ATTENTION!! Violence against our LEO’s ensures a violent end – anarchy is next

September 7, 2019



More Violence Against NYC Cops as Fight Breaks Out When Officers Arrive To Help at Fire

fire NYC -crowedcontrol

It should go without saying that the ultimate goal of law enforcement is to protect and save lives. Unfortunately, it still has to be said.

The New York Police Department is all too familiar with violence, resistance and disrespect in general, and Tuesday afternoon was no different.

After a fire broke out in a sixth floor apartment in the Bronx, residents and neighbors were quick to flee and gather around to observe, according to WNBC.

More than 100 firefighters were called to the scene, and naturally, the crowd had the potential to be obstructive and dangerous.

As the fire crew was working to quench the flames, police officers attempted to help control the crowd that was preventing safe evacuation from the burning building.

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It didn’t go too well.

As the crowd refused to move, the altercation soon devolved into a brawl, during which a woman ripped off an officer’s body camera and another person chucked a carton of milk at the cops.

The body-cam snatcher was quickly arrested and faced charges including harassment, assault and grand larceny. The milk thrower ran off immediately.

Fortunately, none of the tenants inside the buildings were injured in the fire, as they were able to leave quickly via the fire escape. Five families were displaced, however.

Two deputies and five firefighters suffered minor injuries due to smoke inhalation, but no serious injuries came of the fight.

This is yet another example of police, and the NYPD specifically, dealing with resistance while trying to accomplish basic public safety tasks.

In late August, New York officers were caught on video trying to arrest a resisting suspect with a hostile crowd closing in. Before that, a series of water attacks went viral.

These attacks and resistance make it much more difficult for the police to do their job, which is to protect the community that they share with these people.

Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better, as the New York City leadership refuses to step in and support its law enforcement officers.



Is it any wonder that they are being treated horribly ?





Twitter authoritarian guards suspended me YET again and they lie about hate

September 7, 2019



Here’s what I got suspended for – this time it’s only for 12 hours, but is it really HATE?



I meant nothing HATEFUL.


They made me remove my tweet.  This is my second account and  I’ve only had it for a few days.  When you don’t remove your comment and try to appeal, then they just suspend you indefinitely.  That’s what happened with my previous account.

Yet people on twitter can say all sorts of hate-filled things and they don’t get suspended

People in government positions can say, “Kick them when they are down. ” Holder



or LYNCH inciting violence by touting the “resistance”

here’s the video

or how about Griffin? all despicable violence


and from the TOP – Obama in a passive aggressive


way over the top



So, I had to delete my NON HATEFUL and NON VIOLENT TWEET but this garbage THIS HATE and violence it OKAY?

And where is our President?

Mr. Trump I am appealing to YOU!  It’s not about ME per se.  It’s about speech and also about FAIRNESS.  It’s about freedom and liberty. I hope that he or someone around him sees that we are ALL being silenced and WE are the majority.  This is no longer a Republic, because the Democratic process is corrupted.

One can say it’s a Social Network and just stop Tweeting, but it’s just a social network that has the voice of the President, many other leaders, officials in governments, local emergency information, and commerce to some degree.  When it’s all of those things, and THEN there are countries that use it in terms of a SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE.  This is NOT just a social thing/ tool.  It’s vastly more.

Mr. Trump, please, evaluate the impact here.  I’m not just one person.  This has happened on a GRAND scale.


the original account I had is still suspended.  The below is the post where I show that it was literally nothing that I was notified about

Twitter has stripped me of my account without saying ANYTHING – I can’t contact anyone. They suspended me without suspending me. -I updated this post to show the post just before this happened and maybe the reason they suspended me. not… via @TXLADY7061








Breaking – Alert to all the UK – British out there – the entire military will be transferred to the EU?

September 7, 2019

is it really true that the entire military will be transferred to the EU?

and the oath of every service member will be CANCELED and a new oath to the EU, which includes 5I’s , MI5 and MI6.



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