California – Illegal aliens are going to get your TAX paid FEDERAL financial aid. – where in the Constitution is that? UNDER TREASON!

These policies are outright treason.  This is material aid to a foreign government for the purpose of advancing NOT the US, but another government.  THAT is TREASON!

California’s Legislature is an illegal entity and should be swiftly fired!

Jerry Brown – is a traitor to California and should be captured and tried.  A FULL investigation in to his affairs and material support that he has authorized should be redacted, and then he should be personally investigated as well.


Thursday 17th of March 2011 - sanfrancisco sentinel

More Taxpayer Benefits For Illegal Immigrants’ Education

Last Updated: Thu, 03/17/2011 – 12:12pm

A state that has long awarded illegal immigrants with discounted tuition at public colleges and universities wants to take it a step further by also giving them millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded scholarships and financial aid.

Under a measure that’s quickly making its way through California’s legislature, illegal immigrants will have access to state-funded financial aid as well as tens of millions of dollars in scholarship money that’s annually funneled through public foundations. Although illegal aliens have for years benefitted from heavily discounted in-state tuition at all California institutions of higher education, current law bans them from receiving additional aid and scholarships.

The new bill—known as the California Dream Act—was introduced by a state lawmaker from Los Angeles and could reverse that policy by the end of the year. The measure was approved this week by a state legislative committee and has a great chance of becoming law because, unlike his predecessor who thrice vetoed it, California Governor Jerry Brown has vowed to sign it.

If it passes, illegal immigrants attending California’s smallest university system—the 10-campus UC system—stand to receive between $2 million and $3 million a year in added benefits. Officials in the state’s two other systems, Cal State with 23 campuses and 112 community colleges have yet to estimate the figure but it’s sure to be a lot higher. The timing couldn’t be worst in a devastated public college system that’s suffering through a debilitating $500 million budget cut.

But the assemblyman who has long pushed for the California Dream Act, Democrat Gil Cedillo, claims it will finally give students who were brought to the U.S. through no choice of their own a true chance at the American dream. His bill will also help correct injustices against immigrants because he says “immigration policy throughout our history has been shaped by racism, fears of foreign influence, the anxiety generated from economic downturns and by political opportunism.”

The president of California’s more prestigious UC system, Mark Yudof, refers to the illegal immigrants enrolled in his campuses as “leaders of tomorrow” whose “outstanding accomplishments” should not be disregarded or their future jeopardized “simply because of their legal status.”

Besides California nine other states—including Texas, Utah, Kansas and New York—offer illegal immigrants discounted tuition at public colleges and several others have contemplated legislation to offer the perk. A few weeks ago Judicial Watch filed a taxpayer lawsuit against the Board of Trustees of Maryland’s Montgomery College for unlawfully granting discounted “in county” tuition rates to illegal aliens who graduate from local high schools.


5 Responses to California – Illegal aliens are going to get your TAX paid FEDERAL financial aid. – where in the Constitution is that? UNDER TREASON!

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  2. Francis says:


    It’s sad that our schools are crammed to the limit with children of illegal aliens. They come here–and never paid a single penny into the education system. States are burdened by unfunded mandates including schooling for illegal children, which when analyzed billions of dollars paid out of American people’s empty pockets. State colleges will be demanding more money from taxpayers, to subsidize the wishes of bleeding hearts, open border brain dead leftist and socialist insanity. California is in education mess and must look to parents to subsidize pens, paper and textbooks owing to the States descent into a disastrous financial pit. Governor Jerry Brown is pushing for a Statewide Dream Act will further erode the California education. This will mean even more State hands outs and higher taxes for property owners.

    Each State now has accumulated so much debt from the occupation of people from across our national border and economic tourists with no return airline tickets. England was so frustrated with economic health care tourist, that they are slamming the door on people turning up from impoverished regions of the world, to slap taxpayers with the bill. Same with our nation that the courts have mandated we must give health care, education and even low income housing to illegal alien families. The United States of America that has become the free health care center for central and Latin America, Eastern Europe and other poor areas of the world, who is consuming vast amounts of services meant for the legal populace.

    The Tea Party is discussing now with its tens of millions of members, to possibly joining up with reputable pro-sovereignty organizations that are ready to unseat corrupt politicians, who have flip-flopped over immigration laws in Utah and Arizona and States further afield. There is also talk of communicating the word to the membership of all organizations–to boycott–the corporate instigators that forwarded a veiled threat in a letter to the Republican Arizona Senate. At the head of the table was the US Chamber of Commerce that have been fully involved in crippling E-Verify to a voluntary basis amongst other laws, just like that old nut Senator Reid in Nevada.


    Word of mouth will resonate across all frontiers, and internally throughout America and hundreds of thousands of economic illegal aliens will be arriving in lenient States. If illegal aliens think they can get drivers licenses in Washington State, New Mexico they will be pouring in from everywhere. They will pillage your welfare safety-net for all your impoverished citizens and legal residents, just as they have in the Sanctuary State of California and Nevada. Unions are losing memberships have been turning to the recruitment of foreign nationals that are now crowding the SEIU and other service Trade Unions. Trumka is just another Leftist with his trade union bullies, hoping to undermine the “Rule of Law” so that he can keep his power. When it comes to tourism suffering because of clamp downs on illegal alien workers, this fits only into the giant profits of travel and tourist companies. Entertainment industries should not be exempt from using E-Verify, as once the cheap labor bond is broken, they will have no choice but to hire legitimate workers, that will mean higher wages and benefits. Using foreign labor instead of Americas true labor force, is but one avenue to reduce the 10 million legit people who need jobs.

    Utah doesn’t have any notion of what is going to happen to them, once the illegal aliens start whispering to each other? The flood will turn into a deluge and all those under threat in Arizona and in other States building policing laws will become persona non grata. They will materialize in the hundreds of thousands in Salt Lake City, Ogden and start lining up for the food Stamps, Medicaid and anything else they can get for free. Their kids will suffocate the school system and they will have no choice but to hire more bilingual teachers. These people are well taught on how to wring the most welfare programs from the system, including free breakfasts and lunches for their children. They are well aware as in California the more babies they conjure up, they can receive $600 dollars of your money, for each child in their care. One only has to read on the Internet that there is a fraudulent game going on with child tax credits that is also costing hundreds of millions in your dollars.

    The hospitals in Utah will be crammed with the newly sick and arrive in the emergency room with 4 or five children and then Utah’s old folks, will have to wait 4 hours or more for treatment as the numbers grow. In one hospital in Texas there are a hundred illegal aliens on dialysis machines, costing taxpayers $100.000 dollars annually for each patient. Explore the Pdf file “Illegal Aliens and American Medicine.” Remember this is not about honest, law abiding legalized people who are of many religions, creeds or races. This is about illegal immigration and the consequences now and in the immediate future. Anybody who really believes the US government, or the leftist newspapers or groups with special incentives that there is–ONLY–11 million unauthorized persons here, must have an insanity claim.

    Just as in the Sanctuary State of California being overwhelmed with welfare classes, so will Utah, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Maryland, Wisconsin and will smother other States with their demands. Neighborhoods will become the scene of rusty, derelict cars and the business owners will exploit them and enjoy obscene profits. Oh! But we must not forget the growing prominence of DUI (Drunk While in charge of a motor vehicle) Hit and runs will begin to rocket and more drug peddlers will move in, to sell their toxic wares to young children. Soon–more prisons will have to be constructed to incarcerate the murderers, kidnappers, home invasion crime, female and children assaults and other criminal enterprises, not forgetting murdering terrorists. Just like California, Nevada and other refuge States, your debt will be accelerating because you will be forking out large sums of money like never before, to support Utah’s own little invasion. GOD HELP UTAH!! If this law for Guest Workers is found constitutional these illegal persons with their extended families will suddenly appear

    To repeat this statistic–that for every 1 dollar spent by illegal immigrants, they receive 3 to 4 dollars in service and public entitlements. According to (FAIR) one hundred and thirteen billion went out the door in federal entitlements, for education, health care and incarcerations; these dollar numbers are not what States payout. Each State has its own cross to bear, with no aid from the US government. CONTACT THE ARIZONA OR LOCAL TEA PARTY TO JOIN AND ERADICATE THIS TRAVESTY PLAYED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    America isn’t a melting pot anymore, it’s a powder keg.

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    […]California – Illegal aliens are going to get your TAX paid FEDERAL financial aid. – where in the Constitution is that? UNDER TREASON! « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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