The Middle East uprising began with Social Media – Obama’s Robert Gibbs to be managing FACEBOOK’S Communications – ME’s uprising is US based

If anyone has any doubt about how the MIDDLE EAST became unsettled this should shed a very bright light

Just like children are easily guiled by online predictors, people, en mass, can be beguiled by the brainwashing and psychological propaganda that governments have studied for centuries.  Governments have used psychological tactics to wage WARS from times immemorial.

One of the easiest ways for government to convince you of something is repeat it.  Even if the item is a complete lie.  The impact of the lie is less and less as it gets repeated.  Then, if you make the case for the lie to be true, even while admitting it’s a lie, then the people are more likely to follow the lie, because they BELIEVE that the benefits outweigh the detriments of the TRUTH.  Then, as time goes by, the FACT that the premise is a lie is presented as the absolute truth and, at that point, most will subscribe to the FALSE TRUTH.




Former Obama Press Secretary Gibbs May Join Facebook Executive Branch

Published March 28, 2011


Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

He’s no longer a part of the Obama administration, but Robert Gibbs may still be young and insidery enough to interest Facebook, which is reportedly in talks to hire President Obama’s former press secretary for a senior role managing the company’s communications.

The New York Times reported Monday that the gig could be especially profitable for Gibbs as the mega-social network prepares for an initial public offering in early 2012.

No formal offer has been made yet to Gibbs, the newspaper reported, but after two years at the White House, the president’s ex-spokesman has high-level ties that could be attractive to Facebook as it prepares for the world’s largest-ever public offering — valued by some investors at more than $60 billion, according to The Times.


<Here’s another thing the Robert Gibbs was behind (just in case the history is already being suppressed.):

Healthcare – Virginia Judge says that it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the US government to DECREE what ONE (we the people) MUST buy.

At the White House, spokesman Robert Gibbs pointed to the other rulings in favor of the individual mandate. (The fact that they can FORCE OBAMA CARE down your throat) “We are confident that [the individual mandate] is constitutional, he said. “We disagree with the ruling.”


Amnesty? Did you say no? Who cares what you say. We have other ways to make it PASS. You “The People” are nothing. The Constitution is fluid, water, and is very very changeable. Or so they would like.

Robert Gibbs

“White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs downplayed the USCIS memo that surfaced on Thursday and details 18 different ways administrative actions could be used to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Gibbs said the White House is committed to a comprehensive approach that would involve Congressional action.”






Facebook, whose nascent inner workings became the topic for the hit movie “The Social Network,” has some Washington-centric challenges to surmount before it goes public, and Gibbs’ entree could be helpful. Among the topics of interest in Washington are online privacy issues, Internet security and proper accounting of its public trading, an oversight task reserved for the Securities and Exchange Commission.


<The following post shows how cleverly this guy can use deception>


Joe Barton is facing a “shakedown” of his own from the Republican RATS in the HOUSE

<(Joe Barton)He wasn’t defending the oil giant.  He was defending what used to be our Constitution and the LIMITED government, that we no longer have.  His remarks were well understood by most people who understand that this indeed IS a shake down.  ”We the people” have been vilified for having a standard of living that is higher than anywhere else.  Our government is taking that away by force and BP has been forced by the government (Dem and Rep alike) to the villain before it’s investigated.  They are guilty before they are even tried.  THAT is WHAT the people see and Barton saw it too.   When the DemocRATS and RepuliCANs get together on matters, the PEOPLE understand that they are the ones that will be on the hook for a farther “shakedown”.  CAP and TRADE or whatever they want to call it  >


“Prior to Barton’s apology, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs indicated that the Texas Republican should lose his status as ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee because of his apology to BP’s chief executive Tony Hayward.”>


Gibbs, who turns 40 on Tuesday, left the White House in February, suggesting he’d help establish Obama’s re-election campaign before moving into the private sector. That could be given short-shrift, however, if he takes the potential private sector role.


<Makes you wonder what kind of damage this guy is getting ready to create, since the eyes of the press will now be averted. >


Gibbs’ hiring would also move the former press secretary far from the White House as well as Obama’s re-election headquarters in Chicago. The company’s headquarters is located in Palo Alto, Calif.


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