Netanyahu to Congress 2011 – full video

THIS is a man who can make a speech.

Eloquent and moving.

Israeli Prime Minister Addresses Congress

Willing to give up land for peace

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Capitol Hill today meeting with members of Congress and delivered an address to a Joint Meeting of Congress.

During his speech to Congress P.M. Netanyahu stated, “As President Obama said, borders will be different than 1967. Israel will not return to ‘indefensible’ borders.”  He added “It’s absolutely vital that a Palestinian state be demilitarized.”

He suggested that Israel is “willing” to advance the negotiations but must “make painful compromises” for peace.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Netanyahu and Congressional Leaders also held a briefing with reporters following the joint meeting.

To members of AIPAC last night, Netanyahu said, “Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 line,” which President Obama said is the foundation for negotiation.

Updated: Tuesday at 4:52pm (ET)

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7 Responses to Netanyahu to Congress 2011 – full video

  1. jackie cox says:

    Israel agreed to the 67 borders, then violated the agreement, and have been expanding israel ever since, at the cost to the US Treasury, who spends more on israeli citizens than american common citizens, then sells our military technology to china, as if it were nothing, bragging about how israel controls america, starting wars and letting america finish them. Israelis do not reflect the jewish american communities. They see the U S Economy as something to prey on and have paid lobbies to degrade the american quality of life in their bid for a world class mafia one world government, with a one brand economy,they have reduced the american economy to a goods and services economy, through the bribery of american lawyers/politicians/judges/lobbies and the criminal clients they represent, they have stolen our manufacturing infrastructure, setting it up in slave countries, then taking profits in 3rd world countries, avoid accrued taxation used to support our infrastructure, destroyed the small family business model communities by hawking slave goods with low paid hirelings until the american source disappears, then rise the prices to reflect what it would cost to make for goods and services here, teaming up with the federal reserve have swindled our country out of hundreds of trillions of dollars, without audit, they simply take 6 % or so of all the money we print, and then loan it back to use, creating a never ending deficit where the reality is they have enslaved american hirelings working at places like walmart sams, costco,, microsoft etc etc and after ending the small family businesses and manufacturing companies increase the prices it whatever they can get americans to pay, filling the newsmedia with reports of false worth, telling us what to buy, then selling it to us. We a nation under occupation by the world class mafia, international citizenery, continue their attack on the american capabilities to defend ourselves from the chinese mercenaries whose military they are building to combine with other anti-american countries they have created to destroy us, their only remaining obstacle to world rule, having already put russia under the iron fist of the russian mafia, and the communist chinese politbureau, which they will soon follow suit as in russia titling the countries assets off to dozens of world class mafia billionaires. starting wars with the islamic factions they have now included in plans to destroy americas military, along with the tyrannical south american dictatorships…. while obama et al disarm our military privatize the significant variables of warfare satallite launch of optical platforms, the deciding control of future warfare—during the last 2 years the USA has gone from 87 % of all satllite launches to 25 % planned before his election fraud, to and descending, giving elon musk billions to privatize lowearth launches, a hostile takeiver, bankruptcy expert, internet philanthropist, discovered to be broke, flying all over the world collecting cash up front for tesla roadsters, without a factory keeps setting the delivery dates back annually, making the samples in a hobby shop. Obama signs START, disarming our nuclear capabilities, commits sodomy on the U S Christian Military, removes the holy cross from military chaples, stalls F-35 production while sharing its technology for the mig assembly lines, closes our last shipyard allowing our fleet to fall dozens of ships below what is required to protect our borders from the impending invasion. Ends Shuttle 2, Constellation 8,500 scientific positions Declares his intent to create a new military inner city, because the present voluntary force is less than 10 % afroamerican, hiding the beginning of a 5 billion dollar startup in the healthcare act, prepared by the legal-medical-insurancefraud mafia who wroteup the act, to ensure the current method of law and medicine, which causes americans to have 4 times the number of doctors and lawyers as all other modern countries with real healthcare acts using information technology to practice preventive medicine, taxing unhealthy goods, and paying lawyers and doctors for the actual procedures they perform, with a no fault insurance program that eliminates the creative medicine to enlarge the accident settlement, preabjudicated so the lawyer , doctor, and patient each get a third, all based on the medical costs, agreed to by the lawyers, doctors, and cartel of insurance companies. What we are dealing with here in our country is a nation under occupation by the world class mafia, with the super delegates, placing puppets in power intent on removing america as an obstacle to a one world government and a one brand economy. The players, the federal reserve, congress, senate, the selected president and some 300 czars who micromanage the government agencies, supreme court, academic caste system of educational ventures, and the credentials they endow on the nobility of our country rapidly dividing classes, with the have nots represented by 80 % of all domestic jobs near minimum wage or below, and a largely affirmative action new found middle class as the go-be-tween enforcers, while 1 in 4 americans are without work, and the mostly white homelessness is growing exponentially, as the unemployment ends, the family breaks up, the man moves onto homelessness, the spouse and children moving in with relatives, the social services reserved for the inner city black churches, and born again muslims, attempting to create an inner city military more powerful than the current military, armed by presidential perogative, permitted by bribing the lawyers/judges/politicians/lobbies et al with millions to look the other way, moving onto international citizenery, abandoning the United States of America, with the chosen government destroying our country—vast criminality rules this land, an pseouo elected government no longer fit to serve our country, if we are to survive, they must be removed from power

  2. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    “Willing to lie for occupation” or “the only obstacle to peace” would be more appropriate title for your post. Below is challenge from a brave Jewish woman.


    Thank You Rae Abileah

    By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    June 3, 2011

    How funny it is that people will support our Constitution and the right to free speech only when it applies to them, but when it comes to Israel, the rules never applied. You can question the existence of God Allmighty, insult Jesus (peace be upon him), or even call our Commander-In-Chief by any name in the book and no one will give a rat. But if you dare to challenge Israel, you are committing America’s number one sin.

    That is what happened to 28 year-old Jewish-American Rae Abileah during the address of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a joint session of Congress in May. Miss Abileah, a peace activist and member of pro-Palestinian group, CodePink, yelled, “No More Occupation! Stop Israeli War crimes! Equal Rights for Palestinians!”

    She was quickly tackled to the ground by members of of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Comittee [AIPAC], beaten, then arrested at George Washington University Hospital following her medical treatment. She was released a few hours later. Miss Abileah is facing charges of disrupting Congress this month.

    Flashback: In September 2009, President Obama became the first president to be called ‘liar’ in front of a joint session of Congress by a Republican senator. South Carolina’s Joe Wilson, pointing angrily at the President, blurted at the top of his voice: “You lie!” when Obama was addressing the Congress on health care. A few minutes later, Sen. Wilson again interrupted the President by shouting, “Not true!”

    Do you wonder what happened to Sen. Wilson? No, he was not thrown out of the Capitol, was neither assaulted nor sanctioned. Absolutely no charges disrupting Congress were ever filed against him. So why was Rae Abileah treated differently? Why does America bend its knees and bow its head to Israel?

    Unlike the powerful Jewish lobby or US lawmakers, who acted like cheerleaders to a foreign leader, Miss Abileah delivered a message of peace to people who could not hear it in the same way from someone who had not been where she was, who had not done what she did. Miss Abileah visited Palesine and lived among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. She was an eyewitness who spoke with an authority.

    She was an eyewitness to the Israeli war crimes committed daily against Palestinians, including the uprooting of olive trees, home demolitions, land confiscation, midnight raids and arrests, targeted assassinations, and of course, the illegal and inhumane siege of Gaza. All these crimes are committed by Israel with full financial support and diplomatic cover, courtesy of the USA.

    Sadly, Abileah’s story was barely covered by lame stream news media in the US., whereas it was a front page story in the Israeli press. Her message to Israel and our nation is: You will not commit such crimes with my name, with my religion and with my money and get away with it.

    Abileah is also an active member of Jewish Voice for Peace. On June 3, 2009: Code Pink flew a banner that said “End the siege of Gaza” at President Obama’s Muslim-outreach speech at Cairo University.

    This fearless truth-telling Jewish woman should be praised for her courage and unwavering support for peace, justice and freedom in Palestine. For that, I say God bless, speedy recovery, and thank you Rae Abileah.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    Retired USAF Veteran

    • txlady706 says:

      You are a propagandist and a liar.
      That is the type of Jew that is a Communist pig. Of course pigs are off the menu for you, except the moral pig like the miss piggy above. Then, she is your type of dish. You are the Muslim and she’s on YOUR side. Sure, you’ll agree with her. She’s YOUR type of PIG.

  3. jackie cox says:

    txlady796, you speak with your mouth and not your mind, your suffer from literary hypnosis, you are possessed by the demons of ignorance.

    What would Christ have to say about Israelis genocidal conduct, if he were with us now ?

    You speak of islam yet you have not read the writings of luther, our leader of christianity, nor have you read the first 100 verses of the qu’ran, probably the words nearer to what muhammed actually said, they are they same as luther.

    neither christ not muhammed wrote anything, the preliterate scribes and the translations coming to us when roman emperor constantine convened the counsel of nicea and had his chief scribe esubius combine paganism with christianity, tossing hundreds of christian writings and altering other, read the book of mary and perhaps the spell of literary hypnosis that invades your mind will escape you.

    ancient judaism the religion of nobility in a world of slavery where common people were not allowed literacy, was first changed by christ our saviour who said he was leaving earth but would leave us with the holy spirit of truth who would bring unto us all things, but, it requires our ability to follow the spirit of truth, and leave behind the alogical ranting and raving of evangelical cash man, or the mullahs who like pseudo christian men are fueled by lust and greed.

    The holy spitit of truth has led us into the information revolution. Nobility has terminated, on it slast legs attempting a one world order and the rule of the world with the world class mafia

    God, an indescribable entiety with our magnitude of literacy, is an ancient word, ment to describe ” Truth ” the absense of deception, the only thing to stand the test of time returns , the information revolution will elevate our magnitudes of literacy so we may arise each day, in an effort to do the right things with whatever we have, a chance to improve ourselves, mentally, spiritually, and with whatever means we possess—change or perish, do the right things began by discovering the things we know and discover the things we do not know, listen to no one but yourself and the holy spirit of truth will guide you

  4. jackie cox says:

    ‘ Only Truth is the same in all frames of reference, its virtually impossible to accurately describe spiritually, but with prayer and meditation visions will come to you if you live a life of prayer, and you will not believe, but you will know the holy spirit is rel, there will be no mystery, and you will devote your life to service of the great spirit—may God Bless You and have mercy on your spirits

  5. jackie cox says:

    If what you say is true then Miss Abileia is a saint among people, a true servant of the holy spirit of truth, unafraid of the brutility of humanity, she stands for truth, alone and true

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