Chicago – Rahm Emanuel – Jewish in name only won the Mayoral race. Chicago was probably the ONLY place he could get a job of any sort.



Obama’s previous Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, the one who shouted out “F—ing retarded,” in a political strategy session.

“Rahm Emanuel is seeking office in Chicago.  Why?  Because that is the only shot he has.” (I wrote that on October 8, 2010 – Chicago – Second Amendment violated by Laws that put individuals into a Catch 22 situation)

Rahm Emanuel: “city government is not an employment


| February 17, 2011

The Manhattan Institute’s Josh Barro reports that Chicago mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel doesn’t seem too worried about courting the public sector union vote:

Public employee unions in Chicago are up in arms about a new campaign ad being run by Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s ex-chief of staff and the frontrunner in this month’s mayoral race. The city’s police and fire unions joined AFSCME to release a statement calling the ad “offensive.” The head of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police called the ad “a travesty.”

What does the ad say? That “city government is not an employment agency,” and, when Rahm is mayor, “everybody that works for the city government [will know] that they’re actually a public servant.” Stunning sentiments, indeed.

Emanuel has never been one to shy away from confrontation, and in this mayor’s race he’s run head-on at Chicago’s public employee unions. He’s raised the hackles of the city’s teachers’ union by backing aggressive school reforms. He’s earned the enmity of the police and fire unions by insisting that pension benefit changes for current employees be on the table in the city’s coming fiscal restructuring. And he’s made many classes of public workers nervous by calling for “charter agencies” that enjoy the sort of bureaucratic autonomy used by charter schools–as in practice, that has often meant employing non-union labor.

Rahm Emanuel wins Chicago mayoral race

By Aaron Blake and Chris Cillizza

Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago on Tuesday, winning a simple majority of the vote in a six-candidate field, according to the Associated Press.

The latest results — with more then three quarters of precincts reporting — show Emanuel running well above the 50 percent he needed to avoid an April 5 runoff. CNN projected Emanuel the winner shortly before 9 p.m. eastern time.

Former Chicago board of education president Gery Chico was running in second with City Clerk Miguel del Valle and former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun battling for third and fourth but mired in single digits.

Emanuel becomes the city’s first new mayor of the Windy City since 1989, when current Mayor Richard M. Daley was first elected. Daley is retiring.

Emanuel left the White House late last year to run for mayor, an office he had long — and publicly — coveted.

Tapping the vast political and fundraising connections gathered during his time in the House of Representatives representing Illinois’ 5th district, Emanuel raised more than $11 million — far outdistancing Chico and Moseley Braun.

The only real threat to Emanuel’s campaign came in the form of a challenge to his residency. An Illinois Court ruled earlier this month that Emanuel had not lived in Chicago for a full year prior to the race and threw him off the ballot. Emanuel appealed the ruling to the state Supreme Court, which quickly overruled the decision of the lower court.

The residency challenge out of the way, Emanuel grew stronger — picking up large chunks of the African American vote as Moseley Braun, who is black, proved an unsteady and underfunded candidate.

The former senator and 2004 presidential candidate became the consensus black candidate in the race, but she didn’t raise the necessary money and, at one point, berated an opponent for being “strung out on crack.”

Many other big-name candidates passed on the race once Emanuel decided to run — including Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and all of the area’s current members of Congress.

By Aaron Blake and Chris Cillizza  | February 22, 2011; 9:13 PM ET
Categories:  Democratic Party

Blagojevich with former Congressman Rahm Emanu...

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Details from Rod

Blagojevich’s 74-page


Gov. Rod Blagojevich

might have something in store for old RAHMY though, which is why he may have been quiet during this “election”




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