Alert! Iran To Announce Enrichment (of Uranium) Hike

July 7, 2019

I guess that they still have a lot of money to burn.  I wonder where they got all that money?



Iran To Announce Enrichment Hike

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 4:44 PM PT – Sat July 6, 2019

Iran is set to raise it’s uranium enrichment levels. Reports Saturday reveal the rogue regime will increase its enrichment from 3.6% to 5%.

The hike will put the country above the limits set by the 2015 nuclear deal made with six major world powers. President Trump pulled out that deal, saying the country was showing no intention of abiding by the agreement.

Earlier this week, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani teased their latest move, threatening to violate the terms of the 2015 agreement.

“We will increase the cap to whatever level we deem is essential for us and to a level that we need, you must also know that if you do not fulfill all your obligations to us under the agreement and in the agreed time frame, then from July 7th the nuclear reactor will return to its previous activity,” Rouhani said.

Iranian state media said, the Ayotollah regime will officially make the announcement on Sunday.

Iran to announce enrichment hike


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