Israel – Gaza fired a rocket on the western Negev, Israel fired back – two Hamas terrorists killed.

This comes just one day after the brutal attack on a Jewish family by Palestinians.  The family was killed in their sleep as Muslims walked in and cut their throats and stabbed a 4 year old child through the heart.




Meanwhile the Palestinians continue to use media propaganda that Jews eat children

Two Hamas Terrorists Killed in IDF Retaliation

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Published: 03/16/11, 12:00 PM / Last Update: 03/16/11, 12:04 PM



The Israeli Air Force fired missiles at a Hamas terrorist base Wednesday morning and killed two terrorists, shortly after Gaza-based terrorists fired a rocket on the western Negev. No one was injured in the rocket attack.



The aerial strike followed by 24 hours the Israeli Navy intercepted a weapons-laden boat bound for Hamas in Gaza.

Israel has carried out a consistent policy of retaliating for every terrorist attack on Israeli civilians and soldiers. More than 60 mortar shells, Kassam and Grad missiles have been fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza since the beginning of 2011.

Meanwhile, the government will hold a special new conference for the media and all diplomats Wednesday afternoon to display the variety of lethal and advanced weapons that were seized Tuesday morning on the “Victory” ship, which sailed from Syria towards Egypt. The weapons were to be smuggled into Gaza through tunnels.


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