Palestinians have NO right to any part of Jerusalem!

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3 Responses to Palestinians have NO right to any part of Jerusalem!

  1. angel5starr says:

    I was outraged when I heard that most of the world is considering the “palestinian” people over the Jews and trying to take part of Israel, especially Jerusalem,and give it to them!! They are not even a race of people and only have a name because of yassir araphat? who gave them a name. Their own countries don’t want them so they are a group of rebel arabs that want EVERYTHING GIVEN TO THEM !!!!! T hey deserve NOTHING !!!!! Jerusalem is a holy city meant for Israel alone!! The world (un) needs to leave this alone because that is God’s city and I believe the wrath of God will be poured out on all who pushing for this!! I always pray for the peace of Jerusalem!! Blessings on Israel…..

    • txlady706 says:

      This is not the argument. They just want Israel gone. But that’s only the start. They believe that all the Jews will die if Israel is gone. Jews don’t really need land to continue the faith. But if one just looks at Israel as nothing else but another state. It’s the only true Democracy in the region. That should count for something. I believe in Israel on many different levels. I believe that they have a right to exist, regardless of the Religious reason. Thats only a small part in it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You wont believe the living conditions the Palestinians deal with on a daily, it is very sad, they are stripped of any humane rights, poor living poverty hard work and low pay if it wasnt for the Palestinians israelis would be broke. israelis killed more palestinians than germans killed jews in the holocaust media has the system fuc*** up the palestinians areent even allowed in thier own land they are imprisoned by barriers checkpoints all treated like animals feeling like they have no self worth houses bulldozed children shot for throwing a rock at a tank dozens bombed in gaza for no reason the people are sick of this modern day slavery genocide oppresion kids defend thier land and family and gets killed go to ramallah go to gaza see how they live compared to the israelis before you make a judgment forget religion we are talking about land stolen from palestine an actual state palestine was a state way before arafat it was a state in moses and jesus time a place for muslims jews and christians not zionists not israeli thier is no such thing as israel it is the holy land for all people to be informed of the after life peace is the only answer but there will never be peace because everyone thinks thier religion is more supreme but why do the muslims and christians get along in palestine and coexist and live side by side in the same territory same in jordan and 23 other arab countries its because the israelis (jews) know its a holy city and they can make tons of money off tourist and its well worth the struggle cha ching$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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