Texas – Dallas Carlos Medrano niece caught in Voter fraud


Not possible huh?


Dallas County JP Carlos Medrano’s niece indicted on vote fraud charge



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Published 28 March 2011 11:11 PM



Rockwall County grand jury has indicted the niece of Dallas County Justice of the Peace Carlos Medrano on a charge of voter fraud.

Raquel Medrano, 21, was charged with a felony count of illegally voting in the contentious 2010 Democratic primary for Precinct 5 justice of the peace that pitted her uncle against incumbent Luis Sepulveda.

Official Campaign PhotoIf convicted of the charge, she could face two to 10 years in prison.

Carlos Medrano beat Sepulveda in the primary by 150 votes. Sepulveda immediately accused his opponent of voter fraud and filed a lawsuit to force a new election. A judge rejected the claim.

The Texas attorney general’s office then presented the case to a Rockwall County grand jury.

Neither Raquel Medrano nor Carlos Medrano, who took the bench in January, could be reached for comment.

Raquel Medrano is being prosecuted by Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican, using Rockwall County as a venue.

Part of the prominent Medrano political dynasty, she turned herself in at the Rockwall County Jail last week before being released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

The indictment alleges that Medrano knowingly voted in a precinct where she was not eligible to cast a ballot.

Earlier this year, a court of inquiry in Dallas County was ordered to investigate whether Carlos Medrano violated election law by encouraging Raquel Medrano and her sister Veronica Medrano to lie on voter registration applications in order to vote illegally in his primary contest.

The inquiry, a rarely used process to investigate criminal allegations, was launched after Sepulveda used testimony in his lawsuit to convince a judge to initiate it.

In that sworn testimony, Veronica Medrano said her uncle asked her to vote for him using an Oak Lawnaddress.

Sepulveda, who on Monday testified about voter fraud before a Texas House committee in Austin, said he felt vindicated by the indictment.

“Nobody was believing what I was saying,” he said. “Now the truth comes out. She did the fraud. Now she has to do the time.”

Sepulveda, who says he’s put his loss to Medrano behind him, is now running for Dallas City Council.




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