Muslims advertising and social media explode while Israeli’s machinate over an image


The Muslim world has advertised itself to the teeth and even the blatant lies are forgiven them.


Israels silence regarding the murder of their own is not helpful.  The outrage should be loud and clear.  The IMAGES ARE absolutely necessary.  The stories are disregarded or are buried, because they don’t make a statement.  Israel needs to have her message spoken and viewed in it’s entirety.  To do LESS is to silence the cry.  To do less, will ERASE Israel from the annals of HISTORY.  Hear me! Israel cries.  The audience doesn’t want to HEAR cries, they have heard them all and they tune Jews out.  Crying is no longer fashionable, dontcha you know?  SHOW the horrors in EVERY WAY possible, then proceed along the path of strength that is RIGHTEOUS- the path TOWARD life.  Let the Islamists kill themselves trying to use Israel and the WEST as HOSTS to their inevitable bloated TIC bodies burst from the BLOOD that they will drain from the host and if they don’t burst before the host dies, then they will dies just as soon as the HOST does.  ISRAEL! STOP writhing in your own awkward machinations.  YOU know the righteous path.  Look to the BIBLE and FIND yourselves.  The Torah will show you where you are today in the purview of the history that is YOUR past.  LEARN from your history.  Find similar times in the ancient texts and find your way again.
Baruch hashem.
Shma Israel!
Shma she ani omeret.



Arab Spring – The Ultimate Social Media Guide

Thu Mar 24 2011 18:39 


Arab Spring Ultimate Social Media Guide
It’s Arab Spring, and social media is blazing its own trail in the history books. After Tunisia’s revolution, nobody thought that a people’s uprising would spread to another country in the region.  Experts the world over published news articles and editorials telling us how Egypt isn’t Tunisia, Syria isn’t Tunsia or Saudi Arabia isn’t Tunisia. Yet here we are today, in the midst of an historic regional uprising with implications for the whole world, implications that could change the course of world history giving a region rife with conflict, despotism and colonization the chance for real freedom and choice. Without Twitter and Facebook, it’s entirely possible that this would not have happened.

Below you will find the ultimate social media guide to the “Arab Spring,” Twitter accounts from leaders and people on the ground to homepages of revolutions on Facebook. Facebook isthe soapbox they stand on, and Twitter is the Megaphone through which they speak.




Arab Spring Social Media Resources
Twitter has embraced its role in the Pan-Arab uprisings. While the core of rebellion was born on Facebook, it’s Twitter where word really spread and organizations and opposition groups organized themsleves. Twitter is full of activists on the inside and out who post minute by minute Tweets of what is going on in every hotspot in the Pan-Arab uprising. From refugees and expats in England to leaders and activists in Iran, Twitter has them all. Information comes in so quickly in fact that its hard to keep up with it all. It is raw and uncensored information straight to your computer.

Facebook has no doubt proved the most vital source of rebellion on the net. It is from Facebook pages where activists rallied the people in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, etc. to the call that it was time for change, to assemble, let your voices be heard and take to the streets on such and such date. One could call Facebook the “Cradle of the Revolution”.

Unfortunately Facebook has deleted several opposition group accounts due to terms of service violations. The most recent being a page calling for a 3rd Palestinian Intifada for May 15th, 2011 against both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority with over 200,000+ “Likes”.

When Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois sent Facebook a letter requesting that it amend its no-anonymity policy to protect democratic activists in the Middle East, Facebook said no. Despite this, dozens of pages dedicated to the various uprisings remain and are active everyday posting pictures, video and news stories about what is happening in their respective countries.



Twitter Facebook
Search Terms & Hashtags March 18th 2011 DAY of
Rage Across Afghanistan
Twitter Facebook
Search Terms & Hashtags Envoyés Spéciaux Algériens
#algeria Algerian Revolution
Twitter Facebook 14th February 2011
Revolution Day in Bahrain True Royal Democracy
Bahrain Revolution News
Search Terms & Hashtags Freedom Square
#bahrain People Announce a General
Strike in Bahrain
#pearlsqaure February 14 Uprising
Twitter Facebook Djibouti Bientot
Search Terms & Hashtags
Twitter Facebook!/Ghonim 25 Egypt!/25Egypt El Shaheed
Al Shohada 2
Search Terms & Hashtags Secular Egypt
#egypt El Shaheed UK
#ghonim Yom Elsawra 25 January
#25jan Wael-Ghonim
Twitter Facebook!/Uprising4Iran Iranian Protest News
Search Terms & Hashtags
Twitter Facebook Iraq Revolution
Ahrar Iraq
Search Terms & Hashtags Iraq 7
#iraq Revolution of Iraq on
25th of February
#25feb Support Iraq
Youth Movement Reform Iraq
Twitter Facebook!/JordanVoice_ Jordanian Revolution 2011!/AliChubby Shbab March 24 April 15 2011
7 Erak
Search Terms & Hashtags Youth Movement for Change
Search Terms & Hashtags
Twitter Facebook!/ShababLibya Libyan Youth Movement!/feb17libya 17-02-2011 Libya!/ChangeInLibya Videos of the Libyan
Revolution!/Libyan4life Tunisians Support Libyans
17 February!/Tripolitanian Thawrat Libya!/LibyaFeb17_com!/libyanfsl!/EnoughGaddafi!/Cyrenaican!/FreeLibyanman!/LibyaSupreme!/feb17voices!/weddady
Search Terms & Hashtags
Twitter Facebook!/
Moroccans for Change
Search Terms & Hashtags
Twitter Facebook
Search Terms & Hashtags Oman Revolution
Twitter Facebook!/ThirdIntifada Palestinian Intifada 3 From
Palestinian Intifada
Search Terms & Hashtags
Twitter Facebook
Search Terms & Hashtags Hijaz Revolution
#saudiarabia K.S.A. Revolution
#11mar Saudis Revolution
Twitter Facebook
Search Terms & Hashtags Sudan The Revolution 10
June 2011
#sudan Sudan Revolution 2011
30th January Sudanese
Youth Strike
Twitter Facebook!/Mohammad_Syria Syrian Free Press!/FreeSoria For Democratic Syria!/AnonymousSyria End State of Emergency
in Syria!/SyRevVid Syrian Revolution!/SyrianFreePress Days of Rage!/1SecularSyrian Syrian Day of Rage!/SyrianJasmine Freedom of Syria!/syrianews Syrian Revolution Videos!/syriarevolution Egyptians & Tunisians w/
Young Syrian
Uprising 15/03/2011!/ZainSyr 23 Million!/hkhabbab Syrian Women Revolution!/syrianfront!/SyrianRage!/SyriansHand!/AnonymousSyria
Search Terms & Hashtags
Twitter Facebook!/LiberateTunisia Tunisian Revolt!/actu_tunisie Sans Ben Ali
14 Janvier 2011 TN
Search Terms & Hashtags
Twitter Facebook Yemen Revolution Yemen 2011 Rased Yemen!/yemen4change Al Tagheer 2011!/RASEDYEMEN Aden Youth for Change
Search Terms & Hashtags Rased Yemen
Twitter Facebook!/ArabRevolution Arab Revolution 2011!/ArabsUnite Intern’l Year of the Arab
Leaders to Take Off in 2011!/Maghreblog Change
Search Terms & Hashtags


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