Breaking – hundreds of “front” groups….. an example of the DEEPSTATE – Communists that have rebranded themselves as if they are organically American – FAKE AMERICAN

September 4, 2019



The Left Has a $500 Million Dark Money ‘ATM Machine’ Called Arabella


The following article is sponsored by Capital Research Center.

A largely unknown, massively funded strategy company pushing the interests of wealthy leftist donors has been quietly behind a hydra-like dark money network of pop-up groups designed to look like grassroots activist organizations. These front groups push everything from opposition to President Trump’s proposed border wall to support for Obamacare to gun control to government control of the Internet to pro-abortion activism and other leftwing causes.


Arabella’s vast network was unmasked in an extensive exposé by conservative watchdog Capital Research Center, which documents the shadowy system developed by, housed in, and staffed by the for-profit, privately held Arabella Advisors.

The Arabella firm in turn manages four nonprofits: the New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Windward Fund, and Hopewell Fund. It is these nonprofit entities that play host to hundreds of groups and projects that promote interests and political movements strategically deployed in an ongoing campaign to nudge the country to the left.


“Together, these groups form an interlocking network of ‘dark money’ pop-up groups and other fiscally sponsored projects, all afloat in a half-billion-dollar ocean of cash,” states the report. “The real puppeteer, though, is Arabella Advisors, which has managed to largely conceal its role in coordinating so much of the professional Left’s infrastructure under a mask of ‘philanthropy.’

A specialty of the Arabella network seems to be the quick turnover of hundreds of “front” groups, especially websites timed to impact current events and designed to look like “grassroots” Astroturf organizations but that actually function as part of an orchestrated movement to advance the political interests of hidden leftist donors.

“At a glance, these groups — such as Save My Care and Protect Our Care — appeared to be impassioned examples of citizen activists defending ObamaCare,” according to the report. “In reality, neither ‘not-for-profit’ advocacy group appears to have paid staff, held board meetings, or even owned so much as a pen.”

In one case, an organization calling itself Demand Justice, founded by former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, quickly thrust itself into the center of opposition to Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh.

Even before Trump announced Kavanaugh as his nominee, Demand Justice committed to spending about $5 million to oppose the eventual pick. As soon as Kavanaugh’s name was selected, the organization immediately deployed an anti-Kavanaugh website and helped lead news making national activism during the confirmation hearings.


Yet what the news media missed is that Demand Justice is fiscally sponsored by the Sixteen Thirty Fund, one of Arabella’s nonprofits, as the Capital Research Center report reveals.

The report shows similar setups have spawned organizations that serve as the backbone of the Obamacare support network, promote gun control, support pro-abortion activism, champion open border policies, and even advocate for a centralized government role on the Internet.

Arabella nonprofits also evidence close financial workings with initiatives for the Democracy Alliance, another network of highly influential donors, including billionaire George Soros. Democracy Alliance itself coordinates funding to even more leftist outfits.

Arabella Advisors was founded by Eric Kessler, whose bio on the firm’s website identifies him as “a serial entrepreneur who has started, led, and advised organizations pursuing social change across the country and around the globe.”


Curiously missing from his official bio, but documented in the Capital Research Center report, is the detail that Kessler served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, an arm of the controversial Clinton Foundation.

The report concludes by asking, “Given that many of the groups managed by Arabella frequently call for transparency in the funding of campaigns and policy advocacy, they may first consider voluntarily disclosing their own funding sources. Why shouldn’t transparency begin at home?”

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LIES and more LIES – media – shock movie tells lies about the Holocaust

September 4, 2019


#Holocaust lies are not good for the Jews that actually went through the things in this film. When people find out that this is a LIE then the TRUE stories are questioned



Holocaust ‘masterpiece’ causes uproar at Venice film festival

Fiachra GIBBON

Venice (AFP) – A searing adaptation of one of most controversial books about the Holocaust divided critics at the Venice film festival Wednesday, with some fighting each other in the dark to get out of its first screening.

“The Painted Bird”, based on Jerzy Kosinski’s highly contentious 1965 novel about a Jewish boy surviving the worst human nature can inflict on him in an unnamed Eastern European country, was hailed as a masterpiece by some and an unwatchable ordeal by others.

But its staggering central performance from nine-year-old Czech Roma boy Petr Kotlar — who witnesses a panoply of depravity from incest, bestiality and rape to mutilation and murder — has had co-stars Harvey Keitel and Stellan Skarsgard as well as the critics in raptures.

That did not stop some running for the exits at its first screening.

In the very first scene, the boy’s pet ferret is taken from him by boorish peasants and burned alive.

The Hollywood Reporter called the black-and-white epic “heart-wrenching… and the ideal film treatment” of the novel, which itself sparked outrage in Kosinski’s native Poland when the writer first hinted that the story was autobiographical.

– ‘Monumental work’ –

The Guardian’s Xan Brooks also heaped praise on Czech director Vaclav Marhoul for “never putting a foot wrong”, adding: “One day they’ll make a film about the first public screening” at Venice.


“It will feature the man who fell full-length on the steps in his effort to escape and the well-dressed woman who became so frantic to get out that she hit the stranger in the next seat,” he wrote.

“The centrepiece will be the moment 12 viewers broke for the doors only to discover that the exit had been locked,” he added.

Brooks declared the film “a monumental piece of work and one I’m deeply glad to have seen. I can also say I hope to never cross its path again.”

Deborah Young of The Hollywood Reporter also hailed it, but warned that it was an “emotional three-hour punch in the stomach”.


Marhoul defended the unremitting darkness of his adaptation — which has a happy ending, of sorts — insisting that “only in darkness can we see light. Shining through all the horrors is, for me, hope and love.”

He said the film was a warning of what can happen when Europe turns inward as it was doing now, drawing a parallel between the attitudes to migrant children fleeing wars in Syria, Libya and Afghanistan and the rejection and abuse his hero suffers.

– ‘Kosinski lied’ –

“Bad times are coming to Europe,” he told reporters.

“Looking at the populists who are running so many European countries at the moment like Hungary, Poland, Russia, in the Czech Republic too and of course the US.”

Marhoul said the film took 11 years to make.

“I didn’t know when I started that this story would become much more accented by what happened in Europe three years ago, when so many people came here to save their lives,” he said.

Because of the fury Kosinski sparked in Poland, the director decided to have most of the film’s sparse dialogue in Slavic Esperanto“so no nation would be associated with villagers” who mistreat the boy and hand him over to the Nazis.


—–ME——–Esperanto is a language that European elite started (George Soros’ grandfather) for the express purpose of forming a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT


Despite being accused of plagiarising other Polish books, Kosinski’s novel is still seen by many as a classic.

“When Kosinski said it was his autobiographical story he was lying,” Marhoul said.

“In fact he spent the World War II with his parents among Polish villagers. And those villagers tried to save them… That’s not a big problem for the book (because it is fiction). But many people in Poland still think this book is about them.”


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