California schools – even charters – will keep bully’s in your child’s school classroom – public and charter -what happened to zero tolerance?

September 10, 2019

A new law signed by Gavin Newsom bans schools from suspending disruptive kids

Gov. Newsom visits Valley elementary school to sign first bill

California Gov. Gavin Newsom traveled to Riverview Elementary east of Parlier to sign his first bill as governor, AB72 – an early action budget bill that provides urgent assistance for communities that have contaminated and unsafe water.

It is will soon be illegal in California for both public and charter schools to suspend disruptive students from kindergarten through eighth grade

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed into law Senate Bill 419, which permanently prohibits willful defiance suspensions in grades four and five. It also bans such suspensions in grades six through eight for five years.

The law goes into effect July 1, 2020.

Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, who wrote the new law, said it would “keep kids in school where they belong and where teachers and counselors can help them thrive.”

“SB 419 puts the needs of kids first,” she said.

California students missed more than 150,000 days of school because of suspensions for unruly behavior in the 2016-17 academic year, according to a California Senate analysis of SB 419.

Skinner and other supporters of the bill argued that students of color are disproportionately affected by such suspensions.

SB 419 “may be one of the best ways to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline,” Skinner said.

SB 419 was also praised by civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, who said in a statement that, “I strongly believe that SB 419 will bring justice to California youth by eliminating suspensions for disruption and defiance, putting an end to discriminatory discipline policies and instituting restorative justice practices.”

The bill was opposed by the Charter School Development Center, whose executive director argued that SB 419 is a “one size fits all” legislation that is “a fix in search of a problem.”

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Lowering the Bar – Engineering school see women as less capable instead of more naturally inclined toward other choices

August 30, 2019

By the way – whats a “woman?”


Engineering School Lowers Entry Bar For Women

Critics blast move as insulting to women, especially current female engineers

Engineering School Lowers Entry Bar For Women

Current female engineering students at the University of Technology at Sydney might not be too pleased with the school’s decision to lower the requirements for accepting women into the program.

The school is lowering the engineering entry bar for women as part of a plan “to get more women to study engineering and consequently get into the engineering workforce.”

Of course, this fails to address that many women simply might not choose to go into engineering because they have no interest in engineering – and critics also pointed out that lowering the bar for women is actually an insult, especially for current female engineering students.


And, apparently the entry bars for law and medical school are as high or higher – and those fields have a higher proportion of women, which suggests that many women capable of succeeding in engineering without lowering the entry bar simply don’t have an interest in the industry.

This applies to a lot of men as well who have the smarts for engineering but lack the personality required to sustain a passion for the field.

Lowering the bar also adds another angle to the debate over the public safety of engineering projects which flared up last year after the Florida International University bridge collapse.

In that incident, three independent engineers who studied the bridge’s design after it fell suggested “a glaring weakness at a key connection point” was “apparently overlooked by designers.”

“As FIU’s ambitions grew, the need to shape a uniquely memorable bridge drove key engineering decisions, resulting in a striking but unorthodox concrete structure,” reported the Miami Herald. “But the design hid a fatal flaw that its designers and reviewers failed to recognize, according to experts who have examined plans and mathematical calculations for the project.”


Engineering School Lowers Entry Bar For Women

Sick! yet another reason to HOME-SCHOOL or Charter – FEMALE teacher makes PORN in Classroom – disgusting!!

June 28, 2019



Elizabeth Schneider: El Campo Teacher Accused of Making Porn in Classroom

Elizabeth Anne Schneider

Facebook/Elizabeth Anne Schneider Elizabeth Anne Schneider pictured on her Facebook page.

Elizabeth Ann Schneider is the former El Campo High School teacher who is accused by the local school district of making porno movies in her classroom and uploading them to PornHub. The scandal began on June 25 when ABC Houston was the first to report that the incident involved a female teacher allegedly making pornographic videos in her classroom.

A school source told the station that the teacher had allegedly made lewd videos in a classroom and a teacher’s workroom in May 2019. Fox Houston reports that the teacher had been with the school for three months before being fired.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Schneider Said on Her Pornhub Channel That Someone Recognized Her Classroom & Told the Police

Elizabeth Ann Schneider Facebook page

Facebook/Elizabeth Ann Schneider

Schneider went by the moniker O0oAnnieo0O on her PornHub channel. Schneider described herself as “a mom of a rambunctious toddler and a substitute teacher.” She adds, “I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and I want people to watch me please myself or be pleased.” In the profile, Schneider says that she is in an open relationship and that she joined PornHub in May 2019.

Schneider uses that profile to advertise her Snapchat account. One video on that page is titled, “Naughty Substitute Teacher Almost gets Caught in the Teachers Lounge.” While another video shows Schneider masturbating in a classroom. The Texas state flag can clearly be seen in the background of the video. There are videos filmed elsewhere, some show Schneider masturbating at home with another showing her performing oral sex on a man.

On June 20, the teacher wrote on her page that she may need to make a new channel due to “So Much Drama.” On June 19, the teacher wrote, “Naughty Substitute Teacher vids being deleted. Check my snap story for the reason why. Download them if you wanna keep them I guess.” Earlier that day, the teacher explained, “Some one recognized the classroom in one of my videos, they told the principal and he asked me to take them down 😭😭😭😭 I might lose my job over this. I won’t know till next semester.”

2. No Charges Have Been Filed Against Schneider

El Campo Police Department Chief Terry Stanphill told the Houston Chronicle that nobody else was involved in the filming and that the teacher made an effort to ensure nobody at the school knew what was going on. The chief added, “I’ve been in law enforcement for 27 years, and this is the first time I have ever run into anything like this.”

At the time of writing, no charges have been filed in the case although the teacher could face trespassing or public lewdness counts. While the school district will seek to ban the teacher from the school campus.

3. Schneider Has Disabled Her PornHub Page

Elizabeth Ann Schnieder El Campo Teacher

Facebook/Elizabeth Ann Schneider

As the scandal broke out of El Campo high school, Schneider has disabled her PornHub page. In only one of those clips was Schneider’s face visible. In another, the voices of students can be heard. Schneider has also switched her Facebook page to private while also changing her name. Posts on that page that were viewed by before it was privatized showed that Schneider holds a mixture of conservative and liberal political views. Unsurprisingly, Schneider made no mention of her porn career on her Facebook page.

4. Schneider Is Active in the Local Theater Scene in Her Hometown

Elizabeth Malachowski

Various news reports from the Bay City Sentinel show that Schneider is active in her town’s local theater. In March 2015, the newspaper reported that Schneider performed alongside her sister, Becky Malachowski, in a performance of the song “Sisters” from the musical “White Christmas.” The review reads, “The pair earned a lot of laughs from the crowd during their final performance.”

In July 2016, the Sentinel reported that Schneider was making her debut as the director of a show titled “Alice in Space.” That piece mentioned, “Some may remember Schneider from her roles in last summer’s “Oklahoma!” and this springs’ “Picasso at the Lapine Agile.””

5. In August 2018, a Michigan Teacher Lost Her Job After Her Porn Career Was Publicly Revealed

Linda Janack photos pictures

Pinterest/Scott Janack

In August 2018, Linda Janack, an elementary school teacher in Michigan lost her job after her porn career was revealed to the public.

Scott Janack Facebook page

Facebook/Scott Janack

Janack was found to have been running porn website along with her husband, Scott. The couple runs the website, Hot for Teachers. In her porn career, Janack goes by the moniker, Ms. Beulah Ballbreaker. Her husband, who is also a teacher, is known as Jasper Woodcock. Click on Detroit was the first to report that Janack operated and was a star on the website. Janack is a reading teacher at Edgemont Elementary School in the Van Buren Township in Michigan.

Speaking to Click on Detroit, Scott Janack, said that he hoped the media attention would result in more hits for their website. The couple operates the website as part of the network. Janack’s profile reads, “Recently started camming and it has been fun. We’ve meet [sic] so many people and the sex is great too.”

Whats Happening in our schools is not a NEW idea, nor is it organic

June 2, 2019


Communists, many years ago, decided to give up on the notion of a full Communist take over.  They decided that if they could not win, they would just change the way things were without changing what it was called.  But they DO change what it’s called when they change it a little.  One good example is, when HISTORY class was changed to Social Studies.






Austin ISD is behaving like a sexual predator and should be treated as such

May 22, 2019

Mr Abbott, please arrest the presenter of this abuse –

If a stranger, which a teacher is, came up to you 9 year old and started talking to them about their vagina or penis, would one not be taken aback and immediately scream “stranger danger?”

Or are STRANGERS no longer DANGERS?

As I see it, we hear about teachers sexually assaulting kids in their care CONSTANTLY.  So, as the same time we SEE this, we’re supposed to TRUST these people?  They are, after all, only people that these kids will be in contact with for ONE year.  They will never see these people again.  They are NOT family.  No matter how teachers USED to be, they are NO LONGER THAT.

FACE IT.  They are STRANGERS.  And with strangers, kids should NOT be off their guard.  Stranger DANGER!!!!!! and this curriculum dis- empowers kids.  STRIPS them, quite literally of any vanity.

Children have a hard enough time trying to “fit” in.  They WANT to belong.  They will do anything…. to belong.  Some even DIE or engage in activity that endangers them.  And now?  Adults are telling them, that that which is UNnatural IS Natural? How is this beneficial to a DEVELOPING brain?

Stranger DANGER.  Protect your kids.  GET them away from the FEDERAL EDUCATION PERVERSION.  THEY are TEACHING MENTAL ILLNESS.  Creating Sociopathological  populations of individuals.  These people will be violent, and depressed.  They will either internalize or take it out on Society.

Rome ended from the mental illnesses created by the unnatural elite predatory aristocracy.

Governor Abbott, please look in to this.  It’s not good.  Our kids are being abused.

This is NOT accidental.


AUSTIN (KXAN) — For almost a year, the Austin Independent School District has been looking to rework the sexual education curriculum for students spanning grades three through eight. The program hadn’t been updated in a decade.

This week, AISD will display the lessons and parents can weigh in on the hotly debated subject and tell school district administrators what they think.

Here’s a summary of the plan:

The youngest children would be taught how to identify the basic parts of the human body and how to say “No” to inappropriate touching.  It also introduces the concept of sexual orientation and how to find a trusted adult to talk to.

In sixth grade, the curriculum would include gender identity, the definition of sexual intercourse and sexually transmitted diseases.

Seventh and eighth-grade students would learn the early symptoms of pregnancy as well as issues surrounding incest, rape and dating violence.

You can read the full breakdown of the proposed curriculum here.

The lessons will be on display from Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the AISD Science and Health Resource Center located at 305 North Bluff Drive. Spanish interpreters will be available from 9 a.m. to noon on May 22.

———–here it is —————kxan created a link ——-so that you had to click to find it ——-

AISD proposing new sex education curriculum

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Gender identity, sexual orientation and how to use a condom are all planned additions to Austin ISD’s sex education curriculum for students before they enter high school.

The district is looking to overhaul what students between third and eighth grade learn in an effort to have more inclusive and up-to-date lessons.

As part of the process, the district surveyed nearly 6,000 parents, teachers, students and staff.

The new curriculum is broken down by grade level and includes the following:

Third: (9 years old)
● Identify male and female external reproductive anatomy—–>would you let your kids look at naked pictures?
● Identify trusted adults to talk to about sexual orientation—–> what if the teacher is a sexual predator?  The teacher is a stranger, they never met before. Not a family member.
● Demonstrate and promote dignity and respect for all people —–>what does this mean? IDENTIFY Deviant behavior — this is now RESPECTED — how do kids keep safe if the DANGER is now promoted with “dignity and respect?”


Fourth (10 years old):
● Describe male and female reproductive body parts and their functions —> now they will be TAUGHT how to PERFORM? BY A STRANGER whom they met at the beginning of the year and will likely not see again.  CHILDREN are being VIOLATED at this point.  
● Identify trusted adults to talk to about teasing, bullying and sexual abuse—-> being told to do this by a complete stranger is NOT trusted or WORTHY of their trust
● Demonstrate refusal skills and “no” statement-—> Children are then CONFUSED, because COMPLIANCE is necessary in a school environment.  The above tenant is CONTRADICTORY and designed to confuse the child.  The “identify a trusted adult” and this is now potentially in direct opposition. 

Fifth (11 yrs old):
● Describe — medically — the male and female parts and function in pregnancy and reproduction –how about abortion?  is this also described? What happens medically to the baby in an abortion?  If you teach one without the other, then your only TEACH to to GET pregnant or deviancy.  Is the Natural state of man taught? Are they even able to comprehend the difference?

● Define sexual orientation and romantic attraction –-see above as it relates —deviancy IS NOT the natural state of man
● Define teasing, sexual harassment, bullying —-> this should be a regular disciplinary understanding.  Yet, the problem comes up with deviancy and the INCLUSION agenda.  Kids may no longer be able to identify IF they ARE being bullied or teased.   As these are NOT supposed to be accepted in children and should be taught what IS normal.  These kids will wind up depressed at best and violated at worst.

NOTHING good and wholesome here

Sixth(12 ):
● Differentiate between and explain expressions of gender —-> this is confusing for adults at this point.  TEACHING this to kids is a perversion of the mind
● Communicate respectfully about gender identities and sexual orientations —> say Mr. this and Mrs.  THAT – yes, SIR- no, ma’am, etc….. easy – but I bet thats not what they mean here.  I’m not overly Religious, however, this is NOT healthy or moral.
● Describe the advantages and disadvantages of communicating through technology–> Okay, this is potentially OK.  However, there are no details here so not sure.
● Describe strategies to use social media safely, legally and respectfully —> this is just DESIGNED to teach how to communicate around parental supervision control
● Explain personal rights as to touches –—-> JUST SAY NO —> underage, NOTHING is acceptable
● Define sexual intercourse, human reproduction, sexual abstinence, pregnancy prevention — what is NORMAL ONLY and what is abortion
● Define STDs and HIV – these should be medically discussed but not at this age – sorry

Seventh (13 yrs old):
● Communicate effectively to maintain abstinence and use of contraception including condoms —-> this is so not appropriate at this age.  This TEACHES how to have “sex” and where and what to use for what. 

● Explain health benefits, risks, effectiveness, of contraception —-> This forces them to visualize and accept that they are doing the “right thing” and that is now something that is tangible and abstinence is not the NORMAL option
● Describe symptoms of pregnancy and healthy pregnancy practices —-> again this projects a vision and abortion is not a topic here.  No talk about when a heart starts or the biological realities of what an abortion is.  They are still saying a clump of cells.  This is biologically FALSE – the central nervous system is beginning to form within 1 week of conception.  By 2 weeks they little body is seen. 
● Examine influences and how risk behaviors affect sexual behavior  —-> OKAY, this contradicts the entire education above.  They have had to accept STRANGERS talking to them about sex, they have been introduced to deviancy and told that they must RESPECT it.  Confusion is the theme here

Eighth (14 years old):
● Describe the situations and impact of bullying, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault, incest, rape and dating violence—–>note that all the education prior to this, in fact is contradictory to any of abuse identification. 
● Explain why people are not at fault for being victims. ––> they have so far been victimized by all of the above.  THEY are now the victims of the above.  All are victims, so no one is.
● Identify resources about prevention and reproductive health care and emergency contraception —> God, Family, and abstinence until the BRAIN has been able to mature.  Get the rest out of the education system.  Run from a school teaching any of the above.
● Identify pregnancy options, safe surrender policies and prenatal care —-> this teaches what they can do, after they have been the victim of the indoctrination curriculum above


The AISD School Board plans to vote on the proposal during its Feb. 25 meeting. If approved the changes will go into effect for the 2019-20 school year.



Mr. Abbott,

I hope that you are having a good day.  I am a mother in Williamson county.  I was not able to attend the sex education meeting due to family responsibilities.  I am awfully disturbed by the overly sexualized and deviant teaching curriculum being displayed for our consideration.  This is barbaric.  The curriculum teaches hyper sexuality and normalization of deviancy regarding the acts of sex and thereby confusion of gender with regard to normal human sexuality.  All this before the development of a mature brain.  This is DEVIANCY taught not deviancy accepted.  Deviant is thereby eliminated and normal is irrelevant.  But to the undeveloped brain, this is a paradox with the sex that they are born and because of this a great confusion is now a societal norm.  Normalizing deviant behavior create a depression and violent outcome on a societal scale.  Please, arrest this normalization of child abuse.  Teachers are strangers.  What happened to “stranger danger?”  My kids have been taught to run and tell someone if a stranger comes to them and talks to them about things they are uncomfortable with.  This being a SCHOOL curriculum is at odds with NORMAL parenting.  I sincerely, hope that this is curtailed.  This is CHILD ABUSE.

Best wishes,

Girl Scouts are known for a motto “Developing Character.” What kind of Character? Promoting abortion..?

April 19, 2019



The PROGRESSIVES are regressive cults of death

They have destroyed the Boy Scouts and now the girl scouts too

Our public schools are infested with immorality and deviancy

My area school has a GAY / STRAIGHT club.  Why do we have clubs that are all about sex?  This is perversion.

Yet the kids are clueless regarding what happens when an abortion takes place.  They are unaware about the gestational characteristics or the science of development.

Unplanned parenthood is Really the correct thing it is

UnSCHOOLED is also what is our public Education


Why Is a Wholesome Organization Like the Girl Scouts Promoting Abortion?

Members of the Girl Scouts participate in the first-ever White House Campout June 30, 2015 at South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Members of the Girl Scouts participate in the first-ever White House Campout June 30, 2015 at South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Nicole Russell
April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

In 2018, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona highlighted teenager Meghna Gopalan for her volunteer work on “reproductive health justice”—a term that encompasses, and is often a synonym for, access to abortion. As part of her project, Gopalan partnered with the Women’s March in Tucson, Arizona, another booming voice for abortion. She will receive the Gold Award, the Girl Scouts’ highest honor, for her work.

This time in 2018, as part of her Gold Award project, Annalise Poisson, a Girl Scout with the Green and White Mountains council in New Hampshire, held a “Young Women’s Health Expo.” Participants in the exposition included Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and abortion provider Equality Health Center. Pro-choice Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) spoke at the event.

Hassan wrote in a Facebook post: “As Annalise helped point out, in order for women to be able to fully participate in our economy and our democracy, they must be able to make their own health care decisions. Yet even in the year 2018 there are still some in Congress that want to roll back women’s access to critical health services. We cannot let that happen.”


The Girl Scouts have long promoted abortion and fostered a sketchy relationship with abortion affiliates, including Planned Parenthood. These recent award projects, combined with contributions and previous nefarious entanglements with Girl Scouts councils, demonstrates a disturbing dichotomy: Why does an organization like the Girl Scouts, which purports to advocate for wholesome ideas, also champion abortion with the likes of Planned Parenthood?

It’s strange, if not ghoulish, that the Girl Scouts of America would choose to honor one of their own for volunteer work on abortion issues. However, this coupling is not abnormal. Even though the Girl Scouts FAQ social issues page actually says they have no relationship with Planned Parenthood—that’s just patently false at best and misleading at worst.

And if you think buying cookies is a safe way to support your local Girl Scout troop, you might want to think again. Putting aside the fact that Girl Scouts of America makes millions in licensing fees from selling cookies, a small proportion of the proceeds go toward supporting the Girl Scout award projects—like those described above.

Turns out, Girl Scouts don’t just kick back with Thin Mints, but with actual dough. Isn’t it nice to know that part of your $4 from that box of addictive Samoas might have helped advocate for abortion? Thanks to this information, I’ll never buy a box of Girl Scout cookies again.

The Girl Scouts relationship with Planned Parenthood goes back even further. In a 2004 survey, 17 of the 315 Girl Scouts councils admitted to partnering with Planned Parenthood; more than 200 councils wouldn’t say whether they had a relationship or not. Former Girl Scout CEO Kathy Cloninger admitted on national TV that the Girl Scouts partners with Planned Parenthood to bring sexual information to girls. The former national spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts, Kelly Parisi, was also a former spokeswoman for a pro-abortion organization.

In more recent times, they’ve tried to deny it.

But in 2016, it was revealed that many Girl Scout councils still quietly partnered with local Planned Parenthood clinics. Because the Girl Scouts are broken down into local councils, this relationship was influential, no matter how much it’s ignored or flat-out denied.

At this point, Christians started advocating a boycott or, at least, strong boundaries with the Girl Scouts. Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis, Missouri, urged churches in his diocese to reevaluate relationships with Girl Scouts of America troops because of this.

The Girl Scouts can continue to deny that it has a relationship with Planned Parenthood or any other pro-abortion groups, but their council actions, social media, and affiliations tell an entirely different story.

Developing Character

In many ways, the Girl Scouts seems like an incredible, wholesome organization: the girl power answer to boys and their Scouts’ code. Their web page includes inspiring stories of girls helping other girls beat cancer and ways to develop ocean conservation and discourage bullying. These are all worthy causes. (Also, the aforementioned banned cookies.)

The Girl Scouts site states they were formed to help girls thrive in five key ways:

  • Develop a strong sense of self
  • Seek challenges and learn from setbacks
  • Display positive values
  • Form and maintain healthy relationships
  • Identify and solve problems within the community

Even if their affiliation with Planned Parenthood or other abortion advocacy organizations is minor, a small part of the many things the Girl Scouts do, how does advocating for abortion accomplish any of the goals above?

If anything, a pro-life stance—or, if we’re being really politically correct, advocating both positions equally—would at least meet the qualifications of ways the Girl Scouts claim to help girls thrive.

Abortion doesn’t reflect the Girl Scouts values because it doesn’t reflect the public’s values either. Most of the public doesn’t even advocate for abortion with the kind of fervent dedication the Girl Scouts seem to have for it.

Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, pointed out recently on Twitter that a 2018 Gallup poll showed 14 percent of men and 12 percent of women think abortion should be legal in the third trimester. Yet the way the media frames abortion—and if the affiliations of the Girl Scouts and abortion organizations reflect this—abortion at all stages is beloved and espoused by all Americans. Not so.

“Imagine an issue where only 13 percent of Americans agree with the views espoused in 95 percent of mass media opinion sections. You don’t have to. It’s this one,” Domenech tweeted. Yet, the Girl Scouts readily partner with Planned Parenthood and other affiliates, promoting abortion with the rest of the mass media elite as if it is the cause ad infinitum.

If the Girl Scouts are trying to reflect U.S. society, and so are advocating for abortion because of it, they are wrong, and they have been misled this whole time by a corrupt, corroborating media, complicit in one of the most blatant and potent acts of circulating politically correct lies.

It’s time the Girl Scouts of America dig deep into their values and ask themselves why they really want to proclaim abortion as a valuable cause, and with that, an organization such as Planned Parenthood, which ends the lives of the littlest girls in our society, and often harms the emotional, mental, and spiritual health of the mothers, too.

Nicole Russell is a freelance writer and mother of four. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Politico, The Daily Beast, and the Federalist. Follow her on Twitter @russell_nm

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.


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