Texas – Of the 445,000 illegal aliens caught 59,000 were from countries “other than Mexico” and 663 were from designated terrorist countries. For every 1 illegal 3 or 4 actually get away and enter the country and become “ghosts”

The American people have no confidence in the government enforcing our sovereignty because of all efforts by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to Subvert that effort.  From the sanctuary city policies to the open border and the flood of people from countries that have said that they don’t care one fig for America, even after decades of, so called humanitarian efforts. These people, from Somalia and Sudan are coming here in many, and I would say MOSTLY, illegally.  They come here by lying and deceiving their  way in to the country, because THEY know that once they are in, they can become ghosts to the government.  These ghosts are not only dangerous but numerous.  The danger is really in the numbers.  The numbers LIE.  The VOTER FRAUD that is ENDORSED by policies “artfully” fashioned is a direct violation of the Constitution.  Once they become ghosts, they are no longer COUNTED and more can then be added from those countries. And the vote fraud expands.  OUR government, actually, LIKES that.  They like it because THOSE are the people who have voted and have allowed the “direction” that this country has been swiveled into.  This is the biggest danger.  If they all of a sudden were exposed, then OUR government would need to be VACATED, because of the SEDITION that is rampant.  They don’t even recognize it as sedition.


The youtube –

Homeland security says time and efforts needed to secure the border are not KNOWN — <from the you tube of Cornyn and Napi.>

How are the American people supposed to have ANY confidence in that?  I would go a step further and tell Janet that hers is an illegal post set up by the administration and should be eliminated and her right along with it.  Lets go farther and say that the illegal CZARINA that she is, is an illegal appointment and that SHE has been part of the head that has AIDED and ABETTED illegals, which is, by EVERY definition anywhere ———– TREASON!

“Do you have an estimate to secure the border?” says Cornyn and Janet says, “My answer senator is that our efforts to secure the border will be continuing and what I’m afraid of is if I give you a date, at that point then resources will TAKEN AWAY (what? ) and put somewhere else.  This will need  to be a sustained effort over (all the ? – could not get the exact word there.) time.

Senator Cornyn – basically calling her a big fat liar says – ” I would suggest to the contrary madam Secretary.   You know that you have members of this committee who have been very active in the effort to provide your department the resources that are necessary to finish the job. ”

Seal of the United States Department of Homela...

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That symbol is DECEPTION – it’s an UNCONSTITUTIONAL “department”

663 Illegal Aliens From Countries With Ties to Terrorism Arrested Along Southwest Border in 2010, Senator Says

Friday, March 18, 2011
By Edwin Mora
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Sen. Cornyn Questions Sec. Napolitano on Border…, posted with vodpod

Washington (CNSNews.com) – Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), speaking at a conference on border issues Thursday, said 663 individuals arrested along the southwest border in 2010 were from countries designated as “special interest” or from countries known to have  ties with terrorism.

U.S. Border Patrol

“It’s not just that we’re seeing immigration across our southern border from countries like Mexico — people seeking to work and provide for their families,” said Cornyn, a member of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on homeland security and terrorism. “Indeed in the last year alone — where 445,000 individuals were detained at the southwest border — 59,000 came from countries other than Mexico.

“These included 663 individuals from special-interest countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen and four countries that have been designated by the U.S. Department of State as state-sponsors of terror – Cuba, Iran, Syria, and Sudan,” Cornyn said.

Special interest countries are those whose citizens are subject to enhanced screening by the Transportation Security Administration on U.S.-bound flights as a result of the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Flight 253.

The U.S. Border Patrol, which falls under the Homeland Security Department, is charged with apprehending aliens attempting to illegally cross U.S. borders. As CNSNews.com previously reported, in fiscal year 2010, around 84 percent of the approximately 448,000 illegal aliens arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol were not prosecuted.

<This was a direct order of the president and Janet -Napi-head- Napolitano>

After delivering his remarks at the 15th annual U.S.-Mexico Congressional Border Issues Conference, Sen. Cornyn told reporters he asked the Director of National Intelligence whether the apprehension of the 663 individuals was national security vulnerability. “He said yes it was, so we need to do more,” Cornyn said.

What the Obama administration is doing to secure the border more is “obviously not enough,” he added.

<They are actually hampering the requests that the representatives are pleading for. >

During his speech, Cornyn criticized the Obama administration’s border security efforts, saying that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano talks about the resources that have been devoted to border areas — the so called ‘inputs’ – “where I’m really more interested in what the results, or the outputs, are.”

Napolitano, who also spoke at the event, said “taken as whole, the manpower, the technology, the resources, represent the most serious and sustained action to secure the border in our nation’s history, and it’s clear from every statistical measure that the approach is working.”

Napolitano called Border Patrol apprehensions a “key indicator of illegal traffic” along the U.S. borders, and she noted the apprehensions have decreased 36 percent in the past two years and are less than one half of what they were at their peak.

Sen. Cornyn suggested that a border security strategy should have a coordinated “interagency approach,” where the various federal entities charged with security along the border are working together and complementing one another.

He also said that a “good” border security strategy “should be resourced appropriately.”

The annual border conference took place on Capitol Hill and was sponsored by the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.



5 Responses to Texas – Of the 445,000 illegal aliens caught 59,000 were from countries “other than Mexico” and 663 were from designated terrorist countries. For every 1 illegal 3 or 4 actually get away and enter the country and become “ghosts”

  1. Francis says:

    The US 2010 census projection of our population stating it has grown from 282 million in 2000 to 309 million in 2010, a net increase of 27 million residents in a decade. The Pew Research Center study has calculated the total to the U.S. population of 438 million by 2050. That’s if there are no policy changes, an increase of 129 million over the 2010 population, which means more oil, energy and water sources.Not to mention the lose of farmland for homes. Wild Creature are also being disrupted from their century old environments. Any prudent person analyzing this data would recognize their are well over 11. million illegal aliens in this country; more like 20 million plus? Our country has been lied to by Leftist groups, who want all borders open as a free society. Neither major party wants secure enforcement, because it would inhibit their agendas. For Democrats that means potentially more votes; while with Republicans its foremost interest is to the business opportunists who profit from cheap labor.

    We must organize with everybody who have the same opinions as the TEA PARTY on halting illegal immigration. Every American citizen or legal green card holder is welcome to fight this travesty of illegal occupation, no matter their race or religion.We just cannot afford to support the world anymore; how can we support the poor of other countries, when we don’t aid our own below the bread line? The only people who will gain advantage from out-of-control illegal immigrant occupation, is business of every type. Millions more customers bring enormous profits and wealth to the owners, who the majority don’t live in congested neighborhoods. Only the relentless Tea Party politicians can save America from overpopulation?

    That fact is we could accomplishes huge savings if illegal aliens and instant citizenship offspring were cut-off from all welfare benefits and States such as the Sanctuary State of California, would not be crippled by a 26 billion dollar deficit, partially caused by education, health care and the overcrowded jail and prisons from the settlement of illegal foreigners. Our cities infrastructure are crumbling, including highways, bridges, tunnels, with the constant effect of overcrowding. Beneath the ground is a 50 year of danger of leaking sewerage pipes, electric wiring and water supplies.They are not the only State burdened by massive loses to their general funds, being siphoned off by illegal immigrant entitlements.

    Consider a future if we don’t seal our borders, stop tourist visa over- stayers, enforce immigration laws by using ATTRITION as the main deterrent. Make our politicians enact E-Verify as a permanent law to reduce the illegal influx of foreigners. Mandate the use of Secure Communities for every police force throughout America, backed by the federal 287 (g) policies to fingerprint and identify every individual in (ICE) databases, so that all criminals can be handed over to the Immigration and Customs Service for deportation. Further our chances of ignorant businesses hiring cheap labor, when our own citizens-residents cannot get jobs, by joining the Tea PARTY. They will stop the Tax and Spend Liberals, reduce government, return jobs to bona fide Americans and halt the illegal immigration invasion, that is overwhelming every community and bringing even more poverty to America.

    Attention: General Electric paid no taxes whatsoever last fiscal year. The Tax code needs to be reinvented, so everybody pays their fair share. In the last election the State Attorney Generals of New Mexico, New York, Texas and New Jersey stated illegal aliens voted in the prior election. My opinion is these people are compromising the vote in California and Nevada as well, because of the massive populations of foreign nationals. Illegal aliens will and do vote using forged Absentee Ballots and fake ID to sign in to register at polling stations.

    • txlady706 says:

      I have no argument with anything you said. I might add that other than ECONOMIC burdens that illegals create there are real terrorist threats that result. There are 2 wars on the horizon. They are: The Communist – Global Governance and the Muslim war with out picking up a sword. They will engage in truth against each other only when their are only the 2 powers left. The WESTERN Global Governance (headed by the UN ) and the OIC (the UN of the Muslim world)

  2. jackie cox says:

    obama does not protect our borders from hostile invasion, neither criminality from within, instead he destroys our military commands, and makes decision that disable our industrial and military science, he is the final acheivment of an enemy from within, a puppet of those who seek to control the earth and see america as a potential barrier to their criminal success. How he remains in power exposes a government system no longer serving america. they export our factories and manufacturing companies and jobs, attack people who work under contract, empower people who get the stuff they sell made by slaves, and sell it by poverty stricken hirelings they force to work without work contracts. as we descend further and further from our once wealth middle class country, while publishing lies about our life spans and incomes, as homelessness increases exponentially and brings an early death,with no address, not a statistic of the acorn splinter groups barry has appointed to conduct our censuses, and voting results, preparing for another election fraud of 2012, watching over their own compromised credibility. Current information technology could permit us to vote with an openended referendum, advising thw lawyers what they can and cannot do, the opposite of what now occupies thie once powerful country, one that made what it consumed and exported to the world, a country of small business family owned communities, and manufacturing infrastructure provided more jobs than people. To resurrect our independent nation is a simple matter of restoring our imort taxation which justifies making the stuff we consume in this country. Its not complicated, those affected negatively negatively consist of an insignificant portion of our people, and consist of a few dozen clans like the gatses, buffetses, and waltonses, etc, who devise criminal schemes to escape accrued taxation by importing stuff, they rise in price offshore, and use slaves, servants to make our stuff, at first selling it far below what it costs to make in a country governed by a fair days work for a fair days pay, then when the companies are eliminated, rise the prices and stash the stolen cash in countries withut extradition rights with america, and invest in facilites where short lived slaves, and servants work. while living as lords, feeding on our country, and disabling our ability to continue maintainiance of our infrastructure, paying lobbies who bribe lawyers they pick to continue the new age plunder of modern day pirates they really are

  3. jackie cox says:

    God Bless the children of our world and may they continue the information revolution intent on removing injustice fro the world

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