Palestinians Celebrate Brutal Murder of the Jewish Fogel Family

03/15/11 11:35 AM Justin Credible

With the horrific earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last week, the media hasn’t been reporting on much else.  That’s understandable, to an extent.  Although Japan’s travesty impacts the world, there is one story that was barely mentioned by the media, unfortunately.  On Saturday morning, Palestinian and Islamic extremists brutally massacred five members of the Fogal family in Itamar, an Orthodox Jewish community and an Israeli settlement in the West Bank (video below).  This was unmistakably an act of terrorism.

This disgusting incident serves to remind us of the Holy War raging between Palestine/Islamic extremists and Jews worldwide, but primarily in Israel.  It’s a battle where Muslim radicals will not give up until every Jew, along with Israel, is wiped off the face of the Earth.

“The murder scene was shocking.  Kids’ toys right next to pools of blood.”

This was a terrorist attack, and there’s no other way to describe it.  The act was a motivation of Islamic extremism.  Unfortunately, stories like these often go underreported, especially now with the focus being on Japan and hopefully their quick recovery.

Three children of the Fogel family, a four-year old, 11-year old and an infant, along with their parents, were stabbed to death in the middle of the night.  Itamar has been the scene of Palestinian violence in the past.  Two other Fogel children returned home shortly after the murder and ran to their neighbors, who reported the incident.  The trail of blood led Israeli security forces to nearby Palestinian towns.  The IAF has employed an unmanned aircraft to search for the suspects.  20 Palestinians have already been arrested.

Palestinian residents in Gaza celebrated the terrorist attack on Saturday.  Residents handed out “candy and sweets” during their celebration in Gaza.

“[Joy] is a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on the Palestinian residents.”

Islamic extremists are the greatest threat to the world.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration has a hate-on for Israel, which has been shunned many times by the undocumented President Obama.  The situation alone is unfortunate enough, but it’s even more unfortunate that politics have to be dragged into this, including the liberal media.  Yes,CNN, the BBC and The New York Times called the murderers “alleged terrorists.”  The victims?  They were called settlers and occupiers.  We’ll never understand why so many American Jews are liberals – the only logical reason is that liberalism is their religion, not Judaism.

For readers that have children, put yourself in this situation.  If it wasn’t terrorist, Islamic extremists that murdered the family, then what was it?

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8 Responses to ISRAEL – FOGEL FAMILY MURDER BY PALESTINIANS – includes infant

  1. Frank Damazyn says:

    I heard of this horror today, March 18,2011. My heart is heavy with sadness thou I new not the family. We are lighting a candle tonight in their honer to represent light in this world of darkness. To see the palistine people celebrate such cowardliness is beyond comprehension. We will be praying for the family in church this Sunday.

    • txlady706 says:

      G-d will bless you for your compassion.
      My heart is particularly sad. I have had a friend pass away very recently. His funeral is tomorrow. He was (was – how strange) a Christian. He was a good man and I adored him. He was more righteous than some of the Jews I see. I will miss him. Death is death. My mourning co-insides with this tragedy. Maybe I’m MORE emotional because of it. Or maybe my mourning is for a purpose thats higher? I don’t know but this is profoundly sad.

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  3. Marie Cupo says:

    i wish i could help find and slaughter, the monsters
    demons, barbarians, savages, scum that massacred this
    family. I firmly believe that the inbreeding amongst
    arabs for centuries has evolved into genetic madness.
    may the murderers burn in hell for all eternity

    • txlady706 says:

      Marie Cupo:
      I don’t think it’s in breeding, although, who knows…. it may contribute.
      The thing that is the issue is Islam. Even if it starts off placid and benign, as soon as it begins to grow, it changes and becomes a killer.
      I don’t believe that Islam and humanity can co-exist. It kills it’s host and therefore, it can’t survive on it’s own merit. IT must have a host. Islam is CONQUEST (you always have to have someone that your conquering)and submission (again, someone has to be the one who’s deemed as needing to be put down and submissive. – Jew, women, children and finally those who are deemed Less Muslim – a very subjective position and therefore “fluid”). Muslims can’t survive and have no one to conquer and no one to be submissive.

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