Texas – may once again become a free state – Free from the Fraud of illegal alien VOTES and subvert the states sovereignty

IDs Required to Vote in Texas

By Chip Maxham – Meteorologist
Thursday, March 24, 2011 – 5:18pm

The Texas House passed a bill Wednesday requiring voters to show ID when voting. The measure had already been passed by the Texas Senate and now just needs Gov. Perry’s signature to become law.

Republicans who favor the measure say this requirement will reduce voter fraud. Democrats, who largely oppose the the ID requirement, say that the bill is an attempt to make it more difficult for African-Americans and Latinos to vote.

The House vote was nearly 2-1 in favor of the ID requirement.


The article below show the absolute unbelievable disregard for other LEGAL aliens and citizens alike.  Why is it OK to disenfranchise those who are doing the RIGHT thing?

If I have to show my drivers license to the cop pulling me over, then the VOTE – which the womens suffrage movement was about – is vastly more important than the cop knowing what I look like.  The rest he could get from the license plate, etc….

Requiring a photo ID aims to suppress vote

11:00 PM, Mar. 23, 201

Sadly, yes, Iowa’s election system is being politicized by Secretary of State Matt Schultz. The county auditors say we don’t have a problem with our elections. I trust them. Requiring a photo ID will slow the process on Election Day and cause longer line

Some folks will skip voting if they forgot their ID or don’t want to wait in line. Poll workers can already ask to see an ID if they think something is fishy with the voter, but the ID is not required to vote.

Presently, voters who are asked for an ID, if they don’t have one with them, get to vote on a provisional ballot, which is verified later. If they can’t be verified, the ballot is not counted. This also keeps illegals from voting. Their names won’t be on any registered voter lists. If they tried to vote (not likely if they are trying to lie low and avoid the federal immigration authorities), the vote wouldn’t be counted.

Voters in our county (and most other counties) check in to vote by computer, which is fed immediately to the courthouse and to the state. The names are matched to voter registration databases.

Iowa has a model system designed by the Republican auditor in Cerro Gordo County.

Iowa has safe, fair elections. Voter ID is part of a national Republican push for voter suppression. Don’t disenfranchise voters. It is hard enough to convince voters of the importance of voting.

– JoAnn Hardy, Mason City



One Response to Texas – may once again become a free state – Free from the Fraud of illegal alien VOTES and subvert the states sovereignty

  1. StaticKlingon says:

    Anyone who can’t be bothered with producing a legitimate ID to show that you’re eligible to vote is on very shaky ground. Responsible citizens manage to show up fully dressed every day of the week and routinely have ID to show they’re eligible to drive and elibible to enter a building, but find it cramps their voting style to show up with it on election day? HAHAHAHAHA Who do you think you’re kidding?

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