Break them up – Facebook, Google, and Amazon says Warren and I am on board

March 8, 2019

But the Devil is in the details.  Depending on the detail of how this would be done will determine if I AM on board.  Either way this might be something conservative Nationalists might be on board with.  Common ground?  – Maaaaybe.




Elizabeth Warren calls to break up Facebook, Google and Amazon via I would be on board with this but the details would be needed b4 jumping on board with this one.



Warren is correct.  When you consider that these companies are global NOT just national.  Remember that these companies negotiate policies and regulations internationally, nationally, even down to the local level.  Do we want GLOBAL centralized Corporations?

Warren has my support on this.  I voted for Trump be this may be something I’d jump on board with.  She needs to develop the details, so I would be very interested in how she would go about it.  And if nothing else THIS may be something that the Nationalists  would be willing to cooperate on with Democrats

K Street is full of lobbyists that WORK for these companies.  Who’s there lobbying for you?


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