Goldstone Libel report going on trial – Jew against Progressive / Communist so called Jew


The Goldstone Reports LIBEL defamation of Israel is confirmed by the UN
This man has done more to damage Israel than all the Palestinians combined through today.
He created false “truths.” And for all these years that they have been spread and built upon, it’s going to take 3 times as long to try and rectify the FALSE truths. And I’m sure that some won’t ever really die.

Goldstone to face libel suit



MK Danny Danon enlists help of Jewish-American lawyers to file libel lawsuit against South African judge following his retraction of his Gaza war report. MK Danon: Report is ‘2010 version of blood libel’

Attila Somfalvi

Published: 04.07.11, 09:31 / Israel News


Photo: AFP

Judge Richard Goldstone. Too late to apologize?

Judge Richard Goldstone is expected to stand trial for libel following his retraction of his Operation Cast Lead report, in which he accused Israel of war crimes

Knesset Member Danny Danon (Likud), currently in the United States, has enlisted the help of a number of Jewish-American attorneys who agreed to file a lawsuit against the South African judge at no charge.



Photo: Gil Yohanan

Knesset Member Danny Danon

A petition will be filed with a New York District Court next week, in which the plaintiffs will demand a formal apology and a symbolic financial compensation for the State of Israel. A second lawsuit may be filed in an Israeli court if Goldstone arrives in Israel.



Minimize the damage


The decision to file the lawsuit is a direct response to the judge’s op-ed in the Washington Post in which he claimed his report caused significant damage to the State of Israel in the United Nations and internationally.


Despite his retraction, Goldstone announced he does not intend to try and nix the rep


“The Goldstone Report is the 2010 version of a blood libel. The twisted image Goldstone painted of the State of Israel caused damage, is still causing damage and will continue to damage Israel and its citizens for years to come. A public apology published in every country might lessen the harm already done,” Danon explained.,7340,L-4053408,00.html

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