Security – TSA is using the same POLITICALLY CORRECT logic to trap you in to compliantly doing whatever they want to do to you and yours.

The same LIE and LOGIC is being used to get you to be the persecuted terrorist and not the actual terrorist.  They are doing this to get YOU scared.

The terrorists know that they CAN be arrogant and the methods of “detection” can be manipulated to make the innocent traveler LOOK suspicious while the real terrorist goes unnoticed.

The fact that these people are not being profiled is illogical.  The passenger public should demand that each person has a cursory background check done before they are allowed to board a plane.

This would keep all of US safer.  This would eliminate any RACE or Ethnic cards being played, because all would have to be vetted.

TSA: Complaining about Airport Screening Means You’re a Terrorist

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by Jordan Yerman | April 18, 2011 at 07:40 am

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TSA Wants to Scare You into Submission

The TSA is finally sick of travelers complaining about gate rape and porno scanners. To that end, the TSA has deployed its ultimate weapon: circular logic. CNN reports that the TSA is saying that displaying contempt for overly-aggressive security screenings is an indicator that you may be a terrorist. Note this is backed up neither by specific example nor common sense. Just another example of the TSA bleating “terrorism!” at the top of its lungs, and hoping for no follow-up questions.

We have to call bullshit on this right away, before the silliness spreads any further. No, TSA, if I’m giving you grief in the security queue, its because one of your agents has his hands on my nuts. He’d best expect some degree of familiarity. Remember, Americans: if you are complaining that the TSA is groping your six-year-old child, it means that you’re a sensible adult, not a terrorist.

Or maybe the TSA is onto something, and Donna D’errico is the most dangerous person in America.

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TSA: Complaining about Airport Screening Means You’re a Terrorist | NowPublic News Coverage

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