Virginia – Norfolk – Pirates indicted for killing Americans from the QUEST get LIFE while the Four didn’t. They got DEATH


These people’s families are sentenced for the next 30 years then these vermin will be .. released?

The Navy was born to EXECUTE swift justice on these same seas for these same reasons.  What is the purpose of THIS Navy?  Do we have a Navy?  What the heck are these sailor boys (and girls) there for?  This is THEIR job.  This is not justice.  PIRATES should be caught and executed ON THE SPOT!

That is what I would consider an appropriate use of the military and an HONORABLE KILL.  A dog that has rabies should be put down.


Pirates Involved in Killing of American Hostages Indicted

Posted March 12th, 2011 by USNavySeals

report on The Wall Street Journal shared that the fourteen suspects involved in the hijacking of The Quest, and the killing of its American crew, have been indicted.

The suspected pirates, who included 13 Somalis and 1 Yemeni, were indicted on Thursday by a grand jury in Norfolk, Virginia, on charges of piracy and kidnapping. They were captured by the Navy SEALs who boarded the hijacked yacht, after negotiations for the release of the American hostages fell through. The indicted included the following charges: one count of piracy, one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and one count of the use of a firearm during a crime of violence.

Jean and Scott AdamThe indictment stated further that “at least three of the defendants on board the Quest intentionally shot and killed” citizens of the United States.

Additional charges, however, are still possible, as investigation regarding the incident continues. This was revealed by U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride, who noted further that the charges may result in the following sentences: up to life in prison for kidnapping and a minimum of 30 years for the weapons charges.

The American sailors were Scott and Jean Adam, who were the owners of The Quest, Phyllis Macay, and Bob Riggle. All four lost their lives in the incident.

The suspects appeared before the court on Thursday afternoon to hear the charges against them. There will be a detention hearing after one week, and a trial is set to begin in the summer. The alleged pirates are being held in Norfolk, pending the detention hearing.


2 Responses to Virginia – Norfolk – Pirates indicted for killing Americans from the QUEST get LIFE while the Four didn’t. They got DEATH

  1. boudicabpi says:

    I totally agree. Execute them at the point of capture, in fact don’t even capture them, just eliminate them.
    These vermin will live better in an American jail than in their homeland.
    Bob A.

    • txlady706 says:

      And therein lies the indignity of it. That their lives will be BENEFITED when they should be eliminated. The FAMILIES are victimized secondarily by this injustice. Their loved one is dead and these sub life forms get to have a BETTER existence. This perverted.

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