Germany – US Airmen murdered in Terrorist attack by devout MUSLIM (ISLAMIST) – OBAMA can’t even say the word Terrorist let alone MUSLIM

How sad that even after so many attacks and the obvious is still obfuscated by the PRESIDENT?

OBAMA should be impeached.  He’s constantly sabotaged the truth.  He’s made this happen over and again.  He is aiding the terrorists by placating us to the MURDERS.  He is acting in a SEDITIOUS way.




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US soldiers shot dead in Germany, posted with vodpod



Here is another thing that clouds the issue and the truth; “War on Terrorism.”

What is that?  What are the RULES?  How does one win that?  How does one define what is and what isn’t.  The idea of TERRORISM is not clear.  The LIBERALS have already used this idea, that it’s not clear, and actually USED that to cloud the issue even MORE.  Terrorism is in the EYE of the beholder.  So, who are you?  No one asks that.  They just try to put the question in your head, because if you begin to start questioning, then it doesn’t matter what follows.  The concrete becomes sand.  America should stop and use LOGIC.  WHAT IS and not what is possible.  Because EVERYTHING is possible, but what “IS” is concrete, because it’s right now and fixed and it’s indisputable.  It’s ACTION that is current.  The way to have an idea of where you are to determine what IS, one needs to know where one came from and the HISTORY of EVENTS.  Facts.  Just the events without the flowery descriptions.  KNOW the enemy.  Know the HISTORY of the enemy.  These people don’t WANT to kill you.  They want you to SUBMIT to ISLAM or Die.




3/2/2011 9:34 PM

2 US airmen killed in Frankfurt airport shooting

By DAVID McHUGH and JUERGEN BAETZ Associated Press



Two U.S. airmen were killed and two others were wounded at Frankfurt airport Wednesday when a man opened fire on them at close range with a handgun, the first such attack on American forces in Germany in a quarter century. President Barack Obama called the shooting an “outrageous act.”

The alleged assailant, identified as a 21-year-old Kosovo man, was taken immediately into custody and was being questioned by authorities, said Frankfurt police spokesman Manfred Fuellhardt.

Family members in Kosovo described the suspect as a devout Muslim, who was born and raised in Germany and worked at the airport.

The attacker got into an argument with airmen outside their military bus before opening fire, killing the bus driver and one other serviceman, and wounding two others, one of whom was in life-threatening condition, Fuellhardt said. He said the attacker also briefly entered the bus.

The suspect then fled into the airport terminal, where he was quickly grabbed by two federal police officers and a U.S. airman who had pursued him into the building, authorities said. He was disarmed without incident.

The victims, part of a group of about a dozen members of an Air Force military police and base security unit, had just arrived from England, the Air Force said.

They had landed at Frankfurt airport, one of Europe’s busiest, and were waiting outside Terminal 2 to be driven to nearby Ramstein Air Base, which is often used as a logistical hub for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The two wounded airmen were taken to a hospital.

“I’m saddened and I’m outraged by this attack,” Obama said at the White House. “I want everybody to understand that we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place.”

<Wow.  How “outraged” he is?  He can’t even say Muslim, terrorist, or murdered. This man is aiding and abetting these terror attacks.  As the US President he is COVERING the facts, which means that he is not telling the truth to the American public.  By making LESS of the situation and not allowing for the PEOPLE to know that this was done by a MUSLIM is covering for ISLAM.  This terrorist was the grandson of a “religious” leader at a mosque.  >

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed sympathy for the victims and their families and pledged that Germany would do everything in its power to investigate the crime. “It is a terrible event,” she said.

A tall blue barrier was erected around the bus as forensic experts examined it, and removed two bodies from the vehicle. As the bus was later towed away, a bullet hole was visible through the driver’s side window.

The dead and wounded U.S. airmen were not identified pending notification of their families. A Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Todd Vician, said the airmen were on their way to an overseas deployment to Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere.

Boris Rhein, the top security official in the German state of Hesse, told German media there were no indications of a terrorist attack.

Still, a member of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Patrick Meehan, said in Washington that it looked like a terrorist attack. The chairman of the subcommittee that focuses on terrorism and intelligence added he did not have all the facts.

Kosovo Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi identified the suspect as Arif Uka, a Kosovo citizen from the northern town of Mitrovica.

In Mitrovica, family members identified him as Arid Uka, saying that he was born and educated in Germany where his family moved some 40 years ago. However, German police said he was born in Kosovo.

An uncle, Rexhep Uka, said the suspect’s grandfather was a religious leader at a mosque in a village near Mitrovica.

A cousin, Behxhet Uka, said he spoke to the suspect’s father, Murat Uka, several times by telephone from Frankfurt after the family was contacted by Kosovo police. The father said all he knew was that his son did not come home from his job at the airport on Wednesday.

Behxet Uka said he would be shocked if Arid Uka was behind the shooting, saying that like the vast majority of Kosovo Albanians, the family is pro-American.

The northern town of Mitrovica is best known for the ethnic division between majority ethnic Albanians and minority Serbs. The former mining town has also been the focus of reports that it breeds Islamic extremists.

Western intelligence reports have said the region could be a recruitment ground for Muslims with Western features who could easily blend into European or U.S. cities and carry out terrorist attacks.

The Kosovo government said in a statement that it was “deeply moved” by what it branded as “a monstrous act” committed by a citizen of Kosovo origin.

“This macabre case is an individual act against the civilized values and the traditions of the Kosovo people who will always be thankful to the United States, the American people and the U.S. government for its strong backing of Kosovo,” the statement said.

Kosovo remained part of Serbia amid the collapse of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, but a struggle for independence by ethnic Albanians there eventually led to the Kosovo war in 1998. The bloodshed was halted in 1999 when NATO stepped in and bombed Serbia, followed by the deployment of peacekeepers. The NATO-led Kosovo Force still has 8,700 troops there provided by 32 nations, including the U.S. and Germany.

The last time American forces in Germany came under deadly attack was in the 1986 bombing of a disco frequented by U.S. servicemen. Two soldiers and one civilian were killed and 230 others were injured. A Berlin court later ruled the bombing was organized by Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya.

A leftist terror group, the Red Army Faction, was also responsible for a string of attacks on Americans in the 1970s and 1980s before the group was disbanded in 1998.

More recently, German police thwarted a plot in 2007 to attack U.S. facilities by members of the extremist Islamic Jihad Union. Four men had planned to attack American soldiers and citizens at the Ramstein Air Base and other locations but were caught before they could carry out the plot.

The U.S. has drastically reduced its forces in Germany over the last decade, but still has some 50,000 troops stationed here.

The airmen shot in Frankfurt were stationed at the Lakenheath airfield in England, home to the 48th Fighter Wing, the only F-15 fighter wing in Europe.


Baetz reported from Berlin. Pauline Jelinek and Robert Burns in Washington, Silvia Hui in London, Visar Kryeziu and Sylejman Kllokoqi in Mitrovica, David Rising, Melissa Eddy and Geir Moulson in Berlin, and Nebi Qena in New Haven, Conn., contributed to this report.








8 Responses to Germany – US Airmen murdered in Terrorist attack by devout MUSLIM (ISLAMIST) – OBAMA can’t even say the word Terrorist let alone MUSLIM

  1. I don’t get it,Obama is prosecuting an unpopular war against Islamic extremists in Afghanistan but because he doesn’t start a hysterical rant against all Muslims at every opportunity he is at heart a Muslim extremist himself? With logic like that we’ll have a country full of people who will believe anything they are told won’t they? Oh,I forgot we Do have a country where the uninformed believe everything they are told don’t we.
    Keep up the good work TXLady.

    • txlady706 says:

      charles van Bassen:
      You don’t “get” much of anything.
      Obama’s action have emboldened the enemy. His unwillingness to call the enemy by name, even though, the enemy has multiple times and countries declared out right war on us. He emboldens the enemy by his continued cowering to the Islamists. As a president, thats equivalent to Sedition.
      Your leftist blindness is pathetic

  2. Mike says:

    CHARLES! Impact! KaWhoompWhoompWhoomp. Look around this blog a little. There is no logic here. And this post is just DRECK. There’s nothing more to this story than what’s there, and the rest is just hysterical exaggerations that TxLady has created in her own mind. Seriously, Admin, are you on some sort of medication? Should you be? Let’s see here. Guilt by attribution? Guilt by association? Making outrageous claims that completely disregard the REALITY of what security officials have said? The president aiding and abetting the criminal because he only says what he knows at the moment? Face it, there is not an Islamist conspiracy behind every bush. Sometimes a crime is just a crime. YOU need to stop polluting the web with this NONSENSE–it’s not constructive in any way–and consider seeking professional help. I’m concerned for you.

    • txlady706 says:

      There is “outrageous” about calling a spade a spade. Muslims have declared war on the WEST and even more specifically on Jews. I for one, recognize that. What you don’t see is the the people who want you dead don’t care if your Christian or Jew. To the Muslim a WESTERNER is a Jew. If you are Christian you are a Jew. And even if your not, your not Muslim, so they want you dead or taking on the status of the secondary class citizen. A dhimmi. If you don’t know what that is then open the Koran. If you need to know modern standards then ask the persecuted Christians in Muslim countries and the almost non existent Jews.

  3. Have you ever tried to convince one of those people who believe that the moon landing was faked? One will have the same success and for the same reason trying to have a discussion with TXLady. It’s like Barney Frank’s reply to the lady who asked him to defend Obama against some similarly ludicrous accusation. My paraphrase is poor but he said something like,” Madame I would have as much satisfaction with arguing with a chair as you and have as little desire to do so. Some things just can’t be fixed and willful stupidity is one of them. Over and Out.

  4. The world is not black and white, Jews and Christians are not all good and all Muslims bad. There are equal measures in both. The Bible and the Koran both contain passages calling for the destruction of unbelievers and there is a passage in the Bible,Psalms 137:9 “Happy shall he be who taketh and dashes the heads of thy little ones against the stones.” According to your logic all Muslims should fear all Christians because they all want to kill their children. Also,according to your logic Muslims don’t have the right to pursue freedom from the dictators that our government in the past has perhaps given more support than their moral character has merited,( yes we neither are perfect, but are made hopeless by not acknowledging our mistakes.)
    You and people like you need to grow up, wake up or something. Try to start from the point that we are all human beings and proceed from there.I don’t know, your fanatic unreasoning perspective appalls me. All fanatics are the same, you are a great drag on the progress of the human adventure.

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