Serbia – Catholic Yugoslavia – The one that Clinton nearly destroyed, is calling for early ELECTIONS – How many more countries will the US destroy?

The below is the tragic events that should characterize the Clintons, progressives and our current government.

Serbia is Catholic and the Muslims in the region have practiced ethnic cleanings numerous times in history on these people.  The Muslims have repeatedly used less than truthful and downright lying tactics to get the WORLD to be responsive to their — drummed up accusations.  The people in SERBIA have been done a great dis – service by America and the WEST.  Those who don’t know their history are DAMNED to get it repeated on them in the end.


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In 1998, the U.S. State Department listed the KLA as a terrorist organization,[29] and in 1999 the Republican Policy Committee of the U.S. Senateexpressed its troubles with the “effective alliance” of the Clinton administration with the KLA due to “numerous reports from reputable unofficial sources “.[30]

In 2000, a BBC article stated that Nato at War shows how the United States, which had described the KLA as “terrorist”, now sought to form a relationship with it.[31]

U.S. envoy Robert Gelbard referred to the KLA as terrorists.[32] Responding to criticism, he later clarified to the House Committee on International Relations that “while it has committed ‘terrorist acts,’ it has ‘not been classified legally by the U.S. Government as a terrorist organization.'” [30] On June 1998, he held talks with two men who claimed they were political leaders.[32]

Meanwhile, the U.S. held an “outer wall of sanctions” on Yugoslavia which had been tied to a series of issues, Kosovo being one of them. These were maintained despite the agreement at Dayton to end all sanctions. The Clinton administration claimed that Dayton bound Yugoslavia to hold discussions with Rugova over Kosovo.

The crisis escalated in December 1997 at the Peace Implementation Council meeting in Bonn, where the International Community (as defined in the Dayton Agreement) agreed to give the High Representative in Bosnia sweeping powers, including the right to dismiss elected leaders. At the same time, Western diplomats insisted that Kosovo be discussed, and that Serbia and Yugoslavia be responsive to Albanian demands there. The delegation from Serbia stormed out of the meetings in protest.[citation needed]

This was followed by the return of the Contact Group that oversaw the last phases of the Bosnian conflict and declarations from European powers demanding that Serbia solve the problem in Kosovo.





Bulgaria: 55,000 Serbian Protesters Rally, Demand Early Elections

Tens of thousands of Serbian opposition supporters gathered in Belgrade on Saturday to protest economic hardship, corruption and demand early elections from President Boris Tadic. Photo by EPA/BGNES-----------------More than 55,000 supporters of the opposition Serbian Progressive Party rallied in Belgrade in front of the parliament, demanding early elections. According to the BBC, this is the biggest anti-government protest seen in Serbia in years. The demonstrators took to the streets in Belgrade to protest against economic mismanagement, incompetence, and corruption. The leader of the Serbian Progressive Party, Tomislav Nikolic, gave the government two months to call elections or face continuing protests. In his words, the uprising in Egypt and Tunisia had sent a message to governments around the world to listen to the demands of their people. "We want to create a modern, decent Serbia and no one can stop us," Nikolic said. He has also accused President Boris Tadic's Democratic Party and its allies of "ruining the country". Serbia has been governed by pro-EU coalition, but the slow accession process and continued economic difficulties have left people disenchanted with the government. The parliamentary elections are due in mid-2012.


Serbia – The biggest Uprising in years Begins

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tens of thousands of disenchanted Serbs protested in central Belgrade on Saturday in the biggest anti-government rally in years aimed at showing opposition strength ahead of scheduled 2012 elections.

A pro-European Union coalition has governed Serbia since 2008, but persistent economic hardship and frustration with slow EU integration has left many disgruntled with the government.

“This government was promising us milk and honey in 2008 and what do we have now? More hardship, and a dishonest and arrogant government which does not care about its own people,” said Zdravka Stanojlovic, 44, a Belgrade waitress.

The rally was organised by Tomislav Nikolic, head of the Serbian Progressive Party, the most influential opposition party shown in polls as offering a strong challenge to the current ruling Serbian Democratic Party.

“Elsewhere in the world people are telling governments they should listen to the people,” Nikolic said in reference to Egypt and other recent anti-government protests.

“I know you are disenchanted and bitter over this dishonest government which is tormenting you. Let us torment government instead.”

Police estimated that 70,000 attended the rally, an event one security official described as peaceful, although a few people were detained for drunken disorderliness.

“I was not a Nikolic voter in the past but now I am so disillusioned because of unfulfilled promises, poverty, corruption and hardship,” said Dragomir Djuric, 56, a metal worker, who had travelled to Belgrade from Kragujevac.

Protestors, some of whom arrived by bus from cities across Serbia, gathered in front of the national parliament holding banners including: “Democratic Party, time to go” and “We are hungry.” Police closed off parts of central Belgrade to accommodate the demonstration under sunny skies and a break in recent bitter winter cold.



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Anger growing among struggling Serbs, posted with vodpod




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