EGYPT – Iran ships pass the SUEZ – Egypt goes back to the 1888 Constantinople Convention – pre – League of Nations.

This brings new meaning to OLD money and NEW WORLD ORDER.

Constantinople was ISTANBUL. Istanbul is Constantinople. There is a song to that meaning.

Iran and the ME states have “Declared WAR” with the US.  So, does that mean that EGYPT is now at war with the US?

If they want to play these word games, then are we to have another convention?  What does that mean for the other UN – treaties and EGYPT.

Are these people saying that they want to take everything back or are they knit picking what the WANT and WHAT they DON’T want.

Is this a informal declaration of WAR?

Can a country make an informal declaration of WAR?  Why make any declarations?  That would take the element of surprise away.  Egypt is using the Muslim way of telling half truths.  Making bold statements on their TV and being crafty toward their “adversaries.”  They are shrewd and cowardly all in the same breath.


Where is the mainstream media on this one?


Better yet, where is the imposter, POTUS  OBAMA?  What’s he got to say?  Or Hilliary who just gave them $150 million of YOUR TAX dollars? Clinton Announces $150 Million For Egypt <Sunday, February 20th, 2011>

Did SOROS or Buffet see this one coming?  I’m not so sure about that.  I think that they believe that they are the bullies in the fight.


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February 21-22, 2011 Clip No. 2822

Members of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Explain Why Iranian Warships Were Allowed to Pass through the Suez Canal, and Say: Mubarak Has No Immunity

Following are excerpts from The Members of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces which aired on Dream 2 TV (Egypt) on February 21-22, 2011:

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: We defend the constitutional legitimacy, which is place for the benefit of the people. When the people said that they wanted change, we found ourselves in the midst of a conflict between the supreme commander of the armed forces, who is the president, and the demands of the people. When we reached the conclusion that the people’s demands were legitimate, meriting the respect of the armed forces, we announced, more than once, that we supported these legitimate demands.


General Mamdouh Shaheen: The investigating and legal bodies are not bound by any constraint with regard to the investigation of any official, or anyone, for that matter.


General Mamdouh Shaheen: Currently, there is nothing to prevent the investigation of the former president, or his family. The proof is the decision of the prosecutor-general to freeze the assets of [Mubarak] and his family in European countries…

TV host: The assets of the entire Mubarak family?

General Mamdouh Shaheen: Yes.

TV host: This includes his wife, his sons, his daughters-in-law, other relatives…

General Mamdouh Shaheen: No, just the former president, his wife, his sons, and their wives.


TV host: Could members of former president Mubarak face interrogation?

General Mamdouh Shaheen: That’s possible, because once evidence has been gathered, investigation begins.

TV host: Did you force President Mubarak to resign?

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: We issued a statement saying that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces “decided to remain in continuous session,” and was following the situation with complete vigilance. That was our message.

TV host: That was your message to the president, not to the people, right?

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: No I didn’t say it was a message to the people. The message that the Supreme Council is in session and is following the situation was meant to whoever it may concern. Then came another statement…

General Mohammed Al-‘Asar: “Remain in continuous session” was a very important phrase for people who understand what it means… The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces convened, and remains in continuous session.

TV host: Was this a direct message to President Mubarak that this was the end of it?

Studio guest: What did it mean, General?

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: Does it require any explanation?


TV host: What is the position of Omar Suleiman in the general picture in Egypt today?

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: Who runs the country today?

TV host: The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: Is there a vice-president in the Supreme Council?

TV host: No.

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: So you have your answer.

Another general: There is no president, so there is no vice-president.

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: [Omar Suleiman] is sitting at home. There is no president. There is the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces…

TV host: So we can say live on TV that Mr. Omar Suleiman has nothing whatsoever to do with running the country?

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: Nothing whatsoever!


General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: We have a principle that says that forming political parties on religious foundations is forbidden. This is a principle…

Another general: It’s according to the constitution…

General Mohammed Al-‘Asar: The Muslim Brotherhood are Egyptian people. Does anyone dispute this? They have the same rights and duties as any other Egyptian. Why do we draw a distinction between people…

TV host: So you do not view them as enemies of the state?

General Mohammed Al-‘Asar: Why should I? We are all Egyptians.


TV host: Some people believe that the fact that you allowed two Iranian warships to pass through the Suez Canal constituted a direct message to Israel. No Iranian warship has ever passed through the Suez Canal…

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: No, the Constantinople Convention of 1888 regulates the passage of ships through the Suez Canal. I am not allowed to prevent a warship or any other ship from passing through the Suez Canal, unless it belongs to a country with which I am in a state of war, unless the ship carries dangerous or illegal cargo.

TV host: But Iranian warships never passed through the canal…

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: How can that be? Where would they pass then? The ships pass through the Suez Canal, and we take measures that we see fit to protect our safety and the safety of the ships themselves. The convention determines… Am I in a state of war with Iran?

TV host: No

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: Then I cannot prevent these ships from passing through. Do these ships…

TV host: But we were in a state of…

General Mukhtar Al-Mulla: Tensions and conflicts do not constitute a state of war.




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