Ilhan Omar – update – added marriage cert – a CONGRESSWOMAN – has ties to the Communist Somali dictator -Mohammed Siad Barre, whom the Omar family served – Media knows and is hiding this information – MEDIA TREASON

September 6, 2019

Politics, Religion, and Family  via @gatewaypundit

Ilhan Omar was 14 years old and interpreting for her grandfather in political affairs.  He was a COMMUNIST and worked for the GENOCIDAL Mohammed Siad Barre regime.  WHY was this person let in to the US?  LET ALONE be allowed in Congress?

Family Matters: How a US Member of Congress was Raised by the Red-Green Axis

J. Michael Waller

Most people’s worldviews are heavily influenced during their formative years. Those influences, and their roots, are important to discern among our national leaders.

The election of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is often seen as a celebration of diversity: An immigrant from the wasteland of Somalia, and one of the first two Muslim women, elected to the United States Congress.

Omar personifies the Red-Green Axis: an ideological and political combination of Marxism-Leninism and Islamism.

A look at Omar’s upbringing is a key to identifying her…

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Breaking – IRAN to get another 15 Billion from …. Will POTUS Trump sanction them?

September 6, 2019


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Obama not only knew but arranged it

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Liberal Nation Goes Behind Trump’s Back – Plans To Send Iran New ‘Pallets Of Cash’ Worth $15 Billion

Breaking – City Mayor – Threatens LEO’s of city – asks for Badge numbers

September 6, 2019

Austin is dangerous and the city council reminds me of the movie IDIOCRACY

and Adler acting the fool.  But all he wants is money to GROW the centralized government like the good little Communist that he is.



Austin Mayor Adler, at a town-hall meeting said, “If there is a police officer out there that is saying that, I will appreciate you getting his badge number and giving it to me or giving it to the chief, because that is not acceptable conduct on behalf of our law enforcement people.  I don’t believe that it’s really happening.”

Ken Casaday, ” It’s still very confusing, because you’re hearing, okay, policy says you can do this – we want to take the least intrusive um path and then you have city counsels, depending on the day saying “Oh my god we don’t want these people arrested” and then the next day saying, “these people need to be arrested and if they don’t then you need to give that officers badge number and I’ll do something about it.” “Moral is now horrible, because they don’t know what it is they need to do.”


badge numbers

Austin mayor asks for officers’ badge numbers if they don’t enforce ordinances affecting homeless

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