Pennsylvania – Philadelphia – Judge convicted of molesting 12 year old get six months – shameful

The sexualized nature of this society is not natural.

It’s been pushed and advertised.

It’s done on purpose.

From business to schools to politics.

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Abercrombie Markets Padded Bikinis For 8 Year Olds!


Girls – as young as 7 years old are target markets for the sex industry. Parents complicit in the perversion of their own daughters

Former district judge gets jail time for corruption of minor

Published: Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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MEDIA COURTHOUSE — Former longtime Haverford District Justice Gerald C. Liberace was taken to jail in handcuffs today after a judge sentenced him to six to 12 months, stating that a “slap on the wrist would send the wrong message” about his conviction for sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl.

Liberace, 69, who served more than two decades as a district judge, was convicted in January of charges he endangered the welfare of a child and corruption of a minor.

Philadelphia Senior Judge John L. Braxton, who was specially assigned to handle the case because of Liberace’s court post, said the victim is scarred for life.

“The acts that took place created an indelible mark on the life of this victim,” said the judge.

The girl, who is now 18 and a college student, said she was molested by Liberace, and her mother, who she told during her sophomore year of high school about the incident, took little action to support her.

The victim told the court that because of the crime, “trust is something that is hard for me to come by.” She also began sobbing as she said that what impacted her life the most is the loss of her mother, who sat on the defendant’s side of courtroom during the trial.

“The thing that had affected me the most is how I have lost my mother throughout this process. Throughout the duration of the case, my own mother was not standing by my side supporting me. It is hard enough to go through a trial like this, but doing it without my mother was extremely hard,” she said.

“Even though I come off as strong to other people, this situation is eating me alive. Nothing will ever erase the torturous memory of Liberace that I am stuck with for the rest of my life,” she said.

Defense attorney Mark Much presented testimony from relatives of Liberace including his grown daughter who described him as “a most spectacular dad.”

<Some child molestor don’t see their own daughters in that way, but some do.  Maybe he was just one of those who didn’t? >
Much was unsuccessful in convincing Braxton to allow the defendant to remain free pending any appeals, citing his age, his service to the court for 25 years, and his spotless criminal history.

However, Senior Deputy Attorney General E. Marc Costanzo said the crime cried out for incarceration, considering the impact it had on the victim.

A jury convicted Liberace of two of the three charges he faced. During the proceedings the victim testified he began indecently touching her in 2004 when she was 12.

Liberace, who has remained free until today, was acquitted of a charge of indecent assault by the jury during the proceedings that began Dec.

28, 2010 and stretched into the New Year with a verdict handed down Jan. 4.

During the trial, the victim told the jury that Liberace first began fondling her in August 2004 while he was caring for her because her mother, who had a May-December relationship with the defendant, went to the shore with some of her friends for an overnight stay.

<This is an example of a selfish woman.  The type that the 60’s Progressives want to see.  The destruction of the family is what they brought.  This is the product.  This. I believe the girls story.  When the family is destroyed these types of things become possible.  When the whole society is destroyed from this destructive and selfish behavior, then it will come to pass that the children that survive these “mothers” and “fathers” will understand the solution and the pendulum will begin it’s swing back.>
“He went under my panties and started to rub my vaginal area,” the victim testified. She also testified that he rubbed her bare bottom.

When she was 15, she first revealed to her mother what had happened, following a breakup with Liberace. However, no official report was made at that time.

Also the victim’s father testified that after his daughter, who is now

18 and in college, came to live with him in 2008, her grades began slipping, and as they were discussing that problem, she suddenly began “sobbing uncontrollably” and blurted out that Liberace “had done some things to her that weren’t right.”

The victim subsequently revealed to a therapist that he sexually abused her and charges were filed last summer against the 69-year-old former Republican Haverford District Justice.

Costanzo told the jury that in 2009 after her report was made to police, it was decided to have her make contact with Liberace and the phone conversations were recorded and replayed for the jury.

Costanzo presented the intercepted telephone conversations between the victim and the defendant, in which Liberace was quoted as admitting, “you know I did things I guess that were inappropriate…”

Also in the tapes he says, “I’m sorry for whatever you want me to say I’m sorry for,” he responds. And at another point he states, “I used to smack your ass I knew that. You know, I shouldn’t have done that I guess.”

In that tape she says “But you’ve done more.” He answers, “If I did more it wasn’t intentional. I don’t even remember. I don’t, I honestly don’t remember doing anything.”

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