Arizona – Maricopa, 18 year old Woman breaks in to a 9-months pregnant “friends” house to kill her and steal her child.


This is a monster.

She should be locked up and really evaluated.  She didn’t actually do it, but she was prepared to.  But she didn’t, so the correct thing to do would be to somehow make sure that she is not going to be a danger to society.



Arizona teen tries to kill friend to steal her fetus

Police in Maricopa, Arizona say that an 18-year-old was prepared to kill her pregnant friend in order to steal her unborn child.

News station KPHO reports that Kassandra Toruga went to the friend’s house armed with two butcher knives, a large pair of scissors and a bag full of baby clothes and diapers.

According to the report, Toruga told police she planned to kill her friend, who is nine months pregnant, perform a Cesarean section on her body, take the baby as her own before setting the house on fire.

Toruga had apparently told friends that she was pregnant and her MySpace page even had a profile picture of an ultrasound.

Toruga faces arson, burglary and attempted murder charges and is being held on $500,000 bail.

The victim has reportedly given birth to the baby but remains afraid that Toruga might try to take her again.

-Chance Welch



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