Liberal Somalis journalist “goes home” and proves Trump right – its a bad idea and AMERICA is a paradise in comparison. Dies proving it !

July 20, 2019

Somalia is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, Judaeo – Christa phobic sh!* hole.  And the Progressive Communists can’t change it.  They are too weak from all the lies.  Islam is evil and can stay in Africa and the MiddleEast.

Don’t bring it to America – it’s a death sentence

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Mogadishu on

Sado Ali and Hodan Nalayeh came back to help their nation. However they were killed

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Hodan Nalayeh: How she became a voice of a generation of Somalis – CNN

TOPSHOT – A man passes in front of the rubbles of the popular Medina hotel of

Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Debunk ‘Stereotypes’ – Gets Killed by Islamic Terrorists

Hodan Nalayeh

Hodan Nalayeh, a Somali-born Canadian journalist traveled to Somalia last week to prove Somalia is “beautiful” and to challenge ‘stereotypes’ ended up being killed by Islamic terrorists.

Hodan Nalayeh returned to Somalia, the place of her birth, to document the beauty and to tell “uplifting” stories, according to WaPo.

Nalayeh often tweeted about Somalia and just last week posted pictures showing how much fun she was having in Kismayo and the neighboring island of Ilisi.

“It’s so clean & breathtaking. A perfect place for a day swim with the family,” Nalayeh tweeted just two days before she was killed.

One of Nalayeh’s Twitter followers praised her for “countering the doom narrative propagated by many about Somalia.”

On July 12, al-Shabaab terrorists stormed Asasey Hotel in Kismayo. 26 people were killed in the terrorist attack and Hodan Nalayeh, 43, and her husband were among the victims.


According to a Canadian news outlet, Nalayeh was pregnant when she was killed by al-Shabaab terrorists last week.

Now she’s dead.

So this journalist pretty much proved Trump’s point that Ilhan Omar is ‘lucky to be here’ (even though she defrauded US immigration to get here).


Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Debunk ‘Stereotypes’ – Gets Killed by Islamic Terrorists

Omar is a threat to the security of the USA – she was not vetted and her family supports terrorists / Communists LITERALLY!!!

July 17, 2019

Her FATHER was a PAID PROPAGANDIST for Communist Barre

so why was she allowed in to the USA with her family?  Let alone be in CONGRESS.

They are Communist PAID PROPAGANDIST

REPORT: Ilhan Omar’s Father and Other Somalian War Crimimals Now Living Illegally in the US


Omar should be serving time in the pen not serving time in the House.

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The higher the crime, the higher you rise in the Democrat party of treason.



The Gateway Pundit has obtained information that is damning for Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Omar’s father, Nur Omar Mohamed (aka Nur Said Elmi Mohamed), is connected to the former dictator in Somalia, Said Barre.  Nur and other former Barre accomplices are living in the US illegally.

Omar’s father Mohamed, is living in the US.  He and other Somalians like Yusuf Abdi Ali, who killed thousands for Barre, escaped to the West and were not vetted properly before entering the country.  Barre was a dictator and was connected to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro

Ali is a convicted war criminal who did the killing himself.  Ali has been located in the US working as security at Dulles International Airport and driving for Uber in 2019.  He reportedly lived at one time in Alexandria, Virginia.  Ali was a Colonel in the Somalian Army’s 5th Mechanized Brigade in 1987 and was a graduate of the Pentegon’s Program for Foreign Officers in 1986.  He’s also a war criminal in response to his actions in Somalia.

Nur, Representative Omar’s father, appears to have been a party propagandist under the dictator and was responsible for ‘ideological’ aspects of the Red-Green revolution.  (He worked for the Marxist/Stalinist regime under dictator Baare as a teacher of teachers.) This could have included providing the ideological/political justification for the massacres of the late eighties.

It is not a secret that Ilhan Omar’s father illegally entered the United States.

Luke H.@QuantumxParadox

And how exactly did her family scam their way in? Her father also worked hard to get here. They’re citizens. Not green card holders. I She swore an oath to become said citizen. She’s just as American as you and I, man.


They worked for the brutal Barre regime.

Her father worked for the regime, and then came to America pretending to be one of its victims.

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The Nur family was well connected in the country led by the Marxist regime.  Young Omar went to kindergarten at age four, their family lived in a secure compound in Mogadishu.  When the regime was overtaken, the family caught a plane to escape the country.  The average GDP per capita in Somalia was only $187 dollars in 2010 twenty years after they fled the country when the regime fell. Obviously, Nur’s family was a privileged family.

(((Sharon Gelman)))🌊@sharongelman

I’m not saying you are far right but the only sources that publish that story are far far right. Legit sources say her family was liberal, Dad a teacher, fled war, ended up in refugee camp.


What kind of teacher gets to catch flights after a regime falls? 

Replying to @ThAlMeArCrEq @ali

Read it in her own words. She explains the night Barre’s regime, incl her famil were driven from Mogadishu & that her formerly very privileged life came to a halt. Her family “was no longer welcome” in Somalia. 

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According to a 2016 article on Omar, when the Marxist regime was being overtaken the secure compound that the family lived in was under attack by 20 armed men, somehow the family escaped.  It is not clear how.  Either the family had superior armed guards within their compound or they bribed the attackers and sent them on their way (or the story is a complete fabrication).

Both Ali and Nur escaped Somalia after the fall of Barre.  Because they were no longer safe there and would have been put on trial and shot if caught, they exited the country. Both ended up in the US and both hid the fact that they worked for a totalitarian regime. Both lied on their Form N-400, Application for Naturalization about their communist background.  (They had to or they wouldn’t be here.)

As you can see below:

The Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.) contains a prohibition on naturalization for anyone involved, within the last ten years, with a group that advocates or teaches opposition to all organized government; or involved with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party of the U.S. or any foreign state; or who advocates world communism or totalitarian dictatorship even without formal group membership. (See I.N.A. Section 313).”

Both Nur and Yusuf should be disqualified from permanent US residency and a revocation of their US citizenship should take place.

Representative Omar reportedly lied after she married her brother in order to assist him in obtaining US citizenship.

This would obviously disqualify Omar and her brother from legal citizenship.


Hat Tip Yaacov Apelbaum



REPORT: Ilhan Omar’s Father and Other Somalian War Crimimals Now Living Illegally in the US



China and Warner Bros -Huayi Brothers Media Group Wang Zhonglei launched by former Warner Bros. executive – joins the Communist Party – now you know that China’s propagandizing the USA

July 14, 2019

Leading Chinese Film Studio Huayi Brothers Forges Deeper Ties to Communist Regime

July 13, 2019 Updated: July 13, 2019


President of the Huayi Brothers Media Group Wang Zhonglei (C) attends the inauguration "Jurade of Saint-Emilion's" first chapter in Beijing on May 31, 2014. (Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)President of the Huayi Brothers Media Group Wang Zhonglei (C) attends the inauguration “Jurade of Saint-Emilion’s” first chapter in Beijing on May 31, 2014. (Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)



A leading Chinese film studio, Huayi Brothers, has announced it will deepen its ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), after suffering huge financial losses this past year and the apparent cancellation of a high budget war film, “The Eight Hundred,” by Party censors.


me- adding to story



On July 8, Huayi Brothers held a conference to announce the establishment of a Party organization within the company, the “CCP Huayi Brothers Media Co. Committee,” in a move to “solidly integrate the Party’s work into the [studio’s] film content,” said the studio’s party secretary Cao He, according to a July 8 report by state-run media The Paper.

The Party should play a leading role in every stage of the filmmaking process, Cao added.

The studio joins another 1.58 million private firms that have embedded party units in their companies. Party organizations, as designed to make sure employees adhere to the regime’s rules, are already a mandatory part in the workplace of all of the country’s publicly-listed firms. Firms were often eager to follow Party orders in order to stay out of trouble.

The company’s CEO, Wang Zhongjun, said during the ceremony that the set-up of the committee would ensure “the Party’s core socialist values … are more deeply ingrained into the blood of the company.” Wang is himself a Party member.

As of June, Huayi has 115 Party members out of the 1,933 employees, with 85 percent of them being millennials born after the 1980s, according to The Paper.


About 94 percent of Chinese private business owners believed that it was important to maintain relationships with the government, although only less than 4 percent of the companies expressed an interest in the Party’s development, according to a 2018 report from South China Morning Post citing an investigation by now-defunct Beijing-based think tank Unirule Institute of Economics.

Huayi Brothers has previously organized several events to express its Party loyalty since last year, including organizing film screenings and major exhibitions in partnership with Party mouthpiece The People’s Daily. In April, the company organized a themed event called “Party-building classroom” to study the communist party leadership conferences and boost the communist spirit.

One of China’s most established entertainment companies, the Beijing-based Huayi Brothers has suffered a number of financial blows in the past year.

Huayi posted a loss of around $1.1 billion yuan ($158 million) in the past year, according to its annual financial report released in April.

Two of the studio’s films poised to be summer hits—Chinese war film “The Eight Hundred” and comedy Tiny Little Wishes—were canceled days before the films’ scheduled release in July as a result of apparent censorship.

Chinese netizens suspect “The Eight Hundred,” dubbed China’s version of “Dunkirk,” was censored because it depicted the CCP’s old political adversary, the Kuomintang, in a favorable light. The CCP defeated the Kuomintang in a civil war to take control of China in 1949, forcing the latter to retreat to the island of Taiwan.


me- adding to story


Following the cancellation of “The Eight Hundred,” Huayi’s shares, traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, plunged 8 percent. The company’s stock has also been on a consistent decline since June, dropping by over 20 percent compared to its peak at June 13.

As a result of the box office slowdown, the company was forced to sell some of its projection equipment for $40 million yuan ($5.8 million) to pay for operating costs, Beijing Business Today reported. Huayi said in a July 3 announcement that they would rent back the equipment for another 2 years after the sale.

Wu Zuolai, a U.S.-based Chinese political commentator, believed that July 8 announcement suggests the Party is renewing its attempts to tighten its control of private businesses.

“In the 50s all private businesses were nationalized and business owners had to hand in their property to the Chinese Communist Party. Right now the [CCP] can’t achieve that, so they adopted a new way: the Party organization inserts itself into the company so as to assert control over it,” Wu told Radio Free Asia on July 9.

A Huayi that is influenced by Party dictates would assist the regime in further propagating its agenda through media, Wu added.

“Later on all of the content that [Huayi Brothers] created will have some sort of Party promotion, at the very least it won’t stray from the Party’s fundamental principles,” Wu said.

“With the increased Party’s censors, the living space for creative and original works will gradually diminish, to the point where art becomes one with politics.”

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Less brotherly love

Investors spooked by Huayi share pledge

Wang Zhonglei and Wang Zhongjun

Shortly before Jia Yueting’s empire started to unravel last year, the founder and largest shareholder of technology and media group LeEco pledged Rmb39 billion ($6 billion) of shares in the group’s Shenzhen-listed unit, Leshi Internet Information, to 13 different financial institutions.

Jia used the money to fund his aggressive expansion into areas like electric cars and smartphones.

The plan turned out to be a disaster for the company and by January this year Leshi had seen more than Rmb30 billion of its market value wiped out. Jia, whose shares have since been seized by the courts, has taken refuge in California. More recently the tycoon was put on a credit blacklist by the authorities, which blocks him from borrowing from banks or even buying railway tickets (should he return to China).

Since then any news of fundraisings with a large-scale pledge of shares has made investors nervous. In early June, Wang Zhonglei and Wang Zhongjun, major shareholders of Huayi Brothers, pledged most of their stock rights. According to the filing with the Shenzhen exchange where the media firm is listed, the Wang brothers offered a total of about 25% out of the 28.2% stake they owned as of March 31. But the timing of the share-pledge couldn’t have been worse, just a few days beforehand a tax probe was triggered by allegations that actress Fan Bingbing was underreporting the income for her work in upcoming Huayi Brothers production Cell Phone 2 (see WiC412). After the news, investors were worried that the two brothers were trying to cash out, sending the company’s shares tumbling. On June 4, the Beijing-based studio plunged by the 10% daily limit, incinerating Rmb2.3 billion of market value in a single day. It fell further in the following days, losing Rmb4.4 billion in market capitalisation over a two-week period.

Is that an overreaction? Entertainment Capital seems to think so. “The painful lesson from Jia Yueting and LeEco, and what happened to large share-pledges and their explosive outcomes at the beginning of the year, [Huishan Dairy had a similar problem] has remained very vivid in investor minds. So the market now has a reflex reaction to equating large share pledges with a major crisis,” the entertainment blog observed.


Using shares as loan collateral is more common among small and mid-cap companies where controlling shareholders own large stakes. They sometimes reinvest the proceeds in other projects or buy additional shares on the secondary market to boost the share price. According to Huayi Brothers, the loans raised against the share-pledge were for new investment projects. The company said that deploying the shares as collateral “did not indicate that the founders were pessimistic about the future of Huayi” but that they wanted the capital to “meet personal financing needs, mainly for use in other projects and equity investment”.

To stop the landslide of negative press, Huayi also threatened legal action against “malicious rumourmongers,” claiming speculation surrounding the two brothers as libellous, says Tencent News, a portal.

Still, such a large-scale share pledge has raised concerns that Huayi might have a liquidity problem, Caixin warns. In recent years, a large portion of the studio’s revenue has been boosted by one-off investments outside filmmaking, adds Huxiu. The portal points out that when non-recurring income is deducted, the studio had a net loss of Rmb40.2 million in 2016. Similarly, in the first three quarters of 2017, investment income contributed 83% – or Rmb687 million – of its earnings before taxes. That is largely a result of selling down its stake in Yinhan Games, a mobile game developer.

“Since a few years ago, Huayi Brothers has largely filled its annual report with strong performance from technology stocks. However, investment is not its core business. As a listed company, it is still necessary to focus on the development of its core business [filmmaking] and find ways to improve on that.”

In the meantime the speculation about Huayi’s prospects shows no sign of abating. Just a week ago the studio made a big splash at the Shanghai International Film Festival, unveiling an ambitious slate of productions for 2018 and 2019. However, Variety, an industry magazine, noted that no major government figures were present at the event, which it interpreted as ominous.

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“The international agenda has been bombed, the global context is uncertain and fluid and the protection networks are gone.”

July 2, 2019

If you want real news, you have to leave CNN and any MSM – that includes FOX – real International news is hard to come by.  Sometimes you have to go elsewhere

From Bannon to the chaos of world order, Italy must have a clear course. Ambassador Massolo speaks

From Bannon to the chaos of world order, Italy must have a clear course.  Ambassador Massolo speaks

According to Massolo, faced with the crisis of the world order, it is vitally important for Italy to have a clear vision of its national interest. Populist movements, a symptom of this crisis, can be an opportunity

The international agenda has been bombed, the global context is uncertain and fluid and the protection networks are gone. This is the rather bleak picture, outlined by President Ispi, Ambassador Giampiero Massolo , in his speech at the Menabò event, organized by Formiche .

Italy must find its place, no longer guaranteed by the bipolar scheme of the Cold War. The US, which for a long time has fulfilled its task of regulatory power, is no longer willing to do so and there are no candidates on the horizon ready to replace them. The trumpism, warns Massolo, in all its national variations, is not a fleeting “fever”, but rather the symptom of the inability of politics to provide organic responses to the anxieties and fears of citizens in the face of the ugly face of globalization. The EU, for its part, is in the throes of a very delicate process of transition, crushed by the new competition between great powers.

What is the national interest of Italy in this context? How to pursue it? According to President Ispi it is essential to take an uphill path, that of the laborious reconstruction of our international credibility that, acknowledges Massolo, in recent times we have done nothing to support.

Ambassador, in your speech you spoke about the profound crisis that is going through the liberal order. Steve Bannon, in his trip to Europe, indicated Italy as the heart of the revolution of the populist world movements. 

Italy has often been an international political laboratory. I must say that this time too we have found a way to channel a certain movement of public opinion into political forces that have their own logic and find their composition within the political system and not outside it. I believe that it is very important for such a thing to happen and I believe that it is very important, from this point of view, that all these new forces find their institutional placement within the political system.

Can the rise of parties other than traditional be an opportunity?

This is a gamble, also because the idea that there has been such a broad consensus, in some ways unexpected, towards those who have been seen interpreting a new way of doing politics is not an occasional push of fever, but it is the symptom of how felt the need for security and perspective in our public opinions. We cannot afford to waste the opportunity, and I say this without partisan spirits, but in systemic terms, of the functioning of the political system.

You have insisted a lot on the subject of national interest. Does Italy in this sense pay its inability to speak with a single voice with respect to the major issues that dominate the international agenda? I am thinking, for example, of relations with Moscow and the recent Skripal case, where the unanimous condemnation of the great European capitals has been in contrast to the silence of Italian political leaders.

Italy is experiencing a post-electoral phase that is not very easy, so it is normal that the positions can sometimes be a little late or be the result of various types of mediation, it is normal and also happens in other countries. I believe that the national interest is normally the synthesis of various instances, therefore I find it healthy that there is a strong dialectic and that there is also in the field of international politics. Of course, then it takes maturity and political culture to make the synthesis. I believe this is very important to develop in our country.

But where is our national interest now? 

Italy has its natural location and is still very important at the center of the Mediterranean in a geopolitical area that is an area affected by phenomena of jihadism, terrorism with even quite significant conflicts between Shiites and Sunnis, an area where instability is quite extensive and risks affecting Europe and within our national borders. So a first obvious requirement is to make security, to contribute to the international security system.

What role does Europe play in this match?

Being authoritatively in Europe is an essential condition to make our interests, beyond what we can ideologically think of the European Union and of the transfers of sovereignty. Right now being in Europe is one of the ways to ensure our citizens’ life and safety perspective, and therefore it is in our deep national interest to assert ourselves in international locations, to respond to the need that comes from public opinion.

Almost thirty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, is Italy still struggling to find its role in an international order that has become much more fluid and changeable?

It is necessary to have a clear vision of our alliances. We are in the West, we are in NATO, we are allies of the United States and other European countries that are members of the EU. However, this does not exclude the possibility of collaborations and even strong partnerships with other powers, and speak the voice of reason regarding relations with other countries, starting with Russia, but always keeping the point that the our alliances are in the west.


They Goaded Trump into War with Iran!

June 22, 2019


VIDEO: Democrat Leaders Pelosi and Schumer Caught on Camera Doing Victory Dance After They Thought They Goaded Trump into War with Iran!

The leaders of the Democrat Party could not care less about 150 Iranian lives.  They couldn’t care even less about the fate of our country.

Everything, everyday to them, is about power and how to steal it and keep it.

Rather than attempting to make America a better place or keeping America great, Democrat leaders are all about power.  On Friday before President Trump decided not to drop bombs on Iran for knocking down a US drone, the President met with Congressional leaders in the White House to discuss the situation.

After the meeting, Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer from New York and Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, could be seen cheering outside the White House.  As they approached their cars, Schumer raised his hands in victory and Pelosi was smiling and cheering on Schumer.

The Democrat leaders clearly wanted President Trump to make a wrong move so they could criticize him endlessly for getting America into another bloody war.  They don’t care about protecting the US, standing for justice or protecting innocent lives.

It is clear that the Democrats are not about protection of human lives or what is best for the USA.  These leaders seek power. What wicked people.

Hat tip D. Manny

UPDATE: The liberal media says Schumer was dancing because he was overjoyed his mother had been released from hospital.
That’s what Schumer says.

VIDEO: Democrat Leaders Pelosi and Schumer Caught on Camera Doing Victory Dance After They Thought They Goaded Trump into War with Iran!

Another Democrat DOXING scandal

June 22, 2019


Second Dem Ex-Staffer Charged for ‘Doxing’ GOP Senators During Kavanaugh Hearings After First Gets Jail Time

A second former staffer for New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) has been charged for taking part in a scheme posting the personal information of multiple Republican senators online after the first received jail time.

On Wednesday, the former staff assistant for Hassan — Samantha Deforest Davis — was charged with two misdemeanor counts for allegedly taking part in a “doxing” scheme of various Republican senators with staffer Jackson A. Cosko during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation hearings.

Davis was fired from the New Hampshire Democrat’s office in December 2018 after Capitol Police had found she may have played a part in Cosko’s plan.

She was charged with one federal misdemeanor count of aiding and abetting computer fraud and a District of Columbia count of attempted evidence tampering with prosecutors alleging the former staff assistant was convinced by Cosko to “wipe down” the Senate computers he hacked, according to the Washington Post.

Hassan’s other former staffer, Cosko, was sentenced to four years in prison on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to five felony charges: one count of witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and computer fraud as well as two counts of making public restricted personal information. He was forced to hand over the equipment he used during the hack as well as his cell phones and computers.

The former staffer served as Hassan’s systems administrator before he was fired last year. He repeatedly broke into the office using a colleague’s key and installed keylogging software that lifted personal and work email passwords. He also stole a large amount of data from Senate computer systems.

Cosko apologized in court before he was sentenced.

“I take full and complete responsibility for my actions,” he said. “I am embarrassed and ashamed for what I did.”

Cosko edited the Wikipedia articles of former Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as well as current-Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Rand Paul (R-Ky.), and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to include their home addresses and phone numbers and admitted that the reason behind the “doxing” was his anger towards the Republicans over their handling of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.


Second Dem Ex-Staffer Charged for ‘Doxing’ GOP Senators During Kavanaugh Hearings After First Gets Jail Time


The mask drops at Al Jazeera – to Register under FARA as being extension of Qatar’s espionage apparatus who’s a funder of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

June 5, 2019

The propaganda is in your face.

The mask drops at Al Jazeera

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