Israel – Jordan border – right of return rally – 92-Year-Old Palestinian Woman – We Should Massacre Jews Like We Did in Hebron

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4 Responses to Israel – Jordan border – right of return rally – 92-Year-Old Palestinian Woman – We Should Massacre Jews Like We Did in Hebron

  1. jackie cox says:

    SOME 92 YEAR OLD WOMAN–SAYS— Whats in your head ? anyone that old is something you find interesting enough to quote ?

  2. jackie cox says:

    Israel agreed to return to the 97 borders, then continued their mini real estate wars, attacking their neighbors, claiming security zones, then building settlements on neighbors land, starting confrontations with those whose land they took, their ongoing genocides are somewhat responsible for the continuing wars we fight.

    They attack stone throwing teens with tanks, planes, morters, rockets.

    Its a recipe for war, which they get us to fight, by starting them, then hiding among us, using us as their sheild—My mom is native american, when the judeo-christians discovered our lands, we were 10,000 tribes, I am thinking the race card, the holocaust card, is simply not in my deck. People selling their family members to the elitest, in the days when the whole world suffered slavery, kinda like now, The mostly jewish bailiffs, who enslaved the german common people, with writs of seizure from the world court in hague, lived as nobility while impoverishing the germans, Who were deceived by hitlers plan, which we will never know for sure
    , who was mad because the jewish publishers would not print his greeting card, poems and drawing, the reason they gave, your not a real jew, only your mother was jewish. He understood a way to get back at them and used the innocent german peoples to do his bidding—that was then, this is now—no one would be any different from another if they had lived each others life—with the internet, its a small world, the entire world sees what the israelis do to their neighbors. Now the musical chair of israeli preimers (mouthpieces for the gang of firstborn rabbis) a puppet, atates he will fire nuclear missles at every major city on earth if israel is hindered from doing whatever they want, and the USA is their whipping post—The israeli youth are more aware than the elders in charge, and one way or another will eventually end the ways of their ancestors, because its a remedy for death—better the olso accord. The israelis in no way represent the worlds jewish people, who could care less about the zionists idea of judaic rebirth, conquering the 4 corners of our flat square earth, circled each day by all the stars, moon, sun, in a world some 10,000 years old, created in 6 days— Time changes all things, magnitudes of literacy prevail, ” Truth “, absense of deception is the same in all frames of reference> our futures are ahead of us, not behind. Unless we learn to live with the natural law of simple respect for all things, then expect some rough times ahead>better to live with what you agreed to do< than not. Israel is at a severe disadvantage to continue their act, as conquerers of the modern world.

    • txlady706 says:

      Your off your rocker. The Jews, have a native claim to the land. The Palestinians carved up the land which became Egypt, Jordan, Syria, etc…. The Jews were have a historical presence, which you deny. You ARE a race bater. This has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, per se. The country is a sovereign nation. I suppose that you would cede the American west to Mexico? But who were the people of Mexico? They were not a nation. The Spaniards made it in to a nation. So, if the Aztecs came out and said that they wanted to cede from Mexico, then what? This can go on and on. What would you do?
      Nations are not suicidal. The peoples surrounding Israel want the PEOPLE of Israel dead. AND YOU AGREE? What kind of logic do you use? It’s convoluted and suicidal. I am not suicidal. If you support the death of a people, which these terrorist have been in pursuit of, then you are just as bad.
      My logic is simple and linear. In your eyes, I must seem a simpleton. I am. I don’t want to stand behind the genocide that you seem to support.
      The Muslims and Arabs in that region have been using ethnic cleansing from the beginning of time and mostly against the jews but also against their own religions cousins. What kind of world does that create? They are parasitically and will ultimately dry up in to the dust from which they came. The only LIFE comes from people who value LIFE. They value death. You support them, therefore you value death. No good will come of it. Dust is all that will be.

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