There are at least four abortion mills in Austin — two are Planned Parenthood facilities and one is owned by Amy Hagstrom Miller,


Image result for amy hagstrom miller


a noted abortion activist who founded Whole Woman’s Health.
The budget amendment would provide up to $150,000 in grants to abortion assistance groups that provide counseling, rides to abortion mills and childcare for women getting abortions.

Schwartz explained that this proposal maneuvers around SB 22’s intent to ban public funding of abortion “by providing taxpayer funding for organizations that abet the abortion industry.”

One of those organization active in Texas is the National Network of Abortion Funds Lilith Fund that provides “direct financial assistance to empower people seeking to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.”

In 2017, Lilith Fund provided over $213,000 to assist 1,475 Texas women abort their babies.

Austin’s move also opens up taxpayer funding for abortion support groups that, aside from providing help for adult women, provide legal assistance for teens in crisis pregnancies. Some of these help teens to get an abortion without parental consent and even pay for their abortions.

Schwartz said this is something to be concerned about because “organizations like Planned Parenthood do not always report sexual abuse and trafficking when pregnant minors come to their facilities for abortions.”

It undermines the spirit of SB 22, forcing pro-life residents of Austin to continue subsidizing abortion through their tax dollars.Tweet

Texas Right to Life was instrumental in getting SB 22 enacted and even suggested stronger wording for the legislation. In a press release about Austin’s move, TRTL claimed “the majority of  Texans do not want their tax dollars being used in any way, shape or form to support killing innocent human beings.”

TRTL continued, “No public funds at the state or local level should be directed toward an industry that literally rips human beings limb from limb in their most vulnerable stages.”

“Through this budget proposal, Austin is positioning itself as a sanctuary for the abortion industry,” Schwartz said.

“It also undermines the spirit of SB 22 in protecting pro-life Texans from having to support the killing of innocent human life through their tax dollars, forcing pro-life residents of Austin to continue subsidizing abortion through their tax dollars,” she continued.

She said the “silver lining” to Austin’s move is that they are serving as a “catalyst” for other Texas cities to declare their community as a “Mother and Unborn Child Sanctuary City.”

Senate Bill 22 also allows cities to ban abortion within their jurisdiction, and TRTL has initiated a program to help Texans introduce ordinances to declare “abortion to be murder” and prohibit all abortion providers from establishing practices within city limits.

Schwartz said five new cities have come forward this week looking to ban abortion at the local level.

“There is no ‘need’ for abortion,” Schwartz explained. “Pro-abortion politicians and organizations seek to exploit and disempower women who find themselves in unexpected pregnancies, telling them they ‘need’ to kill their preborn children to be happy.”









Abortion – is not just murder it’s just too evil to believe – organ harvesting

September 8, 2019






REAL LIFE HORROR! Abortionists Admit To Keeping Babies Alive To Harvest Organs FULL SHOW 9/8/2019
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Published on Sep 09, 2019



Abortion video – Cognitive Dissonance 101 – Liberty Hangout

September 8, 2019

I’m starting a sting of these video’s to re-post from all over the place

When I come accross one I’m going to Title the first part Abortion video – and then where ever it was titled.




Published on Sep 8, 2019


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Unknown Username
It’s because far left ideology amongst other things is about not taking responsibility 😐


James H
I can’t wait to vote Trump 2020 and melt some more snowflakes


LabbyShepherd Puppy
“Living in poverty is WORSE than dying” Then let’s nuke all the developing countries and the lower class/homeless!


Mitchell Scott
“I feel like” was the gist of his argument. To his credit at least he didn’t come across as a cowardly raving lunatic which seems to be bulk of the radical left.


“Living in poverty is worse than dying.” So very glad that my ancestors didn’t feel that way. Sounds like civilization has warped the minds of the entitled.


Joseph Beck-Melendez
You can tell this guy in the “equality” shirt had way more than his fair share of soy over the years😥


Purple Heart Scott
Apparently, what libs “feel” is more important than facts. Truth is irrelevant to these folks.


Roberto Mundo
I want equality! If women can kill them, men should have the right not to pay for them! Lol


“I feel like….” infamous quote of liberals.


Lori Gustin
Living in poverty is worse than dying? I grew up very very poor but we were happy. Only a person that is privileged and entitled would say something that insane and Evil


Alexis McPherson
This was one of the most productive conversations ive seen on this channel.


Kaitlyn is so logical and quick that unless you’re 100% honest or at least 100% true to your own conscience, she nails you to the wall very, very fast. Go Kaitlyn


Dylan Q
I literally died before birth, had to be cut out and I’m doing ok 👌🏽 #deathoverpoverty


Prime example of a young man who does NOT know God or His principals. What comes to my mind is the city of nineveh. They don’t know their left from their right.


up you're ass and to the left!
Baby Lives Matter! Triggered? My gun has a trigger! I carry🖕it’s fully loaded!

Read more


DANNNNGGGGGG lol this girl knows how to debate!!! Lol! Tucker Carlsen could learn a thing or 2 from this chick. Legendary!!


“Thou shalt NOT murder.” Commandment #6


If Democrats valued humans as much as puppies maybe we would not have tons of human dead babies in trash cans

August 30, 2019

The gruesome truth- Democrats are outraged over puppies being found in garbage bins and ADVOCATED for humans in TONS in those SAME types of bins

Several Dead Puppies Found Inside Trash Can in Sacramento, California

Police are asking for the public’s help after six dead puppies were found inside of a trash can in south Sacramento, California.

The black-and-white pit bull mix-type dogs found inside the trash were all around five to six months old. All of the dogs appeared to have died around the same time.

Police say that they are trying to identify the owner of the animals, but have not begun any criminal investigation at this time.

Source: 6 dead puppies found in south Sacramento trash can

Feminism the underlying cause so much misery today – going against nature is not only wrong but harmful and destructive

August 24, 2019

The tragic — and overlooked — fallout from the ’60s sexual revolution

The tragic — and overlooked — fallout from the ’60s sexual revolution

Declining life expectancy, mass shootings, alarming rates of mental illness, rising white nationalism, the opioid crisis: By many measures, our society is in trouble, and we are ignoring a root cause: the unprecedented familial dispersion that followed the 1960s sexual revolution.

At heart, that revolution aimed to radically sever human sexuality from marriage and child-rearing, from the responsibilities society had hitherto imposed on the individual sexual appetite. Afterward, fatherless homes, family shrinkage and breakup, childlessness and abortion all became commonplace. The net effect of these changes is having fewer people to call one’s own.

Many Americans would say that their own lives have been enhanced mightily by the new liberties wrought by the ’60s revolution. Perhaps. But if we examine what these same changes have delivered at a collective level, an unsettling picture emerges.

One feature of the new landscape is widespread loneliness. And while initial studies were trained on the isolated elderly, scholarly focus is rapidly expanding as social-science data reveal ravaging isolation at the opposite end of the spectrum.

–me——–If you don’t NEED a husband, then you don’t NEED a Family.  If you don’t NEED a family, then you don’t need company.  What human can be without others around them?  What human doesn’t crave a close relationship?  ONLY children and a spouse of the OPPOSITE sex can create that type of CLOSENESS.  Yes, sometimes it’s not good, but that is few and far in between in real life.  FAMILY is a NEED of the human species and is the BEST of the human species.  

Image result for familyImage result for family



On July 30, the same day that a shooter murdered two people at a Walmart in Southaven, Miss., the latest survey by YouGov reported that 30 percent of young people in their sample of 1,254 say they “always or often” feel lonely.

Like any social phenomenon, the systemic outbreak of loneliness has more roots than one. But surely its fundamental source, for young and old alike, is the arithmetical one: the fact that more and more people now pass through life without father, sister, brother, children, cousins or varying combinations of the above — and sometimes without any of the above.

Or consider another signal development of the age that also contributes to social disunity: identity politics. In this case, too, dots connect to post-1960s kinship implosion. “The Combahee River Collective Statement,” agreed by all to be the founding document of such politics, is a manifesto acclaiming group identity as the most important source of power and protection.

It was issued in 1977, just as the first generation born after the sexual revolution came of age. It was the creation of a group of black feminists, representing a demographic cohort that was the first to experience rising and disproportionate rates of abortion and fatherlessness.

“The only people who care enough about us to work consistently for our liberation are us,” these feminists said plaintively. That statement captured a sad reality that would soon become true for many more Americans: not even having family to count on.

The fracturing of the post-1960s family and the flight to collective identities have not only been occurring at the same time. As the timeline and other evidence show, they cannot be understood apart from one another.

Identity politics is also a product of the revolution in another way. Whether one looks left or right, to politics or culture, the question, “Who am I?” has become the most frantic of our time. Traditionally, that question has been answered at least in part via primordial relations: I am a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a mother, a grandmother.

When answers that revert to family identity are more attenuated than ever before, “Who am I?” gets answered in a different way. Today’s identity communities operate as the robust family once did actually, offering members a secure place in the group, surrounding them with a simulacrum of siblings and loved ones and having their backs. But they remain shaky substitutes for the real thing.

Mary Eberstadt is author of the new book “Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics.” She can be contacted at maryeberstadt.com.



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Is it ABORTION if the baby is born?

June 22, 2019

Abortion literally means to EXPEL.  If the baby is already birthed, then there is nothing to expel.


Rhode Island Democrat Gov. Raimondo Signs Bill to Allow Abortion Through Moment of Birth

Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo participates in a televised debate, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018, in Bristol, R.I. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)



Rhode Island Democrat Gov. Gina Raimondo signed into law Wednesday the Reproductive Privacy Act , legislation that allows abortion up until the moment of birth.

“Fundamentally this bill is about health care,” Raimondo said, reported the Associated Press (AP). “It’s about protecting and providing access to health care for all the women of Rhode Island.”

——–me—-DEATH CARE —-

“This bill is this chamber and this legislature performing our responsibility to the citizens of the state of Rhode Island. It is our responsibility to protect our citizens,” said Democrat State Sen. Erin Lynch Prata, according to AP. “We are not putting our citizens in the hands of a changing Supreme Court.”

However, Democrat Senate President Dominick Ruggerio and two other Democrats in the chamber, Elizabeth Crowley and Harold Metts, voted against the measure.

As AP reported, Crowley said she believes in life and that pregnancy is a blessing, while Metts, a Baptist deacon, said he would never vote for an “ungodly” abortion-rights bill because “we are made in God’s image.”

Leading up to the vote, national pro-life organization the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) conducted a poll that found 77 percent of Rhode Island voters oppose allowing abortion up until birth.

According to the survey, 73 percent oppose late-term abortions, including 63 percent of Democrats, 77 percent of independents, and 89 percent of Republicans.

The poll also found 80 percent of Rhode Island women voters are opposed to abortion up until birth as are 62 percent of self-described “pro-choice” voters.

“It is extremely disappointing to see Rhode Island lawmakers cave to pressure from the abortion lobby to pass this radical bill,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

“More than three in four Ocean State voters – Democrats, Independents, women, and a strong majority of self-described pro-choice voters – agree expanding late-term abortions is too extreme,” she added. “Rhode Islanders should not be fooled by the smokescreen of ‘compromise’: this law expands abortion on demand through the moment of birth.”

Planned Parenthood Votes Rhode Island celebrated the new law, repeating the abortion vendor’s narrative that “abortion is healthcare”:

However, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence tweeted the bill’s passage was “profoundly disappointing”:

The new law expands abortion to any time it is considered “necessary to preserve the health or life of that individual.”

Katie Glenn, government affairs counsel with Americans United for Life, wrote in testimony opposing the legislation that “the Supreme Court considers ‘health’ to include all factors, including ‘physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age’ for the purposes of post-viability abortions.”

“By failing to define or limit ‘health,’ the Act allows for abortion up to the moment of delivery of the child which effectively creates abortion on demand at any point in the pregnancy,” Glenn said. “Adding a requirement that the physician record the reason for the late-term abortion in the woman’s medical record is not a restriction on lat late-term abortions and therefore does nothing to prevent them from happening.”



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