Egypt – Journalist “The US will be … an Islamic Republic” –VIDEO

They don’t try to hide this.

They are out in front saying this.   The only deception is from OUR own Journalists and MEDIA.

The dishonesty of our Journalist — TO INCLUDE FOX NEWS – is SEDITION and NOT NEWS

The Journalists here are being used as weapons.

Egyptian Journalist: “The U.S. Will be Transformed Into an Islamic Republic”~ Video

February 7, 2011

By admin

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Muslims After Invading France and the UK and th…, posted with vodpod

This video shows us another example of how Muslims are using our freedoms against us toslowly take over from within. If we continue to treat Islam as we do anything other religion, it is just a matter of time until we lose this war. The rules must change!

Hat tip to the Munz @Munz’s Place.


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