Egypt – Muslims burn churches 11 Christians dead – Is this what they call Democracy?


The Muslims Brotherhood and friends (Globalists who want to create chaos) are behind all these “social uprising”

The reason that they are able to synchronize this, I believe, is because Islam knows NO borders.  These states have been separate but really they were not.  They were separate but only in name.  The sects that they belong to are the REAL quarrels going on.  They feed on each others victories.  Islam is, at it’s core Conquest and Submission, and they will fight amongst themselves because Islam doesn’t give them any other STATE of being.  Islam can’t be without it.  It wouldn’t be Islam.


Islam’s definition of Democracy is the infantile wants and needs of being the center and if it can’t be the Doctrine, then it’s not Democracy.  They are the toddlers pitching a fit, saying it’s not fair that they can’t be the TYRANTS lording over their people.

Muslim-Christian clashes in Cairo leave 11 dead

Violence breaks out in Egyptian capital during protest against burning of church


Muslim-Christian clashes in Cairo

An armoured vehicle patrols after clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo. Photograph: Khaled Ali/AFP/Getty Image




Clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, have left 11 people dead and more than 90 wounded.

The clashes broke out on Tuesday night as thousands of Christians protested against the burning of a Cairo church last week. The church was set on fire after tensions escalated over a love affair between a Muslim and a Christian that set off a violent feud between the couple’s families.

Security and hospital officials said six Christians and five Muslims died from gunshot wounds and 94 people – 73 Muslims and 21 Christians – were wounded.

Christian protesters blocked a highway, burning tyres and pelting cars with rocks. The two sides fought pitched battles for about four hours.

The 18-day uprising that toppled the president, Hosni Mubarak, on 11 February has left a security vacuum. Police pulled out of Cairo and several other cities three days into the uprising and have yet to fully take back the streets.


Mubarak handed power to the military when he stepped down, but it does not have enough troops to police every street in Cairo.

On New Year’s Day, a suicide bombing outside a Coptic church in the port city of Alexandria killed 21 people, setting off days of protests. An off-duty policeman boarded a train on 11 January and shot dead a 71-year-old Christian man, wounding his wife and four others.

Egypt‘s ruling generals pledged last week to rebuild the burned church. The country’s new prime minister, Essam Sharaf, has met Christian protesters in central Cairo to reassure them they would not face discrimination from his interim government.

However, at least 2,000 Christians joined the protest on Tuesday and a separate crowd of several hundred has been camping out outside the TV building for days to voice their anger at what they perceive to be official discrimination against them.


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