Pirates – Off the coast of OMAN, Somali pirates take 4 Americans. Obama’s indecision and the navy’s ineptitude kills all 4


The Navy was born out of blood and treasure.  To be very specific, out of the Barbary coasts blood to secure safe passage for treasure to the new world that was needed to defeat the British during the WAR of INDEPENDENCE

The coasts were only infested with sharks for all this time and since history is not taught and is deliberately skewed, now days, the knowledge of this “problem” has been wiped away by the strokes of very crafty pens.

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Somali Pirates Murder 4 Americans, The Truth Ab…, posted with vodpod

The deliberate erasing of history and the lies that are being taught in our schools is a shame on the UNITED STATES and the people who agreed to this de education and the LESSENING of the American people.  Our country was FORGED and the CONSTITUTION written in blood.  THAT is our history.  THAT is the PRICE of FREEDOM that we SHARE.  But it’s contractual and not a BIRTHRIGHT.  EVERYONE PAYS.

Now these 15 pirates will come to the US and Barrack Obama is going to have a bear summit or something with them.

They’ll be tried in an American court and then be freed to go to some “nation that will accept” them, which will turn around and ten years later release them, because they’ll fake some illness.  Meanwhile, before they even get to court they be sent someplace like Gitmo on holiday.  They’ll be fed, clothed, and “accommodated” in every way.  And THIS travesty will be called JUSTICE by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.



Pirate shootings require greater response from US

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 7:00 pm

Midland Reporter-Telegram | 0 comments

We were greatly saddened to learn on Tuesday that the four Americans taken hostage by Somali pirates off East Africa were shot and killed by their captors. This tragic event should turn a page of history in the relationship with the Somali pirate network and the United States.

After all, this marked the first time U.S. citizens have been killed in pirate attacks that have been plaguing the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean for years. Up until this point, the pirates had demanded and received ransom money for their captives. The Associated Press reported the pirates currently hold 30 ships and more than 660 hostages.

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These thugs typically win multimillion ransoms for releasing their captives and they often spend the rewards on alcohol, drugs and prostitutes, according to the AP. One ransom paid last year was reported as $9.5 million.

While huge rewards go to these thugs of the high seas, little has been done to stop the taking of captives. We have a hard time understanding why private boaters and commercial vessels have to fear sailing in this area. We don’t understand why there is not a worldwide revulsion of the activity.

The United States has picked up the pace somewhat in the past year. Just last week, a U.S. judge sentenced a teenage Somali pirate to nearly 34 years in prison for his part in the 2009 hijacking of another U.S. ship, the Maersk Alabama. The 15 surviving pirates from the clash are being held on a U.S. ship and eventually will face judicial action.

However, we have so far been disappointed in the U.S. response to the first deaths of U.S. citizens by the Somali pirates. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “This deplorable act firmly underscores the need for continued international progress toward confronting the shared security challenge posed by piracy in the waters off the Horn of Africa.”

That seems to us a pretty lame effort at real retaliation. We think America should respond with a harsher action than a mere call for added shared security of the area. The pirates must understand that continued piracy attempts will bring devastating results. Apparently this is the only real language they will understand.

The killing of the four Americans underscores an increasingly brutal and aggressive shift pirates have been showing toward hostages. The pirate dens of Eyl and Gara’ad in Somalia should not be out of bounds. Obviously, the pirates have no concern for the sovereignty of other nations or for the lives of people that mean them no harm.


It is Time for War with the Somali Pirates

Submitted by may on Mon, 2011-02-21 02:06 

History repeats itself when people and nations do not understand history or learn from it.  Somali pirates are operating with impunity off the coast of East Africa, and civilized nations are not taking the necessary military action to stop the piracy.  This is simply a repeat of the activities of the Barbary States pirates.

The Barbary pirates took ships, held prisoners for ransom, and extracted money from ships owners, nations, and the families and friends of the prisoners they held.  Not much has changed.  Somali pirates now hold at least 30 ships and 660 hostages.

The yacht Quest was hijacked on Friday off the coast of Oman, but is now in the waters between Yemen and northern Somalia, two pirates and a Somali government official told The Associated Press.

One pirate who gave his name only as Hassan said a warship with a helicopter on its deck is near the Quest.

Pirates have increased attacks off the coast of East Africa in recent years despite an international flotilla of warships dedicated to protecting vessels and stopping the pirate assaults. Multimillion dollar ransoms are fueling the trade, and the prices for releasing a ship and hostages have risen sharply.

There are four Americans on the yacht Quest.  The pirates are approaching the coat of Somalia.  If the Americans are taken inland, it could be months, if ever, before their releases could be negotiated.  Thus, it is imperative that military action be employed to save the four Americans quickly.  Will this happen?  What will Commander in Chief Barack Obama do?

In April 2009, Navy Seals blew the heads off of three pirates who were holding a ship captain hostage.  We wish our entire government would consistently function with such efficiency, professionalism, and courage.

The United States first wars against the Muslim terrorists were the Barbary States Wars of 1801 to 1814.  We were attacked because Western Civilization and we were perceived as weak and not sufficiently Muslim.

The Barbary Pirates were terrorists.  Their main goal was money.  However, they also coerced the captured to convert to Islam.  It seems the Somali pirates are not particularly concerned with Islam but instead are pursuing money, which they use to purchase alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes.

The appeasement of the Barbary Pirates had gone on in Europe for centuries,

“While Jefferson remained in Paris as minister, he made arrangements with the Catholic Order of Mathurins, which had for centuries begged alms with which to buy the freedom of chiefly Frenchmen taken captive by the Barbary pirates. The head of the order agreed to try to redeem as many Americans as he could, especially from the Algerians. Before enough funds could be collected, however, the French Revolution occurred and the new, anti-cleric government dissolved the Mathurins.”

John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson while they were discussing the Barbary conflict in 1786,

“The Policy of Christendom [most of the European powers] has made Cowards of all their Sailors before the Standard of Mahomet. It would be heroical and glorious in Us, to restore Courage to ours. I doubt not we could accomplish it, if we should set about it in earnest. But the Difficulty of bringing our People to agree upon it, has ever discouraged me.”

The appeasement of the Barbary States stopped when Jefferson and Madison became Presidents.   These men of courage realized bowing down to the Muslims was not the answer and kicking their ass was.

The Wars started in 1801 with the Tripolitan War, waged when “Tripoli declared on the United States because of American refusal to pay tribute for the safe passage of shipping in Barbary Coastal waters.”  Prior to the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson, the United States humbly bowed in excess to Tripoli, even once stating the United States was not a Christian nation.

With the Barbary States Wars, the United States effectively ended the piracy by the Islamic Barbary States.   Islamic Terrorists kept away from non-Muslims, except for isolated incidents such as in the Philippines, until the arrival of President Jimmy Carter.

Islamic Terrorism begins when the Terrorists perceive their enemy is weak.  The Terrorists perceived Jimmy Carter as very weak.  The Terrorists realized that Bill Clinton had effectively weakened the United States to the extent that they could attack us, as our politically correct government would not dare to question or investigate them.

As the Terrorists had attacked the United States repeatedly since taking our Embassy staff as hostages in Teheran, they did not expect Bush and Cheney would show courage and have the political will to militarily attack them.

The Terrorists realize that Obama is not only weak and uninformed but is also willing to appease them without apparent limit.

History repeats itself for those who do not understand what happened and why it happened.  The present and future has never smiled kindly on pacifists and others who are simply cowards.  Left unchallenged and unopposed, Evil always rolls over those useful idiots who befriended it.

We won the first war against Islamic terror, The Barbary States War.  It took only 14 years.  We can win any war if we have the will.  What would be the consequences if President Obama and Congress were to again force our troops to surrender?  This is a question that must never be answered




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