ISLAM is EVIL and the Left are it’s DEMONS – Part 3: The Political, Ideological and Religious Background Behind the Islamization of Europe (and the WEST)





Part 3: The First Summary Regarding the Islamization of Denmark


“In the eighth, ninth and tenth centuries Western Europe had little to offer foreign traders except slaves, yet its privileged classes craved the luxuries and exotic goods which could be bought in the East. Muslim or Jewish traders established in Marseilles and Garde Freinet offered good prices for slaves.” (Robin Blackburn, The making of New World Slavery: from the Baroque to the modern, 1492-1800, Verso, 1997, p 43)


Muslims want to rule Europe

The list of facts in connection with the Islamization of Denmark can be arranged in virtually any order. However, they mainly show three things:

First, when evaluating all immigrants coming into Denmark, it can be concluded that where criminal activity is connected to religion, the Muslim immigrants stand out the most.


Second, Muslim immigrants are in unrelenting pursuit of the takeover of power in Denmark. This will not be a normal transfer of government, as in normal democracies, but rather a complete transformation of this Christian Democratic country into an Islamic country under the laws of Shari’a — a Muslim Denmark. Muslims in all other European countries are pursuing this same goal where they now live as immigrants.[m]

Third, it appears that Denmark’s Muslim problem is not limited to Denmark. Every Western country in which a notable Islamic diaspora lives has to battle with similar or identical problems. For Islam is no religion — and especially not a “religion of peace” — but rather totalitarianism with an unconditional claim to world dominance. All of this has been going on successfully for the past 1400 years under the disguise of “religion.”

What makes this so difficult to understand, among other things, is the giant vacuum of knowledge that non-Muslims have about Islam. Another problem is that a trusting and well-intentioned[n] global citizen has difficulty accepting the idea that Islam could be such an exaggerated exception among the major world religions. Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Taoism may more or less have their problems, but at their heart they are mostly tolerant and peace-loving. Without exception they teach their believers that the good things they do in this life equip them for the next.

Indoctrination in Islam is Indoctrination into cadaver duty and the ruthless killing of “­infidels”

Islam represents the exception: the capture of world dominance is the ultimate goal; all other goals must be subordinate. The Islamic ban of killing counts only for Muslims, not for “infidels.” Islamic peace will be achieved only by the fulfillment of Muslim world dominance; so the motto goes: When the whole world thinks and believes the according to the will of Islam, only then will peace reign in this world. Communism assumed an unrealistic image of man (in which they put forth the doctrine that all persons are equal) and failed as a result of this flawed perception. Moreover, Islam has an unrealistic image of man because it assumes that every person will eventually believe in one God — the Islamic God — and this image does not fit into to the infinite psychological, intellectual and creative diversity that is characteristic of every human being. The species called “man” is far more diverse, sophisticated, intelligent, creative, chaotic, and ultimately unpredictable than the archaic image of man given by the analphabetic[o]-founded Islam. The “dar-al-Islam,” the Islamic concept of a future world, one in which all inhabitants are Muslim, is nothing more than an unrealistic — and even surrealist — Utopia that will never happen.[p] However, as long as the Muslims strive for such a world and artificially divide our planet into “believers” and “infidels”, as long as they have this sense of a god-like charge for an eternal Jihad against the world of “infidels,” for this long the name Islam will be associated with war, terror and violence.


This continual war against non-Muslims — jihad — is declared by Islam as a religious and holy duty for every single Muslim. Audio from Khomeini:

“The Christians and Jews say, ‘you shall not kill’! But we say, that killing achieves the same value as a prayer when it is necessary!”

There’s more yet: Islam lures its contract killers with the alleged entry into Paradise where numerous dozens of virgins await the “jihadists,” and with whom they will enjoy sexual pleasures forever. And should a Muslim have problems with his conscience about the killing of an “infidel,” there is help and religious support directly from the Quran. In this passage they can read the redeeming words of their god, either before or after their act of murder:

“You are not the one who has slain them, rather Allah slew them. And you are not the one who has fired the shot, but rather Allah fired the shot, in order that He might show great grace from Himself.” Surah 8:17

To make it clear: their Islamic God, the “all-merciful”, not only expects his believers to kill off the “infidels,” but also he caringly provides the necessary therapy to deal directly with the situation. Their god has also seen to it that the sufferings of his hired killers will be kept in check by freeing them from all personal responsibility for their murders, and by taking that responsibility upon himself personally. One can observe this scenario from well-known mass murders in recent times (i.e. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot), where the State said: “You are not the one that did the killing; I, your State, am the killer. You are merely my instrument. When authority commands it (especially a god-like authority), it is seems easier to commit murder.

No other world religion has such a perfidious form of murder-culture; no other world religion schools their followers so systematically in how to kill innocent people of a different faith; no other world religion accepts such an outright devilish invention of general immunity for their believers so that they are free from the guilt of murder — and this is written in their “holy scriptures.” Getting to the point, if there really is a Satan, then the name of his religion is Islam, and his prophet is Muhammad.

Islam is therefore precisely the religious “worst case scenario” which normal citizens of the world can neither imagine nor acknowledge. Islam is the only world religion that educates its adherents from youngest childhood on up in the systematic and ruthless killing of non-Muslims. In 206 places (!) the Quran alone gives challenges for rape and murder against the infidels as well as the violent propagation of the faith. This fact alone regarding this “holy book” is what fundamentally distinguishes it from the holy books of the other remaining world religions. In 1800 further passages, their prophet Muhammad himself charges each Muslim to refer to the texts from Sunna and Hadith.

Conclusion: there are evil persons in every religion. But it takes a religion like Islam to make an evil person out of a good person.

The following fact cannot be repeated often enough: Europe has virtually no notable problems with Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Christian immigrants. The name of the European immigration problem is ‘Islam.’ In spite of this long indisputable fact, Muslim agents have a clever method for presenting the immigrant problem that they are causing: classify it as a “general problem with foreigners.” The facts however demonstrate very clearly: remove the Muslim statistics from the Danish crime statistics (and for that matter the other European countries’ statistics), and the immigration problem presents itself more amicably.

The notion of religious freedom is once again in great need of reconsideration. If the religious texts of a given religion, its internal foundations and/or the declarations of its prophets can so blatantly violate the unalienable human rights declaration of the UN, as is the case with Islam, then the status of “religion” must be removed by the highest courts. Otherwise any imaginable human injustice would be allowable and legitimized by law when it is committed in the name of “recognized religion,” and it would therefore be classified under the protection of “religious freedom.” Since this change of status isn’t happening, it is now high time for enlightenment to begin by means of international consensus (excluding, of course, Islamic countries).

It cannot and should not be permitted any longer for Islam to remove historically developed legal systems from power over the countries where they are already established, such as has been happening for a while now in most Western countries. Moreover, religious law must not be allowed to break constitutional law. In the future, it should be called this way:

Constitutional law breaks religious law!

No ifs, ands or buts.



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2 Responses to ISLAM is EVIL and the Left are it’s DEMONS – Part 3: The Political, Ideological and Religious Background Behind the Islamization of Europe (and the WEST)

  1. Jeff B. says:

    And all Christians are murderous racists because the KKK are Christians.

    I *TOTALLY get it!

    • txlady706 says:

      Jeff B.
      Islam is EVIL. Yes.
      I believe that you confuse RACE with RELIGION
      A Religion is an IDEA. Once can change ones IDEAS of the World through time. One CAN NOT change where one was born. This is to address the ALLUSION that you make regarding the KKK and Christianity being the same and are somehow comparable to MUSLIMS, who may or may not be from the same location (race)
      Lets take first, the idea that Christianity and the KKK group have some similarity. Most KKK members have NO religion. The longest lived POLITICIAN in the Senate, Robert Byrd, was a KKK HIGH PRIEST. This is not a religious title. He is a DEMOCRAT, however, and many more Democrats were KKK members. My point is that Ideologies come in many shapes and sizes. RACE is not anything that one can change. In my opinion, you analogy is not analogous and therefore, illogical.

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