Pirates – International prison for pirates?

Anything INTERNATIONAL is always going to wind up being NOTHING.

The only reason why they all “agree” on the international thing is because they couldn’t care less about what the pirates do.  They also know that any international agreements would be broken because of this and that.   America needs to grow some…..

Paper tiger.

More accurately, paper kitten.

This is PATHETIC.  Whose brain child was this?

By what Constitutional authority does this President get to defer American justice to the “INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY?”



Talks pave way for pirate prisons

  • From:AAP
  • March 06, 2011 3:25AM




Pirate plans: An international prison for captured pirates is a step closer after a major international meeting to look at what to do with the maritime criminals and how to deal with them in courts. Source: PerthNow


An international anti-piracy meeting hammered out a new arrangement for how to handle captured pirates.

The international working group’s “mandate was … to find a solution to the (pirate) incarceration problem”, said Thomas Winkler, of the Danish foreign ministry’s judicial service, who heads the working group.

The international community is facing a large challenge of prosecuting the growing number of pirates off Somalia.

“You have to be able to prove that a person is a pirate for him to be prosecuted,” Winkler told said, pointing out that many captured pirates were released due to a lack of evidence.

Nonetheless, new numbers showed a total of 820 Somali pirates are behind bars in 16 different countries at the moment, he said, adding that his working group had been drawing up an international framework to help clarify how the pirates could be imprisoned.


“No country wants two, three, four hundred pirates sitting in their prisons for 15 to 20 years. That’s why the system is clogged,” he said, adding “they simply cannot have (pirates) lounging in the prisons. It is a big burden for their systems.”

<Thats why the NAVY had the authority to execute these vagrants. On the spot.  This is ridiculous!>

More than 100 delegates from about 45 countries and numerous international organisations, including NATO, the UN, the African Union and the European Union, and representatives of the shipping and maritime industries took part in the two-day meeting.

Winkler said the judicial framework, including respect for human rights and for sentences handed down in other countries, could pave the way for the UN-planned construction of two new special prisons for convicted pirates, in Puntland and Somaliland.

The two prisons would cost up to$A29 million and would hold 1000 prisoners, he said, adding that once the money was in place, “the prisons could be finished within a year”.

The Danish meeting took place just over a week after seven Danes, including three adolescents, were captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean about 550km from Somalia. They are still being held captive.




2 Responses to Pirates – International prison for pirates?

  1. boudicabpi says:

    Hi txlady,
    Here’s an international idea, toss some chum into the water and throw these pirates overboard into international waters.
    bob A.

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