Massachusetts – State funded – “promoting abortion and guiding teens on how to avoid state-required parental consent – and is using taxpayer funds to do it.”

The state of Massachusetts has taken abortion education to a new level of LOW.  They are using education websites and the “pretend” voice of a child to make abortion sound OK.

Below the initial article is a second article from a FAILED ABORTION FETUS.  This fetus has a name now -Melissa Ohden of Sioux City.

Imagine every term, “fetus” substituted for Melissa.  Re read every sentence and substitute Melissa for fetus or whatever they call it (contents of the womb)

This is the face Obama- care.  Get rid of as many as possible so that they don’t take up our resources.  What they fail to understand is that these “abortions” are also, potential contributors.  Well, I guess, illegal immigrants are more “predictable” voters and it IS about control after all.

How much better is this than self mutilation and honor killings?

How much more CIVILIZED is this to the Muslims blowing up their babies or killing in an act of “HONOR”, yet this is done in the same vein.  The baby is a dishonor or a BURDEN.  KILL HIM or HER.  KILL MELLISA or MIKE.

When “Maria Talks” About Abortion, Teens Should Not Listen

by Mary Harned | Washington, DC | | 4/24/11 2:35 PM

How would you feel if you learned that your state government was promoting a medical procedure to your teenage daughter – one that carries risks of blood clots, infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, injury to her cervix (including cervical lacerations), injury to her other organs, future miscarriages and complicated pregnancies, infertility, hysterectomy, hemorrhage, depression, anxiety, increased risk of future drug and alcohol abuse, and even death (from the procedure or suicide) – andwas coaching her on how to avoid informing you or seeking your permissionto obtain it?

As preposterous as it may sound, the State of Massachusetts is doing exactly that – promoting abortion and guiding teens on how to avoid state-required parental consent – and is using taxpayer funds to do it.

The website, funded through grants from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, provides dangerously incomplete information about abortion to minors.  The website, written in the voice of a teenager, “Maria,” describes an abortion as:  “when the contents of the womb (uterus) are removed, so that the uterus goes back to how it was before a woman got pregnant.”  The description curiously fails to mention that the “contents of the womb” include an unborn baby.

Perhaps even more troubling, under the question heading “Is it safe?,” Maria writes:  “Yes. My Aunt Lucia says that abortions are safe and effective, though some people may experience temporary discomfort. She also says that early abortions have less risk than those done later in the pregnancy.”

It is quite unfortunate that “Aunt Lucia” – described on the site as an OB/GYN who states that “there’s lots of information on the Internet, but not all of it is accurate . . . [therefore, she is] happy to provide . . . honest and real information on sex and sexual health” – fails to mention the list of possible complications of abortion including those discussed above.  “Aunt Lucia” also does not disclose that teens are at greater risk for many of these complications than older women.  It is striking that she fails to even advise teens that if “temporary discomfort” following an abortion continues or becomes worse, they should tell their parents or go to a hospital since some of these complications can be life-threatening.  Maria and her friends would be well-counselled to find another OB/GYN.

Maria advises teens that “the reality of getting an abortion is much easier than it sounds . . . It may be really hard for you to imagine talking to either your parents or a judge about getting an abortion, but there are people who can help you through it.”  While Maria gives lip service to involving parents in an abortion decision, she fails to emphasize the unique quality of the parent-child relationship, and the fact that parents usually possess information essential to a physician’s exercise of his or her best medical judgment concerning their daughter.  Further, parents who are aware that their daughter has had an abortion are generally better equipped to ensure that she receives sufficient follow-up care, particularly if she has post-abortive complications.  Instead, Maria advises teens on how to obtain a free lawyer to go through the state’s judicial bypass process (which she claims is nothing more than a mere formality).

Maria’s advice also offers no help to teens who are facing coercion, abuse, or duress.  While she flippantly says that “it is your right to decide what to do without feeling judged, pressured or criticized,” she does not address what a teen should do when a boyfriend, boyfriend’s parent, or even her own family are coercing her to have an abortion against her will.

In a strange twist, Maria’s adoption advice includes the observation that “going through [the adoption] process can be pretty tough for some people, especially emotionally.”   However, she offers no such warning about abortion.  So much for the website being unbiased.

At Americans United for Life, we are committed to helping states enact new and strengthen existing laws that require parental involvement in teens’ abortion decisions.  This legislative session, we are actively assisting three states with passing and improving these laws.  For more information on the need for parental involvement laws, including documentation of the risks that abortion poses to minors, please see AUL’s written testimony supporting a parental consent law under consideration in Nebraska. Note: Mary Harned is an attorney with Americans United for Life, a national pro-life legal and legislative group.

An abortion survivor

Many people survive much in their lifetime. This is a tale of one who had to fight for life even before birth.
January 12, 2011
By Mary Ann Menendez – Special to the Estherville Daily News

Throughout all of history, there have been survivors:

n Of natural disasters.

n Of diseases.

n Of accidents.

n Of the Holocaust.

n Of warfare.

n Of abortion.

Yes, ABORTION, and one of these precious survivors spoke to the congregation at Grandview Baptist Church on Sunday, January 9, Pro Life Sunday.

January 22 will mark the 38 anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the historic Supreme Court decision making abortion legal in the United States. This decision allows a woman, with her doctor, to choose abortion in earlier months of pregnancy without restriction, and with restrictions in later months, based on the right to privacy. Over 52 million abortions have been performed in our country since 1973.

Melissa OhdenA striking, upbeat and humble young lady, Melissa Cross Ohden of Sioux City told the parishioners her biological mother chose to endure a saline-solution abortion to terminate her pregnancy in 1977. She was in her fifth month at the time.

Melissa explained a saline-solution abortion involves the injection of a caustic saline solution into the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. “It scalds the child from the outside, peeling the layers of skin until the solution reaches the organs.” There is also a chemical in the solution that forces the expulsion of the baby.

The three-day procedure turned into five when on Day 5 Melissa was born alive at five months. “There is no medical reason why I survived.” Of the 10 or so abortion survivors she has met in her lifetime, there was evidence of mental or physical defect. Melissa has none.

She described that babies subjected to this type of abortion usually have a “candy apple” reddish appearance from the burning of the skin. But not Melissa.

“I’m perfectly healthy. The Lord had his hand on my life.”

Her birthday: Aug. 29, 1977.

Once she was delivered, the medical team placed the aborted baby on a table. Left for dead, Melissa was ignored while attention was given to her biological mother.

“It was when I was grunting, actually gasping for air, that a nurse noticed I wasn’t dead. It was this team that sustained my life.”

She explained that 30-odd years ago there were no laws in place to provide life-sustaining measures to babies in this medical state as there are today. “The nurses gave me a bottle even though the doctor said not to; because they knew I could do it!” Melissa was happy to say she has since met the team that provided her the means to survive.

“Children like me are born every day,” she said, noting many are not as fortunate as further measures like submersion in buckets of water or placement in freezers are in place to ensure the termination of life. In some nations, abortion is used if the child is not the right gender.

“This saline-solution abortion was discontinued, not because it was awful but because too many of us survived.”

At birth, Melissa weighed 2 pounds, 14 ounces. She described herself as skinny and scrawny with a shaven head for IVs. Not much hope was given for her survival as she suffered from seizures, jaundice and respiratory problems.

But her adoptive parents wanted her to hold and love. “Thank you mother,” Melissa said to her mother Linda Zitterich Cross, who sat with the rest of the family in the church. Melissa has extended family members who reside in Estherville.

Her adoptive family had her, a premature infant, in their loving home as a part of the family two months before her true due date for a full term delivery.

Her older sister was also adopted by the family. “Adoption was a normal part of our family life. My parents tried for 15 years. There was no medical reason they couldn’t conceive. But it was God’s plan for them to be available for my sister and me.”

But she recalled the day her parents called the two girls together and announced they were going to have another baby. “We were excited they were adopting again.” But that was not the case as parents finally conceived naturally and a brother joined the family. She described the shock of the good news and how she fell off the couch onto the floor!

Melissa remembers when she finally learned the whole story behind her adoption. She and her adoptive mother cried and cried for hours. “It was so devastating to know, but actually it was the best thing that happened in my life.”

She shared how she was angry with her biological family and tried desperately “to understand why they wished to end my life without the conscious gift of adoption. Yes I wished they would have made a different choice.”

Melissa said she eventually found her biological roots after a 10-year search the Lord’s plan. “By 2006 I still hadn’t found my family, but in 2007 I obtained my medical records which contained my parent’s names divine intervention.”

It was bittersweet when Melissa learned her biological father resided in the same town as she did Sioux City, the same city where the abortion attempt took place. “I can’t make this stuff up as God does the most miraculous things.”

Not having the courage to knock on his door so not to disrupt his family life, she sent a letter to his workplace in July 2007, explaining how she has led a blessed life with her adoptive parents and now husband Ryan. She then waited for his response.

“I never heard from him and it was difficult to be rejected all over again.”

The following month she sent a similar letter to the parents of her biological mother, this time with different results.

“My biological grandfather wrote me back and it blew me away. He wrote, “We’ve been waiting.”

It turns out her parents had dated for four years. “My biological mother never told anyone about me. She married and has two other children.”

Melissa said her true mother carried the secrecy and shame of abortion for all those years. Her advice to women who have had abortions is to “get help and ask the Lord for forgiveness.”

The grandfather also said he and his wife have been estranged from their daughter in recent years.

Melissa has also learned the reason as to why her father never contacted her. He was fighting for his life and unfortunately succumbed to cancer in January 2008 at the age of 51. While she angry, this hurt was softened somewhat when learning his family found her letter when cleaning out his office. She knew her father had read the letter. “He had indeed seen it and chosen to keep it.” Then in 2008, she received a letter from his father. “My wife and I received the shock of our life; we have a granddaughter and a great-granddaughter that we did not know.”

This grandpa has now become part of their lives. The birth of Melissa and Ryan daughter, Olivia has brought the circle of life to its fullness.

“What I learned from my biological father is ‘Live each day looking for the next and do what you have to do.'”

Her father’s brothers “only knew that he was deeply ashamed of something that happened during his sophomore year in college and he carried that secret to his grave.”

Living her own life, Melissa, with great trepidation, went to St. Luke’s Hospital in Sioux City for the birth of Olivia on April 26, 2008. It was at St. Luke’s where the failed abortion was performed 31 years prior.

It is Melissa’s belief that every mother has the right to celebrate the joy of a child’s birthday.

It is also her opinion abortion greatly affects the landscape of any family as the guilt, secrets and the sorrow do not diminish with time.

Today, Melissa is following the Lord’s calling by traveling the world over to share her story and serve as a reminder that the sanctity of life begins at the moment of conception and continues to that time of natural death in every life.

Her first public speech fittingly enough was on Capitol Hill and yes, she had the horrible sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

It wasn’t the speech causing her discomfort; she exhibiting signs of a pregnancy!

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

For more information on Melissa, her story and her mission, go

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