Kuwait – Secular Kuwait talking about IMPOSING Shariah

Kuwait is usually looked at as one of the MOST staunchly secular ME states.

It is now just another ME state.

The Muslims are out in FULL fatwa’s

This is really telling.

The UN is the Globalist tool and the US is a party to it.

I guess we’ll really get a better idea after June.  That’s when the next Bilderberg meeting –

Spain – Bilderberg 2010 Attendee List

Bilderberg 2010: Prisonplanet.com Master Page 050610bb

‘Kuwait Is Secular, Sharia Cannot Be Applied On All’

Experts Divided On Constitution Reforms

Updated on: 21/03/2011

KUWAIT CITY, March 19: The Islamists and Liberals have expressed divergent opinions on the proposal to amend Article Two of the Constitution to use the Islamic Sharia as the only legal reference in the country, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
Former oil minister Ali Al-Baghli supports the idea of amending some articles of the Constitution to strengthen coordination between the executive and legislative authorities. However, he is against the amendment of Article Two because the Kuwaiti legal system consists of civil and personal status laws, which are being implemented according to the Islamic Sharia. He argued the proposed amendment is not in line with the recent developments in the country. He also condemned some lawmakers for misusing their constitutional tools.
On the other hand, Political Science Professor at Kuwait University (KU) Dr Ghanim Al-Najjar stressed the need to amend the article, pointing out this will not lead to the transformation of the country into a terrorist state as claimed by some Liberals. “We should not be scared due to the negative experiences of some countries that have not implemented the law according to the Islamic Sharia,” he added.
Ahmad Al-Sarraf, a prominent columnist, described the Islamists’ call for amendment of the Constitution as wishful thinking. He contended Kuwait is a secular state whose people include Salafists, Reformists who follow the Sunni doctrine, Shiites, Christians and many other groups. He pointed out several expatriates belong to different religious groups, so it is unfair to enforce the Islamic Sharia on non-Muslims.
Islamic preacher Dr Saad Al-Ibrahimi called on the Islamist lawmakers to push for the ‘Islamization’ of the Constitution, asserting that God’s commands should be enforced on everybody. He denounced the stipulation of Article Two that Kuwait is a secular state, which uses the Islamic Sharia as one of the bases of its legal system. He asked the Islamist lawmakers to work towards the implementation of the Islamic Sharia as the sole legal reference in Kuwait.



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