Liberal Somalis journalist “goes home” and proves Trump right – its a bad idea and AMERICA is a paradise in comparison. Dies proving it !

July 20, 2019

Somalia is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, Judaeo – Christa phobic sh!* hole.  And the Progressive Communists can’t change it.  They are too weak from all the lies.  Islam is evil and can stay in Africa and the MiddleEast.

Don’t bring it to America – it’s a death sentence

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Mogadishu on

Sado Ali and Hodan Nalayeh came back to help their nation. However they were killed

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Hodan Nalayeh: How she became a voice of a generation of Somalis – CNN

TOPSHOT – A man passes in front of the rubbles of the popular Medina hotel of

Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Debunk ‘Stereotypes’ – Gets Killed by Islamic Terrorists

Hodan Nalayeh

Hodan Nalayeh, a Somali-born Canadian journalist traveled to Somalia last week to prove Somalia is “beautiful” and to challenge ‘stereotypes’ ended up being killed by Islamic terrorists.

Hodan Nalayeh returned to Somalia, the place of her birth, to document the beauty and to tell “uplifting” stories, according to WaPo.

Nalayeh often tweeted about Somalia and just last week posted pictures showing how much fun she was having in Kismayo and the neighboring island of Ilisi.

“It’s so clean & breathtaking. A perfect place for a day swim with the family,” Nalayeh tweeted just two days before she was killed.

One of Nalayeh’s Twitter followers praised her for “countering the doom narrative propagated by many about Somalia.”

On July 12, al-Shabaab terrorists stormed Asasey Hotel in Kismayo. 26 people were killed in the terrorist attack and Hodan Nalayeh, 43, and her husband were among the victims.


According to a Canadian news outlet, Nalayeh was pregnant when she was killed by al-Shabaab terrorists last week.

Now she’s dead.

So this journalist pretty much proved Trump’s point that Ilhan Omar is ‘lucky to be here’ (even though she defrauded US immigration to get here).


Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Debunk ‘Stereotypes’ – Gets Killed by Islamic Terrorists

Sweden puts Christian child into foster care with Muslims -father flees and POLAND stands up for civil rights of family

July 16, 2019

Poland refuses to hand over Christian man who fled from Sweden after authorities put his daughters in Muslim foster family

A court in Poland has decided not to extradite Russian Denis Lisov, who fled with his children out of the Scandinavian country, to Sweden.
The decision of the Polish court says that the warrant for the arrest of Lisov, issued by Sweden, violates his civil rights since Lisov was pushed “to a wall, his children were taken away and the impossible conditions for their return were pushed forward.”
In 2017 the Swedish authorities took the children from their father when their mother with schizophrenia was taken to hospital. The guardianship clarified that the man could not cope with the education of their daughters.
parental rights are not afforded to fathers?
The children were placed in a foster family of people from Lebanon.
In March 2019, Lisov took his 12, 6, and 4-year-old daughters, and in April he was detained with them at the airport in Warsaw while on their way to Russia.
According to a psychologist’s opinion, the children are very closely attached to their father and want to live with him.
“They did not feel safe in the foster family, which might have deepened their stress and result in disorders”, said the judge, adding that “the father was unable to watch this and the Swedish authorities’ actions violated the children’s good. The Swedish authorities’ actions glaringly disregarded the sensitivity of children coming from a Russian-European family.”
According to the family’s attorney, the fact that the children were placed in a Muslim family of Lebanese origin despite being raised in the Christian faith was also an important factor in Mr Lisov’s decision to escape Sweden taking them with him.
Now Denis Lisov is awaiting consideration of his application for refugee status in Poland. The children are under his care.
By a court decision, the relevant law enforcement agencies will receive a request and the international search will be removed from Denis in the near future.
According to the court decision, not a single European country will extradite Lisov, arrest will be threatened only in Sweden.
“I am very pleased with this verdict. We have saved the family. Lisov is a father, not a criminal. Everyone in Poland: the guardianship authorities, the prosecutor’s office, the police, the border guards were against the separation of the family and did not allow this possibility”, said the attorney.
Lisov himself in conversation with RT did not hide his joy, although, according to him, he was very worried until the last moment.
He said that he was pleased with the verdict and would now wait for a decision on obtaining a residence permit in Poland.
The Russian expects that his daughters will go to kindergarten and school in Warsaw already in September.
“Now the Swedish side has the opportunity to appeal the court’s ruling, but we hope that they will not do that”, he concluded.

Ilhan Omar – update – added marriage cert – a CONGRESSWOMAN – has ties to the Communist Somali dictator -Mohammed Siad Barre, whom the Omar family served – Media knows and is hiding this information – MEDIA TREASON

May 18, 2019  via @gatewaypundit


Ilhan Omar was 14 years old and interpreting for her grandfather in political affairs.  He was a COMMUNIST and worked for the GENOCIDAL Mohammed Siad Barre regime.  WHY was this person let in to the US?  LET ALONE be allowed in Congress?


Family Matters: How a US Member of Congress was Raised by the Red-Green Axis


Most people’s worldviews are heavily influenced during their formative years. Those influences, and their roots, are important to discern among our national leaders.

The election of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is often seen as a celebration of diversity: An immigrant from the wasteland of Somalia, and one of the first two Muslim women, elected to the United States Congress.

Omar personifies the Red-Green Axis: an ideological and political combination of Marxism-Leninism and Islamism.

A look at Omar’s upbringing is a key to identifying her extremism, and where she wants to take the country that took in her and her family.

Family beholden to Communist-Islamist Somalia dictator

Somalian dictator Mohammed Siad Barre, whom the Omar family served.

Omar spent the first ten years of her life as a member of a family that owed its livelihood to the regime of Mohammed Siad Barre. Her family is described as “civil servants and educators” – all dependent on the regime and executing its orders.

Her father was a “teacher trainer.” Omar has never explained exactly what a “teacher trainer” in Somalia was or did in the Siad Barre government.

A teacher trainer in any revolutionary communist regime is the political commissar who trains teachers on how to indoctrinate children.

Congressman Omar’s father was a professional propagandist for the Communist-Islamist dictatorship. Of course, the sins of the father cannot be attributed to the child – unless the child carries on the father’s legacy.

This is why it’s so important to look at Ilhan Omar’s formative years.

Combination of Qur’an, Marx, Lenin, Mao, and Mussolini

After seizing power by coup d’etat in 1969, Siad Barre declared a Marxist-Leninist regime that he began to infuse with elements drawn from Islamist political thought. The United Nations country profile of Somalia explains:

“The theoretical underpinning of the state ideology combined aspects of the Qur’an with the influences of Marx, Lenin, Mao, and Mussolini, but Siad Barre was pragmatic in its application. ‘Socialism is not a religion,’ he explained; ‘It is a political principle’ to organize government and manage production. Somalia’s alignment with communist states, coupled with its proclaimed adherence to scientific socialism, led to frequent accusations that the country had become a Soviet satellite. For all the rhetoric extolling scientific socialism, however, genuine Marxist sympathies were not deep-rooted in Somalia. But the ideology was acknowledged – partly in view of the country’s economic and military dependence on the Soviet Union – as the most convenient peg on which to hang a revolution introduced through a military coup that had supplanted a Western-oriented parliamentary democracy.”

To supplant that Western-oriented parliamentary democracy in a country defined most by tribes, Siad Barre needed – in addition to tough enforcement mechanisms like property confiscation and a powerful secret police – softer mechanisms like cadres of “teacher trainers.”

Training and indoctrination

The job of the teacher trainers was to indoctrinate teachers in the government-run school systems to impose that Qur’anic-Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Mussolini hybrid.

Nur Omar Mohamed, father of Ilhan Omar, was one of those indoctrinators.

As Siad Barre consolidated control, “civil servants attended reorientation courses that combined professional training with political indoctrination, and those found to be incompetent or politically unreliable were fired,” according to the UN country profile. “A mass dismissal of civil servants in 1974, however, was dictated in part by economic pressures.”

Nur Omar Mohamed was loyal enough to save his job.

The regime set out to break apart traditional societal structures and atomize them into powerlessness, while it imposed its own central controls. For this, the teacher trainers were vital.

“Local councils, composed of military administrators and representatives appointed by the SRC [Supreme Revolutionary Council], were established under the Ministry of Interior at the regional, district, and village levels to advise the government on local conditions and to expedite its directives,” the UN country profile says.

“Other institutional innovations included the organization (under Soviet direction) of the National Security Service (NSS), directed initially at halting the flow of professionals and dissidents out of the country and at counteracting attempts to settle disputes among the clans by traditional means,” according to the profile. The UN report continues:

“The newly formed Ministry of Information and National Guidance set up local political education bureaus to carry the government’s message to the people and used Somalia’s print and broadcast media for the ‘success of the socialist, revolutionary road.’ A censorship board, appointed by the ministry, tailored information to SRC guidelines.”

Was Ilhan Omar’s father a part of the “local political education bureaus”? We don’t yet know.  But those bureaus would have required teacher trainers in order to train the existing teachers about what to teach Somalian children.

Red-Green Axis in Somalia

Siad Barre was building what is now called a Red-Green Axis. That is the combination of the red of Communism with the green of Islam.

The UN country profile on Somalia continues:

“Somalia’s adherence to socialism became official on the first anniversary of the military coup when Siad Barre proclaimed that Somalia was a socialist state, despite the fact that the country had no history of class conflict in the Marxist sense. For purposes of Marxist analysis, therefore, tribalism was equated with class in a society struggling to liberate itself from distinctions imposed by lineage group affiliation. At the time, Siad Barre explained that the official ideology consisted of three elements: his own conception of community development based on the principle of self-reliance, a form of socialism based on Marxist principles, and Islam. These were subsumed under ‘scientific socialism,’ although such a definition was at variance with the Soviet and Chinese models to which reference was frequently made.

“One of the SRC’s first acts was to prohibit the existence of any political association. Under Soviet pressure to create a communist party structure to replace Somalia’s military regime, Siad Barre had announced as early as 1971 the SRC’s intention to establish a one-party state. The SRC already had begun organizing what was described as a “vanguard of the revolution” composed of members of a socialist elite drawn from the military and the civilian sectors. The National Public Relations Office (retitled the National Political Office in 1973) was formed to propagate scientific socialism with the support of the Ministry of Information and National Guidance through orientation centers that had been built around the country, generally as local selfhelp projects.

“The SRC convened a congress of the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP) in June 1976 and voted to establish the Supreme Council as the new party’s central committee. The council included the nineteen officers who composed the SRC, in addition to civilian advisers, heads of ministries, and other public figures. Civilians accounted for a majority of the Supreme Council’s seventy-three members. On July 1, 1976, the SRC dissolved itself, formally vesting power over the government in the SRSP under the direction of the Supreme Council.

“In theory the SRSP’s creation marked the end of military rule, but in practice real power over the party and the government remained with the small group of military officers who had been most influential in the SRC. Decision-making power resided with the new party’s politburo, a select committee of the Supreme Council that was composed of five former SRC members, including Siad Barre and his son-in-law, NSS chief Abdullah. Siad Barre was also secretary general of the SRSP, as well as chairman of the Council of Ministers, which had replaced the CSS in 1981. Military influence in the new government increased with the assignment of former SRC members to additional ministerial posts. The MOD circle also had wide representation on the Supreme Council and in other party organs. Upon the establishment of the SRSP, the National Political Office was abolished; local party leadership assumed its functions.”


Siad Barre struggled to stay in power, shifting loyalties from the USSR to the United States by virtue of a strategic naval port, waging the Ogaden war against Soviet ally Ethiopia, and relying purely on foreign handouts to keep the economy moving.

Before long, he ratcheted up political repression, arresting prominent figures and even former allies, and setting Red Beret goon squads into the streets.

“Faced with saboteurs by day and sniper fire by night, Siad Barre ordered remaining units of the badly demoralized Red Berets to massacre civilians,” the UN profile report says. “By 1989 torture and murder became the order of the day in Mogadishu. On July 9, 1989, Somalia’s Italian-born Roman Catholic bishop, Salvatore Colombo, was gunned down in his church in Mogadishu by an unknown assassin. The order to murder the bishop, an outspoken critic of the regime, was widely believed to have had come from the presidential palace.”

Exhumed remains of victims of Somalia’s Isaaq Genocide, 1988-89. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

“On the heels of the bishop’s murder came the July 14 massacre, when the Red Berets slaughtered 450 Muslims demonstrating against the arrest of their spiritual leaders. More than 2,000 were seriously injured. The next day, forty-seven people, mainly from the Isaaq clan, were taken to Jasiira Beach west of the city and summarily executed,” according to the UN report.

The Isaaq genocide of 1988-89 exterminated between 60,000 and 100,000 Somalis.

Without Siad Barre dictator as their patron, the Omar family flees

By 1991, the Siad Barre regime collapsed as the country tore itself apart in civil war. Regime loyalists – families like Ilhan Omar’s – could find no safety any more in Somalia. They fled to Kenya, and ultimately made it to the United States.

When they moved to the United States in 1995, they brought their Red-Green ideological baggage with them.

Two years before, Congress, at the urging of the Clinton administration, abolished the law requiring that would-be immigrants declare whether they had belonged to a foreign Communist party. The Omar family was able to move to America without that important element of screening.

No sooner did the family settle in Minneapolis when Ilhan Omar, at age 14, began to get involved in politics. She interpreted for her grandfather, a Siad Barre servant, at political meetings. In high school, she became active in student politics.

From there, the Red-Green Axis import from Somalia, put down her own political roots, became a community organizer, and laid her path to the United States Congress.

Omar is not known to have been critical of the Siad Barre regime or the horrors it inflicted during her childhood in Somalia.

Migrants are dangerous and parents are stupid in Germany

May 17, 2019

Even stray dogs are more grateful – the repayment is vile!

Families with children are willfully putting their OWN children in danger.  Stupid!!!

Women don’t fare better with these people

Migrants coming from a violent area of the world are NOT always going to acclimate.  Why is Germany allowing the potential of such violence to come in unchecked?


Germany: Migrant Repays Family Who Sheltered Him by Stabbing Their Child

A migrant repaid a German family that offered him shelter by allegedly stabbing their 11-year-old child while repeatedly shouting “die, die, die!” according to German reports.

HLN (as translated by Google) reports: Refugee Abdulrahman M. (26) was kindly welcomed at the home of the German Tina K. (34). Yet he stabbed her son Paul (11) with a bread knife on July 25, 2018. The child was seriously injured and survived […] This week, the asylum seeker from Eritrea has to appear before the court of Passau (Bavaria) for attempted murder.

After his flight from Eritrea, Abdulrahman M. lived with other refugees in a multi-family home in Vilshofen. Tina K. (34) lived with her husband and two sons in the same house and took care of the refugees, German media write including Die Welt and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to the prosecutor, Abdulrahman M. lured his assistant’s son into ambush in the parental home. He was actually aiming at Paul’s mother, but she was shopping with the other refugees at the time.

The asylum seeker asked the boy where his mother was and pushed him into the living room. There he knocked him down and brought out a bread knife that he had kept hidden until then. M. would have called “die, die” when he stabbed the boy. Paul reacted fearlessly and defended himself during the knife attack..

The family dog ​​- a terrier – eventually saved his life. He bit the attacker. Then Paul was able to free himself and run out of the house. M. did not stop the chase until the boy could stop a car along the road. Paul was seriously injured in the neck and arms and legs. He had to undergo emergency surgery. He had a cut of 15 centimeters [6 inches] on the neck.

Ten months after the facts, the boy still has serious psychological problems and concentration problems, his father said. He has been going back to school for a few weeks after being admitted to a specialized clinic for months.

“The boy’s mother said, ‘We always helped Abdulrahman. We do not understand why he did this to us,’ ” reported.


————-> me – Because that is the nature of the snake —-  The boy has psychological problems because the people he trusts MOST in the world put him (out of ignorance) in jeopardy.  How is he supposed to trust his parents to keep him safe? THAT is the psychological issue.—–>

Germany: Migrant Repays Family Who Sheltered Him by Stabbing Their Child


The Edict which changed the course of History – “Islam is a Religion of Peace”

May 17, 2019


The decree is still on the WHITE HOUSE web site.  This needs a reverse decree to be nullified.

POTUS is the only one that can do this.

Mr. Trump please reverse this decree.  All government agencies are required to follow










Omar a Islamic and Sharia supremacist is a KEYNOTE speaker at a dinner that Jewish Mayor Adler will attend. Would he have attended a dinner with the SS at it’s formation?

May 17, 2019

Omar is a Muslim supremacist and is openly advocating sedition.  She is a Sharia supporter, which is incompatible with the Constitution of the US.

To make this even more unbelievable is that she has broken many laws, by marrying her brother to skirt immigration laws.

ALL this while being a member of Congress.

Who voted her in?

Were the VOTERS that voted to support this US Citizens?

Surely, her leadership must be stopped as it is a seditious outcome.


Texas Jewish mayor urged to pull out of Iftar dinner with Omar

TERROR boss – out of PRISON -Choudary

May 9, 2019

This notorious RICO boss and terror ring leader is OUT OFF JAIL?

London is a terrorist making city and should be condemned by the UN for creating terrorist cells all over the world.

London should be placed on a terror watch LIST

Anjem Choudary was at the centre of a web of extremists who operated in London

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary returns home after six months in a bail hostel as security services ‘spot increased activity among some of his Islamist followers’

  • Choudary returned home to his house in east London after spell in bail hostel
  • It comes amid police warnings of an increase in activity among his followers 
  • Choudary’s web of hate and radicalisation extended to London Bridge attack ringleader Khuram Butt, and the brutal murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby
  • It was feared he would return to radicalisation after he was freed from jail 

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary pictured in London today

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been pictured walking the streets of London with his electronic ankle tag clearly visible under his socks, after he was released from a bail hostel to return to his family home.

It comes amid fears he will again pose a threat to national security with reports that security services have noticed increased activity among his militant Islamist followers.

Choudary returned to his home in east London under licence in the past fortnight, having spent close to six months in a bail hostel under close supervision following his release from prison.

He was jailed after pledging allegiance to ISIS following a decades-long cat and mouse game with the authorities.

The father of five spent three years of a five-and-a-half year sentence in prison after he was detained in 2016 under terror laws for his encouragement to Muslims to join Isis.

The Choudary-led extremist group al-Muhajiroun was outlawed by the Government following the 2005 7/7 attacks on London but it has continued to operate under a number of different images.

He helped radicalise some of Britain’s most notorious terrorists, including London Bridge terror attacker ringleader Khuram Butt, and Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London.

The electronic tag worn as a condition of his early release from jail is clearly visible under his clothes

The electronic tag worn as a condition of his early release from jail is clearly visible under his clothes

Anjem Choudary walks along the road close to his home in East London today after being released from his bail hostel following his release from jail six months ago

Anjem Choudary walks along the road close to his home in East London today after being released from his bail hostel following his release from jail six months ago

Anjem Choudary leaves a bail hostel in north London after his release from Belmarsh Prison last year. The hate preacher was recently allowed to leave the hostel and return to his family home in London

Anjem Choudary leaves a bail hostel in north London after his release from Belmarsh Prison last year. The hate preacher was recently allowed to leave the hostel and return to his family home in London

The 52-year-old, dressed in white robes, was pictured by The Daily Telegraph yesterday, smiling while out shopping for sweets and to pay off electricity bill.

He said to the newspaper: ‘It’s a lovely day’, but declined to answer any questions.

He will have to submit his receipts to the authorities after his assets were frozen under United Nations sanctions.

Chaudary’s al-Muhajiroun group often targeted mixed-up or vulnerable young men, such as Brusthom Ziamani, who was brought up a Jehovah’s Witness, but converted to Islam after leaving his south London family home.

Ziamani was radicalised in just two weeks before he was arrested as he wandered the streets looking for a serviceman to execute in a Woolwich-style killing. He was jailed for 22 years in 2015.

Choudary is seen leaving a probation hostel in London on October 19, 2018 following his release from prison

Choudary is seen leaving a probation hostel in London on October 19, 2018 following his release from prison

Choudary’s students and lieutenants were also among ISIS militants to wage jihad in Syria including Siddhartha Dhar, who has been put on a global terror list as an ISIS executioner.

Al-Muhajiroun was seriously disrupted with the detention of Choudary in 2016 under terror laws for his encouragement to Muslims to join Isis.

But the release of Choudary and other offenders poses a renewed threat to national security with the worry that it may fuel young impressionable Muslims.

While security services are assured Choudary’s extremist activities have decreased it is understood that they’ve noticed increased activity among some of his followers, according to The Daily Telegraph.

A well-placed source told the newspaper: ‘The group remains a threat to national security but the dis-ruptions have been very effective.

‘Choudary is now out and back at home. He is somebody who preferred to stay in the comfort of his home in London and encourage others to go and fight.

‘He is a coward, his are not the actions of a warrior.’

A Ministry of Justice spokesman declined to comment on his move back to the family home.

The spokesman added: ‘Public protection is our overriding priority when deciding whether an offender should be allowed to relocate from an approved premises.

‘This would only be permitted following a robust risk assessment and they remain subject to close monitoring and strict licence conditions which, if breached, can see them go back to jail.’

Web of hate: How Anjem Choudary’s sermons inspired a generation of home-grown terrorists and radicals

The hate-filled circle around Anjem Choudary was a breeding ground for the Islamic extremism which plagued Britain in the last two decades.

Former law-student Choudary, who previously called for adulterers to be stoned to death and branded UK troops ‘cowards’, always hid behind free speech rules whenever challenged by the authorities.

But the group he helped to set up were linked to a series of terrorist attacks, as easily-influenced young men became inspired by his twisted vision of jihad.

Anjem Choudary was at the centre of a web of extremists who operated in London

Anjem Choudary was at the centre of a web of extremists who operated in London

The best known of his disciples was Muslim convert Michael Adebolajo, who, along with Michael Adebowale, attacked Fusilier Lee Rigby with a meat cleaver in Woolwich in 2013 in a murder which shocked the country.

Adebolajo was a supporter of Choudary’s al-Muhajiroun group and was pictured standing behind the hate preacher in 2007.

After the incident, Choudary said Adebolajo was ‘a practising Muslim and a family man’ who he was ‘proud of’.

But he denied encouraging the killer to carry out the attack, insisting he was ‘channeling the energy of the youth through demonstrations and processions’.

London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt also joined one of Choudary’s rallies, this time on College Green outside the Palace of Westminster in 2013.

There, Butt ‘verbally assaulted’ a moderate Muslim leader who had opposed Choudary’s extremist rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Reza Haque, thought of as Choudary’s bodyguard, disappeared from Britain in 2014.

A photograph taken in Syria showed him in a balaclava and camouflage clothing, brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle and he has since been suspected as being a tall figure in ISIS’s horrific execution films.

Siddhartha Dhar, who once ran Choudary’s media operation, was also seen posing in a military style coat and boots, brandishing an assault rifle and holding his new born baby in Syria, labelling the picture ‘Generation Khilafah’.

In December 2014, two other close associates were discovered in the back of a lorry at Dover as they tried to leave the country.

Westminster attacker Khalid Masood was also linked to Choudary through Ibrahim Anderson, an al-Muhajiroun activist convicted of inviting support for ISIS in 2016.


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