California – Redding/Anderson – Residents terrorized with Dry Ice Bombs night after night – Discovery Channel to blame?


Obama has appeared on the “Mythbusters” show bringing it alot of notoriety and viewership, I’m sure.


President Obama and the MythBusters

President Barack Obama records an episode of the Discovery Channel’s television show MythBusters with co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage in the Library of the White House, July 27, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)s


NPR and other PUBLIC MONEY broadcasting have advertised the show.

They have also, potentially, planted the seeds for terrorists to be innovative.

Don’t get me wrong, the fault is the individuals that create these bombs. But – the shows  educating the public on how to create bombs.  There must be a way to do the show without spelling out all the ingredients.



Boom in Anderson blamed on dry ice bomb

Map Of Anderson



A boom that rattled Anderson homes Thursday night was likely a dry ice bomb, police said Friday.

Shaken residents called 911 around 9:20 p.m. reporting they heard an explosion, said Sgt. Bob Curato of the Anderson Police Department.

Police officers searched along Pinon Avenue near Highway 273 and didn’t any signs of an explosion. But Curato said they’ve recently been finding pop bottle shrapnel indicative of dry ice bombs. The bombs are made by pouring water onto dry ice in a two-liter bottle, then capping it, he said.

                               Photo of 1457 FAIR OAKS,ANDERSON, CA 96007

The ice-and-water mixture increases the pressure inside the bottle until it bursts, causing a loud bang and flinging shards of plastic. He said the blast could be dangerous.

“It could definitely hurt,” Curato said.

While the ingredients are legal, Curato said it could be a crime if someone intentionally hurt someone else with a dry ice bomb.

Thursday night’s blast wasn’t the first to echo down Pinon Avenue. Living in the neighborhood, Chris Darting, 23, said he’s heard loud explosions like Thursday night’s two to three times a month for the last year.

                               Photo of 3333 Ballard,Vina, CA 96092

“One time we heard them three nights in a row,” he said.

After hearing the blasts, he said he checks a radio scanner to hear the emergency response. Doing so Darting said he’s learned that some of the bangs have come from as far away as the Redding Municipal Airport, more than four miles away.

He said he heard a boom Thursday night, but he thought it happened closer to 8 p.m.

18015 Viewcrest Ct, Anderson, CA 96007


Like the police, Darting said he’s not sure what’s causing the noise. He agreed it could be dry ice bombs — at least, for the booms that seem nearby.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what some of them are,” he said.

He said he’s seen dry ice bombs on the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters show.

Curato said anyone with information about who might be building and blasting the dry ice bombs should call the Anderson Police Department at 378-6600.

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