DC – Anjem Choudary – Is organizing a MUSLIM uprising outside the White House to overthrow the US CONSTITUTION


This is beginning in the US.  Outright calls for Shariah.

Please, listen to these nuts and be warned that this is coming fast.

This is an outright call for a Coup.  This is a demonstration in support for an OVER THROW of the US CONSTITUTION.

Is the media even going to cover this?

Is the political correctness going to make this into something that it is not.  This is not a peaceful anything.  This is a call to REVOLUTION.

This is an illegal activity.  This should not be allowed to occur.  This is at the very least a SEDITIOUS act.

They are using our freedoms to overthrow the Constitution of the US.  Open your eyes to what ISLAM means.

They don’t believe in borders.  There is no such thing in Islam.

“The theocratic state was created in the West in the middle ages when people started diverging from true Christianity,” explains Morsi. “On the other hand, Islam adheres to the notion of a civic state with Sharia as its framework.”  <EGYPT – Muslim Brotherhood says that no Christians or women would run for President and they will be “creating a “Supreme Ulama Council” – a body of religious figures who would review executive decisions to ensure they comply with Islamic law.”>


Muslim Cleric Plans White House Protest in Attempt to Spread Sharia Law in America

Anjem Choudary


Published February 20, 2011

| FoxNews.com

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/02/20/muslim-cleric-plans-protest-outside-white-house-attempt-spread-sharia-law/#ixzz1EXWSxA1O




A Muslim cleric who called Americans “the biggest criminals” during a recent interview has announced he will hold a protest outside the White House, according to the Daily Mail.

Anjem Choudary, who once said “the flag of Islam will fly over the White House,” says he will lead a demonstration rallying Muslims to establish Sharia law across the United States.

Choudary, 43, called Americans “the biggest criminals in the world today” during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity this month.

Choudary, who is the former leader of the outlawed British-based group Islam4UK, says the March rally at the White House is being organized by the extremist group Islamic Thinkers Society, which is based in New York.

“The event is a rally, a call for the Sharia, a call for the Muslims to rise up and establish the Islamic state in America,” Choudary told London’s Daily Mail in an interview.

Click to read more about Anjem Choudary’s rally plans from the Daily Mail


11 Responses to DC – Anjem Choudary – Is organizing a MUSLIM uprising outside the White House to overthrow the US CONSTITUTION

  1. boudicabpi says:

    Hi txlady,
    When he speaks will Obama be standing beside him in agreement like he did with Mexico’s president as he spoke against AZ?
    Bob A.

  2. txlady706 says:

    I’m thinking that he was “invited” by Obama. Obama may not be standing NEXT to him, but the in action that this Administration takes or the silence from it is CONDONING this call for a COUP

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  4. bobbi cooley says:

    my civil rights as a Jewish woman will be discriminated if this islamic jihad leader is allowed to speak.

    • txlady706 says:

      I would like you to expand on that. I want to understand why YOU feel that way. I feel similarly,but I want to understand your reasoning. We may feel the same way, but we might have different reasons, so I would like for you to explain yours. Thanks

  5. Nemo says:

    Hmmmm, interesting. Did you (or anybody else that has commented here) actually read the contents of the links to Fox “News” and the Daily Mail that you posted? Extremist preacher-man calls Obama “the biggest Pharoah that there is today.” Doesn’t sound like they’re on the best of terms, does it? BTW, how do you suppose the leader of a banned hate group is going to get into the United States to lead a demostration calling for the overthrow of the government in the first place? Isn’t that against the law? Don’t you need a VISA TO ENTER THE COUNTRY? This certainly HAS opened my eyes…to the hateful, medieval anti-American rhetoric coming from the mouth of ONE Islamic fundamentalist-extremist in another country. Fortunately (or fortunately for you, maybe) the apoplectic, hate-filled rantings of one extremist nut-job do not a revolution make. Let them demonstrate, if anybody even shows up. BTW, why do you want it covered by the media? Doesn’t giving more attention to somebody throwing a tantrum just encourage him?

    • txlady706 says:

      How appropriate a name for you. It’s meaning is duplicitous. It can mean FISHY (as in finding Nemo) or is can be taken from the LATIN, meaning NOTHING. Either way it fits you.

      Here’s a Muslim source that talks about it – “Although their “Sheikh” has been arrested, many of their members have been arrested, and one member, Zachary Chesser of Revolution Muslim who encouraged attacks on the South Park creators has been given 25 years in prison for using the internet to incite violence — this doesn’t seem to have discouraged these folks from continuing their insanity. It has has been reported that they plan to bring Anjem Choudary to D.C. to lead a demonstration rallying Muslims to establish Sharia law across the United States. “

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  7. Nemo says:

    Dear, dear lady…I think the word you were looking for is “ambiguous,” not “duplicitous”…and Nemo only means “fishy” if you’re a mind-controlled citizen of the right-wing national corporate entertainment state, or live (literally or intellectually) in Disneyland. I suspect some or all of these may apply here. NEMO is indeed from the Latin, but it does not mean NOTHING. “NIHIL” is nothing; “NEMO” is nobody, as in, I. Am. Only. A. GHOST. Boo.

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