Somalia – Kenya rejected by Somalia to hold a UN pow wow, invites Al Shabaab to the table.

Somalia is asking Al – Shabaab.

They don’t want Kenya to hold the meeting in Kenya because they don’t believe that they would be getting a fair shake there.   Isn’t one of Obama’s cousin’s of Uncles the President there?  hmmm, I wonder if there is any connection?

Kenya’s tribal ‘O’ factor: Obama, Ocampo, Odinga

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(AP) – 1 day ago

Oh, here it is:

“It’s the “O” factor. Obama, Ocampo, Odinga — they all share the distinctive first letter of members of the Luo tribe in Kenya, and some in this East African nation believe that the three are brothers in a conspiracy to see six suspects convicted at Ocampo’s Hague-based court so that Odinga can become president in the land where Obama’s father was born”

Somalia: Elders urge Al-Shabaab to be part of reconciliation process

Source:(AHN)Reporter:Shafi’i AbokarLocation:Mogadishu, SomaliaPublished:April 16, 2011 07:42 am EDTTopics:Unrest, Conflicts And WarArmed ConflictPoliticsDiplomacySummit

As the Somali government calls for a reconciliation conference in June, clan elders in the capital are urging the Islamist rebels of Al-Shabaab to take part in the meeting.

How Is Al-Shabaab Recruiting Terrorists In America and Europe?


Spokesman for the clan elders’ council, Ahmed Diriye Mohamed, said in an interview with local Shabelle radio Friday night that Al-Shabaab are wanted to be part of the country’s reconciliation process.

It is now a crime for Australians to associate with Somali-based al-Shabaab.

It is now a crime for Australians to associate with Somali-based al-Shabaab.

“We are vehemently welcoming the government’s call to hold reconciliation conference inside the country and we will work how this initiative would be fruitful,” the spokesman said, adding that Al-Shabaab’s participation could revive the hopes of Somali people, as the conference could be a start to ending the internal conflict.

“You the (Shabaabs) have been fighting for years, you have killed many Somalis and instead you have lost more fighters in the war, so please and please join the reconciliation process,” the elder said. Today Al Shabaab has a chance which they will not have tomorrow, Mohamed continued.

Talking about his vision of the recent consultative meeting in Nairobi, he said the meeting had produced nothing. He urged the Somalis to give particular consideration to the June reconciliation meeting at home.

Vinas, a Latino convert to extremist Islam was a native of Patchogue on Long Island North Shore. Captured by Pakistani authorities in the City of Peshawar in 2008, he was turned over to US counterterrorism agents and following his interrogation was arraigned on terrorism charges in January. He is the second Latino American convert caught as an al Qaeda operative, Jose Padilla convicted on terror bombing charges was the first. Other prominent American Islamic converts involved with Al Qaeda include John Lindh Walker, captured in the opening stages of the War in Afghanistan in 2001 who hailed from Marin County California and Southern Californian Adam Gadahn, “Azzam al Ameriki” who runs Al Qaeda’s video production studio. We also have posted on several American- born Jihadis converts who have joined the Taliban-like Al Qaeda affiliate, al Shabaab in Somalia.

<next time you here of OTM’s crossing the boarder, remember that>

The Somali government and the militants had similarly denounced the recent United Nations-sponsored meeting In Kenya, which they all described was a conspiracy against Somalia’s existence.

The Somali cabinet said this week that it will host a reconciliation meeting in the country and called on civil society groups, the militants, clan elders and moderate Islamists to attend the meeting, which is slated in Mogadishu for June 11-16.

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