Trust – MOVIE Exposing the dangers of online “communication”

Information Technology and cyber predators create Indoctrination of Teens to Crimes and Predators

If you go to any movie with your teen, this one should be on your list.

But while your there with your teen, open your mind to the way this tool (FACEBOOK, etc….) can be used.

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Trust, posted with vodpod

By the way, teens are not the only targets and SEX is not the only commodity.

Children are not the only victims.

Countries can be seduced in the same way.  It may even be easier to convince groups of people.  Because the buzz words, when reproduced over and over have a compounding effect.  Over a relatively short period of time ANY lie can become the truth and when people act in unison it becomes a pack mentality.  The pack is family now.  The individual can be convinced to denounce what little family they have to the PACK.  The middle east is proof that this CAN be done.  They “uprisings” hail their fervor from, of all places, FACEBOOK.  So, if whole counties can be moved to war, then what chance does a 14 year old have?  What defense mechanism does a child have for this type of EVIL?

PARENTS of these teens can be seen online falling prey themselves and worse, may not even realize that they have turned and become the predator.  Maybe they don’t even know that they are being used as a tool of the predator?  KIDS can be both.

Muslims advertising and social media explode while Israeli’s machinate over an image

Egyptian protests breed spores of protests in Bahrain and Yemen.

“the opposition’s call has gained momentum on social networking websites, with more than 56,000 people pledging to participate on one protest group’s Facebook page.”

my comment

<Facebook?  Like the Soro’s and Muslim Brotherhood staged Facebook pages?  Social upheavals create voids and the voids are never void for long.  Natural abhors it.  The strongest and most lethal find their way in easily to fill in the cracks.  THATS THE POINT>”


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